The Fire Within by Eowyn315
Chapter: All Manner of Hells

08/12/2007 10:13 pm
lol...quite an amusing and intriguing chapter...can't wait for them to save tara...very much enjoyed it, love, looking forward to more
This ended up being sort of a "comic relief" chapter. Glad you liked it!

08/11/2007 01:06 am
The only song for Willow to sing here. And I loved the princes from "Into the Woods" Everyone would be singing here, hope not to many burst into flames! Warlow did a fantastic job on this song. He is one of the greats. I have to tell you that Spike and tree branches are definitely, not mixy! Glad to have you back from vacation and writing again, thanks for the update.
Thanks for the review! Hell's more fun when people burst into flames, isn't it?

08/10/2007 02:18 am
Another blood ritual, cause these always go so well. And Spike cracks me up, yeah, act casual man, maybe they didn't notice. I am wishing there could have been a Buffy and Spike up-a-tree scene on the show, lol. The Tin Woodsman, eh? Bet they made him cry til his joints froze up. It's what I'd do anyway, skip all the messy fighting part. And thanks a lot, now "We're Off to See the Wizard" is stuck in my head! lol
Ha... Buffy and Spike up a tree would be fun to see. And no fighting with the tin man... they made a deal. Willow's magic comes in handy.

08/08/2007 06:08 pm
Nice chapter.

08/08/2007 05:56 pm
It took a while to read this chapter because I got as far as "Spike, who had apparently turned into a monkey..." and was rolling on the floor with the visual! PRICELESS!!

Wonderful chapter, again with te excellent song choices. Love the land of fairy tales ( visited by Goldilocks herself as well as the Big Bad!). Highly entertaining.

Willow is perfectly in character still trying to "fix things" with magic. Sigh....I'm with Giles.

Hehe! Glad you liked Spike the monkey. Thanks for the review!

08/08/2007 12:40 pm
Oh I loved it, and can under stand why Buffy is afaid of hieghts now.
Yeah, jumping off a humungous tower to your death will do that to you... lol.

08/08/2007 10:31 am
The fairy tale aspect was unexpected.....but fun. And Spike is a riot! LOL It's good to see him have fun, eh?
It is nice to see him have fun. When you think about it, he's really on top of the world right now. Buffy loves him, he can frolic in the sun, and he's gonna get to kill demons soon. What could be better?