One Day.... by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 1

06/12/2014 05:03 pm
  I read the whole delio here, but this first chapter made me feel kinda sad for Vampire William.
That's how i felt when I wrote it!  Thank you so much for commenting.

12/12/2013 06:35 am
I love this story and especially this chapter - such a great contrast between the newly turned William and his past and future.  

01/14/2012 03:00 am
Poor William, he left his old life hoping for acceptance. Now his new family ignores him and he is alone. He was alone the entire time. Dru was never his and he never had anyone of his own.
He was so sad!  In a sad, let's kill everyone, sort of way!

01/10/2008 12:38 am
poor william. shows why he became william the bloody, and why he grew to be our favorite vamp. very good read, thank you.

01/06/2008 05:30 pm
Poor Spike - always the outsider.

12/23/2007 02:03 am
Willie the sweet vampire stealing a necklace off a dead body for his lady love. I love it.

12/19/2007 07:18 pm
Your story shows why William changed so much and became Spike. He craved love as William. When he realized he would always be second in Dru's life he decided to out do Angel in anyway he could. He was still a little boy inside wanting to be loved and accepted.
I agree with you absolutely. Poor lad but still a killer!

12/18/2007 11:10 pm
Oh - poor William!

That was beutifully written and sadly true!
thank you so much.

12/18/2007 02:53 pm
This was such a wonderfully poignant look at Spike's personality... I loved it! Thanks for sharing.
Pleased you enjoyed the story. thanks for reading and commenting. Appreciated.

12/18/2007 02:10 pm
Aw, that's so sad. I hope he drank the brandy by himself. Good job!
thank you for reading. Glad you enjoyed the story. I have the feeling he smashed the bottle - probably over some poor victim's head!

12/18/2007 03:38 am
Poor Spike! His William side makes him so human and so vulnerable. It makes me want to give him Christmas presents myself!
Indeed. You’ll need to join a lot of others as well!

12/18/2007 01:49 am
Very telling story. poor Spike is going to find the holiday is not all that he expected. That had to be a hard realization that he was on the outside of their family unit. Thankfully he did have his day of wanting it more than Angel and proving he was better
Glad you picked up the reference to the story way in the future with Angel! Thank you so much for reviewing.

12/17/2007 11:19 pm
Oh, poor Spike!

This is wonderful! You capture Spike's energy and enthusiasm (for both the hunt and Christmas) so well, as well as Darla and Angel's frustration with him.

That last line packs a mighty punch. Well done.
thank you so much for taking the time to read and review at such a busy time of year. Glad you liked story. It started out as a one off, but feel there is a little more to say.

12/17/2007 07:39 pm
Great story. So sad. Spike is always on the oustside looking in. Unfortunately, not much changed for him throughout the years.
thank you for reading. Yes, this is how I see him, too. Sad.

12/17/2007 07:16 pm
Yes, I can easily see this for young William newly turned! He was still so human in many ways I'd just bet he had a terrible time adjusting fully to what a vampire "wouldn't do". I like your William the Bloody, you give him the perfect mix of blood thirsty killer and tender sentimental human...just what I picture.

Really excellent even as a stand alone (although I suspect the rest will be deightful too).

glad you liked story, Kathleen, but you know me too well. Every drabble has another chapter in my head. Chp 2 posting soon. Don't worry - there will only be 3 in all!

12/17/2007 07:08 pm
Oh, LH, thst's so sad, so devoid of hope. Even evil he craves to love and be accepted. Instead, he is excepted; like the Little Match Girl, for all intents and purposes, left out in the cold, frozen out as if actually in the snow.
He still wears his heart on his sleeve here, not yet totally beaten and frozen out of him with blows and misuse, disappointments, and exclusions. But. oh, he's learning. A lesson sunk in this night.
Even mistreated, he wanted to give back: tho' his methods and rationale (taking a gift off a kill (or killing for the gift), seeing the parishoners as the pre-cursors to "Happy Meals with Legs", rather than walking, worshipping people who loved and/or wanted love as much as he himself did) are skewed by his newfound lack of soul and/or conscience.
Tonight our poor sad waif learned one of too many ongoing lessons of his now-unlife, and one which will only make his proverbial skin thicken until it, itself, is worn as a literal mask and armor. Yet, inside, still curls the young man craving just a kind word or a soft touch; BUT, beginning this night, he learns not to let it show.
I'd love to say I loved this. I did, as a written piece. As always, you are great as an author, your writing is technically spotless, and your gift for conveying thought, purpose and deed visually through words is incredible. But, the subject matter simply tugs at my heartstrings so much that it leaves me unrestful. And, I guess that means, as an author, you did your job! In addition, your characterizations are spot-on and as always perfection. If anything, Darla simply wasn't bitchy enough in her limited presence.
Please more of just about anything ASAP! You're just a joy to read. Any more of Agnes anytime soon?
Merry Christmas and Holiday Wishes,
Wow, what a lovely review! Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to write so much. Feel quite uplifted and delighted that I seem to have hit the right note with this story. But very sad that you are so unhappy, so just for you, am writing another couple of chapters!

Have you got a Live Journal? If not, why not. Be nice to chat properly.

12/17/2007 01:17 pm
Wow, never thought I could feel so bad for evil William. Bless him.
Thank you for reviewing. Glad you liked William. I'm doing another couple of chapters, even though I thought it was a one off!