Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Monsters

05/23/2010 03:27 am

12/31/2007 11:55 pm
Great job by Spike. Good to see he hasn't lost his touch.

12/24/2007 08:47 am
awwwww....i love how he did that...may have made all the difference in the world for her case, we'll see...excellent writing, love, i'm just adoring this story

12/06/2007 01:02 am
spike should have changed some opinions. love the last four lines. very good read, thank you.

12/05/2007 04:08 am
LOL Glad to see another chapter of this fic. Just the right touch of flirty Spike.

12/05/2007 03:42 am
"will you be cooking? Okay then." Great line. Loved the chapter.

12/05/2007 01:33 am
Yes! She's admitted to herself that Spike is not a monster in her eyes. That is an important first step

Love his use of shock treatment on the witness stand. Everyone has forgotten how things were in all the Kumbaya's of how it is now....he set that right.


12/04/2007 02:39 am
thank you. please help contribute to my addiction by writing more...

12/04/2007 12:53 am
Very good....Spike rocked the courtroom, and the pick-up lines were hilarious. He's right, though...gotta live while you're able.

12/03/2007 10:03 pm
Thank you so much for the update. I love the way you have Spike turn the tables an dopen up their thinking. Very nice interaction between Spike & Buffy - a possible glimpse of the future??

12/03/2007 09:10 pm
Ah finally more Spike XD
Also, loved her thoughts on Spike not being a monster to her.

12/03/2007 06:07 pm
When I saw on my mail box information about BNW update, I was all *squeeee!* You have no idea, how happy it made me. Every chapter of BNW is like a christmas present Keep giving us them!

Pam S
12/03/2007 05:33 pm
Spike.. reminded the people what a vampire was/is like. Good shock value to prove a point. Great lawyering.

And who is going to cook?


12/03/2007 05:27 pm
he he he he GREAT CHAPTER!!!!! I just loved it ! can't wait for MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!