Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Trial

10/16/2010 05:21 am
Go Norman!

05/23/2010 02:56 am

08/26/2007 06:15 pm
Great, great chapter. Buffy's inner voice is so well-written. This part has only one fault - it's too short! Please, update soon!

08/24/2007 05:25 am
Amazingly well thought out. Can't wait for more.

08/09/2007 07:31 am
I missed this story so much! Loving the trial. Go Norm! lol Can't wait for more. I want to know what's going to happen when they open the portal.

08/06/2007 05:56 pm glad the judge is going for it...things seem to be going all right so far...just hope nothing goes wrong with the portal opening business...but then, what are the chances of it actually going right? lol...great chapter, love, can't wait to read more

08/06/2007 05:12 am
i was afraid that you had forgotten about this fic. great update, thanks! hopefully with the opening of the portal, they will get Heaton and Lucy to shut up.

08/06/2007 12:38 am
excellent chapter. i really like that norman is doing well as a trial lawyer. can't wait to see what happens when they open the portal! keep up the terrific work!

08/05/2007 07:30 pm
Wonderful story - I have enjoyed reading it very much - great chapter - and while this is the perfect "leave them begging for more" - please don't make us wait to long - NICE WORK

08/05/2007 09:13 am
Great update

08/05/2007 09:06 am
I'm impressed. You succeeded in making the trial both interesting and believable.

08/05/2007 03:30 am
things are going well for the defense. maybe too well? very good read, thank you.

08/05/2007 03:20 am
Woo hoo...perfect defense. Go NORMAN!!!! Things are looking up a bit anyway.

So happy this is being updated, it is always worth the wait.


08/05/2007 02:43 am
ha ha ha ha THATS GREAT I can't wait for the next update!!!!

08/05/2007 02:11 am
Awesome! Can't wait to see what happens next. (And for the continuation of Spike and Buffy's convo. lol)

08/05/2007 12:17 am
*claps* Yes, Go Norman! Thanks for updating, this must be killing Spike. Having to listen to them talk about her that way. Hope you update again soon. Love it!

08/04/2007 11:18 pm
Dun-dun-dun!! A cliffhanger-curses! Keep up the good work, and please update soon if you can!

08/04/2007 11:03 pm
Oooo, here we go....

Norman's doing a good job so far.