Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Fighting Him

11/25/2011 07:58 pm
Wow.  That was...  quite the fight.  what's the chance you're gonna finish this sometime?   I'm reading, but I know it's not done and I'm scared I"m gonna get left high and dry... 


10/16/2010 07:06 pm
Amazing fight scenes! Great strategy!

Sweet. :-)
05/23/2010 04:25 am

06/30/2008 02:15 am
just gotta say... excellent fight scene. been a long while since i've read one that good.
oh, good story too. im just in a hurry and not reviewing every chappie in faovr of reading more!

05/08/2008 11:15 am
Loved this chapter.  Filled with great action and a semblance of a peace offering as well.  Balm to wounded souls.  Excellent.

05/08/2008 08:33 am
That was amazing! Best fight scene I've read. It was hot, sexy, powerful and playful all at once. I think I stopped breathing for a minute lol. And I loved the ending of the chapter too. Just the fact Buffy finally cares about what he wants. Very intense and fun chapter.

03/29/2008 12:40 pm
Great update!! Some hot fighting. Worried about the trial though. :-s More soon, please!

03/27/2008 08:46 pm
very, very good fight sequence. great chapter ending. thank you!

03/27/2008 08:27 am
I just read this whole story and it's excellent, such a fabulous concept in so many ways.

I totally bounced when Spike changed his hair back and he totally needs to go back to it permanently.  That would excellent.  For me, mostly.

03/26/2008 04:15 am

03/24/2008 08:38 am
Wow, she offered an olive branch, a chance....very fun fight.

03/24/2008 12:47 am
I'm going to go ahead vote this Best Fight Scene of 2008.  Aside from the glorious action sequence, the ending was incredibly tender.  Loved it.  Can't wait to see where these two go next. 

03/23/2008 10:57 pm
he he he he he he

Great chapter!

03/23/2008 10:00 pm
Oh this was a lovely development!  I was reminded of the Smashed fight without the genuine anger of course.  Well written fight scene. Kudos!  Not an easy task.

This may be the first time Buffy and Spike have felt "normal" around one another since her return (maybe even from HIS return from Africa for that matter owing to when she disappeared in this story).

“Show me, Spike.” ...........
“Show me.” ..........
She hit him again. “Show me”.......
When again he disobeyed she made a move to strike him again. This time he stopped her fist before it connected, holding on to her wrist. Spike looked her in the eyes..........
“You can show me,” Buffy said quietly......
He blinked. Regarded her for a long moment. Then he obliged."

NICE sequence.  First the demand, one that he did not obey.  Finally her tone changes and it is no longer a demand or a request but nearly a plea, a welcome and he does as asked.  The part of him that he KNOWS she said was "beneath her" has been called out in WELCOME and he responds.  I don't think even they know fully the implications of that or of his demon not going for the kill even when in the drivers seat.

I think it's very interesting how she desired him to vamp out during the fight.  He rarey did when they fought before (except that first time I think although I could be wrong).  It is as if a part of her that she isn't even aware of is saying that she accepts ALL of and vampire.  Even she says it to herself without understanding fully what this means, "Spike as he was meant to be seen. Without the suit, the tie, the responsibilities and the heartaches. Just a man. Just a vampire. "  I note she mentions the MAN first and that is after "stripping him " of the human trappings of the suit and tie self he has presented thus far.  She WANTS all of him not just a part...she's MISSED the wholeness of Spike, the vampire as well as the man.  I hope she thinks a bit about this because I believe he will be as he strives to come to an answer to her quesion.

EXCELLENT update.  So many layers going on here!  Yes she is fighting him but she is also fighting herself and losing handily.


03/23/2008 07:11 pm
Terrific fight, I could really see it - just what they needed too.

03/23/2008 06:51 pm
Oh, well worth the wait!  Wonderful Spike and Buffy re-learning what they do best.  And she's laid it out there for him now, hasn't she?

03/23/2008 06:32 pm