Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Not Ready

09/09/2007 08:31 pm
I rarely read WIPs, but yours sucked me in from the very few paragraphs. Awesome [alternate] future universe, great interaction between characters I love your 'almost there' Spuffy Can't wait to read new chapters.

09/05/2007 04:01 am
do you believe the defense is not going as smoothly as it was in the previous chapter? now, i could understand this, in the tales by some of the most evil writers in the fandom. my mistake, (lord, i really have a problem saying that) you are one of THEM. very good read, thank you.

09/03/2007 09:34 pm
oh oh oh, don't leave it there!
you mean cliffhanger author, you!

also translated as; I loved this update, written as brilliantly as usual - the flow of the characters and dialogue, and want more! Maybe Spike could let out whatever it was he wanted to say and we could have a portal opening?

open sesame, perhaps?

09/03/2007 06:52 pm
Oh. My. God. I knew it. I just knew that you're not going to make things easy for them. That's why I love this story so much - it's different from the others, the plot is much harder to foresee. I'm absolutely happy that you updated so soon, but I also wish the chapter was longer...

I hope that you'll give us more sooon!

09/03/2007 03:54 pm
oops. didn't expect that...
I liked the banter, Spikes thoughts.

09/03/2007 08:58 am
oh!! this could be so bad!! why won't it open??? i hope they manage to fix this right away, they have to save her!!! you handled spike's emotions in this beautifully loved the chapter and can't wait for more

09/03/2007 06:13 am
wait what??? NOOOooooooooo no fair no fair no fair!!!!!! It HASsssss to open cuz otherwise she might lose! Then Spike might not tell her how hes feeling and they can't you know living happily every after..... But but but PLEASE fix it!

09/03/2007 04:07 am
Oh oh....not good! They really need that portal to open to prove her case to the court.

Love this story. Love the world you have written into existance.

Poor Spike oddly matured and not so impulsive. Not sure what to say or feel. Poor Bufy caught between two worlds, two sets of rules.


09/03/2007 03:17 am
What happened? Who blocked it?

Poor Spike.....time to be young again.

09/03/2007 12:20 am
Thought things were looking a little too optimistic -- nice chapter. Spike's self-confidence still wilts before his Buffy!

09/03/2007 12:01 am
Oops! That's an interesting development. Looking forward to more of this - I love that Spike is fighting so hard not to give in to what is already there.

09/02/2007 11:41 pm
Oh no. What the heck? They were so counting on that portal to prove their point. What went wrong? Can't wait for more.