Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Buffy's type

10/16/2010 06:34 pm
Lucy Porter is a major bitch!  It was slimy for Buffy to have been followed, yeah, but that is something the group should have foreseen and not let Buffy be alone with all the attention on her.  I like how she is becoming more aware of her surroundings and the lay of the culture.

And last, I agree with Buffy, that men can be stupid.

Grin. :-)
05/23/2010 04:01 am

03/11/2008 05:22 am
lol men are stupid. Or is it just Spike? Clueless. I hope the portal works this time. I hate that lawyer woman. Everything she read from Giles' diary was taken out of context. Evil lawyer chick

03/08/2008 09:56 pm
You NEED to write more on this story ASAP!!! I'm DYING to find out what happens next!!! I've been reading this all week & it's the only story I can think abt! I can;t even work on my own! Please update soon!!!

03/04/2008 07:21 am
lol...clueless spikey *pats him on the head* hehe...wonderful chapter, love love how they're all banding together to help her...that lawyer lady was good, though, knew her stuff...hope they can get buffy out of this one...thanx for another wonderful chapter, love

03/02/2008 07:07 am
I just love this story - great update - saved my reading until I could enjoy a few new chapters at once - completely enjoyed them.  Really like how you have changed the world Buffy is in now - and I really liked the part where she menitoned how she had killed a child father- made us feel even more sorry for her, but also brings in the feelings of how people are living in this timeline -  One of the things that I disliked with the series was the auto mode on Vampires are evil, disgusting animals -

02/28/2008 11:58 pm
I think I started reading this story nearly a year ago, then stopped for some reason I can't recall, and just stumbled upon it again the other day. I was happy to find it again and quickly read through about twenty or so chapters to catch up.

That said, I have to say that the premise was and continues to be a real stumbling block to my enjoyment, albeit one I've made a conscious effort to overcome in order to enjoy the good story and writing.  First, even if I accept the change in law to recognize vampires as people endowed with all the rights and privileges accorded to humans, I can't credit  the overwhelming acceptance of vampires by humans in a mere thirty year period. The slaves were emancipated in 1865 but 143 years later racism persists in our society.  The legalization of abortion did not lead to wide spread acceptance; on the contrary, opposition has never wavered and has successfully fought to erode the legal protection of choice. I can't believe that there wouldn't be significant mainstream opposition to and fear of the vampires among the human population (apart from organizations like Riley's) . Thirty years on, there would still be countless people who had lost loved ones to vampires, and would be unlikely be so forgiving and disposed to let bygones be bygones.

Beyond that, it doesn't make sense that Buffy would be prosecuted for murder given her circumstances. Her disappearance thirty years before would be recorded in Giles' Diaries and in the CoW's records. Her birth certificate would be on file in LA and/or Sacramento. LA would also have school, medical and dental records from before her move to Sunnydale. Proving her identity and physical age would seem to be a simple solution that, once established, would preclude the prosecution from pursuing their case against her. Therefore, believing in the threat to Buffy is a challenge to my suspension of disbelief.

That said, I want to assure you that on the whole, I'm enjoying this fic and am very pleased to find that it was updated so recently. I'm really glad you're still writing this story and am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next.

02/28/2008 12:52 pm

Excellent banter even in the midst of the trial!

02/26/2008 07:29 pm
Tee hee...he didn't catch that she's jealous!

How funny, the "good boyfriends" (soul Angel/hero Angel and Riley the wonder soldier) are black marks in this time.....quite the turn around.  Good thing for her she had her bad boy too!

Really am enjoying this world.  It reminds me so much of how we P.C. the past when you have to take things in context. 



02/26/2008 06:28 am
"'Instead she chooses to align herself with a vampire! A dangerous and unpredictable one at that. I don’t know how it has come to this.’”

Well, doesn't that kind of vouch for the fact she doesn't hate vampires?  I'm not sure how that helps the prosecution--that entire last bit she read could be construed for the defense, really.  Buffy totally needs Alan Shore for her closing.  Norman's bloody stupid--he totally should have redirected!  A lawyer has to be prepared for those curve balls.

02/26/2008 04:10 am
LOL - Spike's being a bit dense, isn't he?

02/26/2008 02:22 am
very good read, thank you. poor spike  "I was just asking!"

02/26/2008 01:53 am
*whack!* Spike! DUH! It's that you inferred that you've seen more than the legs? Dumb ass. LOLOL

Ah, yes, the subjectivity of personal scribing......Taking words out of context means they have no context, and are therefore invalid. They mean nothing.

Well, setting the shadow puppets going will either do something, or it won't....I have a feeling they won't activate without a Slayer in the room, though.

02/26/2008 12:41 am
Funny Spike -  'I was just asking'.  Duh!

02/25/2008 09:38 pm
he he he he great chapter!  can't wait for MORE MORE MORE!!!!