Undivided by slaymesoftly
Chapter: One

03/27/2008 03:49 pm
Great start,loved it.
Thanks. I hope you like the rest of it.

08/06/2007 06:03 pm
lol...she's certainly asking a lot more of him this time than in canon... but he's willing, because he loves her, even if she doesn't know it yet...great chapter, love
Thanks - yep, she's already taking him for granted. LOL

08/05/2007 02:08 am
love to 'hear' buffy's thank you. very good beginning, thank you.
Thanks. Yeah, not something she said nearly often enough.

08/05/2007 01:15 am
Oh this looks good, do we have a future romance in the works too.

08/03/2007 05:49 pm
Lovely opener -- it never hurts to have Buffy in his debt.
Nope. Who knows? She might even be grateful this time.

08/03/2007 05:38 pm
Put that away and try to act civilized. - LMAO

08/03/2007 02:03 pm
Hmm, all of them together, eh? Lots of possibilities! Looking forward to the next chapter!
Next chapter soon! Thanks for reading.

08/03/2007 11:56 am
this is a great story and start and I loved season 5 because it held the most promise for Spike and buffy.

Yeah, Spike would have done anything for Buffy...Please, will this story end up better between them and better than season 5 actually did? Please have a better ending...please!
LOL - yep, my season 5 fics tend to end in a more positive place than did the show. Thanks for reading.

08/03/2007 11:51 am
I am excited with this beginning. I love twists on what we saw and this decision by Buffy is a great jumping off point. The group dynamic will be interesting as will Buffy's attack on Glory. Wheee...another good story to look forward to!

I enjoyed the brief visual of Giles, bags in hand, in the doorway. Spike is to be commmended for keeping still.

Spike has a lot to be commended for in this fic. LOL Thanks!

08/03/2007 10:43 am
definitely a good start! Hopefully Buffy will get some manners pretty soon tho. Looking forward to the next chapter!
She's working on it. LOL

08/03/2007 09:27 am
Interesting start!! Poor Spike, he'd do ANYTHING for Buffy
Thanks. Hope you continue to like it. And, yes, he will - good thing, too!

08/03/2007 07:11 am
A *god* vs. the Slayer, Buffy....underestimating your opponent is a bad idea!

Poor Spike....hardly anyone uses even remotely decent manners around him.
Yep, it sure is! (As we will see....)

08/03/2007 05:15 am
Loved the "thank you"!
*G* My Buffy remembers her manners, occasionally, anyway.