Undivided by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Five

03/27/2008 08:15 pm
Maybe a little bit of jealousy for the shag? *snorts*  Like she didn't jealous him with a blown kiss.
Loved it,off to read more

08/06/2007 06:05 pm
awww, love how close they're getting, and it seems to be coming about so naturally...great chapter
Thanks - yeah, it's kinda sneaking up on them...

08/05/2007 06:12 pm
Buffy is being awfully nice to Spike.
I'm going on the assumption that if everyone around isn't ragging on him, she won't feel like she needs to do it. That's my theory, and I'm sticking with it! LOL

08/05/2007 04:06 pm
And the Spuffyness comes to the fore! Yay! I just hope Riley keeps away. No, I know a confrontation is coming.
Yeah, Riley doesn't do staying away very well. Alas.

08/05/2007 02:19 pm
so she admitted that she was jealous of him. I wonder what will come of it.
You never know with Buffy...

08/05/2007 07:24 am
Thank the stars Buffy was rescued!! Ethan sure is a big surprise and glad he was willing to help out.

I am really enjoying this story and love the direction you are taking it. Give Riley a major big butt kicking, for me, ok?

Can't wait for more...hinthint...
Semi-major butt kicking to follow...LOL Thanks for reading.

08/05/2007 04:46 am
Forgetting Riley, then ooooo! A little bit of maybe jealousy...


Good thing that Ben usually comes back at the right times...
LOL - yep, a little attempt to leave the land of De Nile. Maybe she was too tired to realize what she was saying? LOL Thanks for reading.

08/05/2007 04:27 am
I am really enjoying this so far, love the byplay between Spike and Buffy. Waiting anxiously for more.
Thanks. More sometime today, I hope.

08/05/2007 04:26 am
spike-giles-riley scene was great, and the chapter kept getting better from there. very good read, thank you.
Thanks for reading.

08/05/2007 04:12 am
Yeah, "forgot." That happens. I mean, Buffy has hotter, um more dangerous matters to think about, with that hell god on the loose. Great update, looking forward to the next!
Hee! Thanks.

08/05/2007 03:41 am
Love the late night talk. So she is finally admitting at least that little bit....Spike has his crumb.

Naturally Riley hs to bully Spike around because he's out of the loop! Too funny that she forgot all about the big ape.

Maybe this forced closeness will make some Scoobie minds open a bit.

I always thought that Giles and Spik COULD have been friends. Loved their comraderie. I suspect Giles likes Spike much more than Riley if he had to admit how he really feels.

Nice chapter.

I've always felt that they could be friends - there's still enough Ripper in Giles to appeal to the Big Bad; and there's enough William in Spike to be able to talk with Giles on his own level.
Forced closeness has it uses.