Undivided by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Three

03/27/2008 07:24 pm
Loved it! Wonder what's to happen to Spuffy.

And naked woman detail...
Liked that, huh? * G *

08/06/2007 06:04 pm
the scoobies are gradually coming around, aren't they? great work with this chapter, love
Yep- they're a bit more accepting in my world. lol (sometimes, anyway)

08/05/2007 02:28 am
the four women in the lower level are excellent. very good read, thank you.
Thanks - I'm glad you liked them.

08/05/2007 01:40 am
so the 4 women know that Spike loves Buffy, and Giles kind of believes he might, I hope Riley goes soon, as he doesn't seem to be invovled other then metioning.
Well, he'd like to be involved - but I don't think he's going about it the right way.

08/04/2007 10:55 pm
That's hilarious - Spike got a peep show while he was rescuing Buffy. Certainly puts a man in a good mood when going to his possible death.

More good work with Ethan's voice, hon.
Hee, thank you. Glad you like my Ethan -not to mention Spike's little peeping vampire episode.

08/04/2007 09:04 pm
What I wouldn't give to have Spike as a peeping tom. Oh, wait, strike that, reverse it. Yeah! Looking forward to what happens next, keep up the good work!
ROFL - yep. Thanks for reading.