I Know You II by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Sixteen

08/27/2007 06:05 am
spike has fallen and buffy is not to far behind. very lovely read, thank you.
Thanks for reading.!

08/25/2007 05:12 pm
I loved this chapter! Thank you for the update! I can't wait for more!!!!
Thanks for reading and commenting. More next week. :)

08/24/2007 07:58 pm
Great chapter.

08/24/2007 05:28 pm
The Winterset Buffy is so sweet and loveable that I can see where Spike is so drawn to her innocence. Really looking forward to their night out where things could possibly gel more towards Spuffiness.
I'm glad you like her. Yep, that night out could be a bit of revelation - for both of them. :)

08/24/2007 03:57 pm
Yay, you're back and have already updated! Lovely chapter as always. I swear, you could go on and on with the UST, and I wouldn't mind. It's so much fun to read. I love how Buffy is slowly falling in love with Spike.

Welcome back. :)
Thanks so much. I'm sure there are those who think I'm dragging it out forever, but when you think about how long the "real" Spike and Buffy knew each other before either one of them got interested in anything besides mayhem, it really isn't taking these two so long...

And, yes. I am back! :)

08/24/2007 02:26 am
Aw, so cute they are! And Spike cracks me up--"How stupid does he think I am?"--he knows exactly how stupid you are, Spike. Great update, thanks for writing.
Hee! yep, he knows exactly how stupid he can be. Thanks for reading. :)

08/24/2007 12:14 am
Terrific chapter. I was all misty-eyed from their simmering little talk and the Buffy-scented blanket and the next second Spike's whacking the bishop! LOL. I loved it.
LOL - Thanks!

08/23/2007 11:29 pm
So happy you're back in the saddle (but don't begrudge your trip in the least). Happy to see this as well. Still love these two mixed up kids.

They are like our own yet so slightly different....quite believable. Love the notes our pair sent and boy were they right.

So wonderful he realizes that he loves THIS Buffy....good for them both.

Again welcome back to both you and the story.

Thanks! Home, tired and gibbering at how much catching up I have to do. Haven't written a word in over two weeks. *sigh*

08/23/2007 11:27 pm
Good chapter.Update soon.I wonder what the notes said.I can't wait for Dawn's next visit.