Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: The Accused

05/23/2010 04:47 am

05/15/2008 12:10 am

That was a really good Q&A.  Buffy handled the questions well, but I wonder how she'll fare with the prosecution.  I look forward to it.

05/13/2008 03:36 am
the defence did well. waiting for the cross. spike should have a time deciding exactly what "i still do" means. very good read, thanks

05/11/2008 07:58 pm
Excellent chapter as usual. I think Norman did a great job. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen when the other lawyer cross examines her.

05/08/2008 11:22 am
Another great chapter.  Amazing how Lawyers can take the same scentence and twist it to how they want it presented.  Ugh!  But good this time around!  Yeah updates!

05/08/2008 03:15 am
Thanks for the update.  An honest Buffy - what a rare occurance!  Guess it must be the under oath part.

05/06/2008 11:34 pm
Quite a bombshell she dropped there. Maybe not to anyone else, but for Spike it would be.  And yet, he goes right to her when he senses that she needs some support.  *sigh*

05/06/2008 11:11 pm
Go, Norman! Seriously, he's doing just great

05/06/2008 10:04 pm
L-O-V-I-N-G this It's original, and true to character and simply wondeful. A delight to read. I just want them to kiss again, damnit.

05/06/2008 03:43 am
OH you meanie!  making us wait for the cross-examination!!

05/06/2008 02:23 am
As always, waiting for the next chapter. 

05/06/2008 02:14 am
Hey! mini cliff-hanger ending - so not fair! I love it so far, please update soon.

05/06/2008 12:54 am
Oh Buffy PLEASE tell him you meant the words!  God he deserves that and she NEEDS it. 

I always get so excited when this updates.  You've created a fantastic and wonderful world here and I am enjoying every single word.  The Spuffy lover in me can't wait for them to finally get together but the good plot part of me is delighted with each piece you put together in this lovely puzzle.


05/05/2008 11:04 pm
She did very well, and so did Norman.

05/05/2008 09:56 pm
Wow, admitting your love in the middle of a courtroom... brave. I'm starting to think maybe Buffy might get through this... I hope I'm right :-s Can't wait til the next update.