Possession by icemink
Chapter: 24

01/07/2008 02:06 pm
Definite progress!!

01/04/2008 09:48 pm
fun read, thank you. love “Probably, luv, but it’s better than being normal.”

12/25/2007 02:02 am
I'm glad Spike put himself out there since Buffy clearly has a lot of insecurities. It's probably also a good thing they got away from Angelus.

12/24/2007 09:37 am
Love it. Can't wait to read more!

12/24/2007 08:58 am
yea!!! he got her away from there! not sure how it might turn out though...wonder if angelus would follow them...very sweet chapter, love, looking forward to the next

12/22/2007 03:46 am
I'm glad they got out of town. Spike really is good for her self-esteem. Buffy shouldn't hide from life, and he's the most alive dead guy you'll ever find.

12/22/2007 01:29 am
They're so cute together. Love the little no drama (for now) chap.

Hope you can update soon. I just love this story.

12/21/2007 09:54 pm
they're so cute together

12/21/2007 05:48 pm
What a nice interlude for them, and a good prezzie for us! Thanks for the update.

12/21/2007 04:37 pm
What a tender and loving chapter! Love this interlude. That's our Spike, going for broke but this time it has paid off (YAY). Just lovely.


12/21/2007 03:02 pm
Leave it to Spike to say exactly the right thing to comfort an insecure Buffy.