In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 1. Harsh

03/02/2009 06:36 am

05/20/2008 01:04 am
super start.  You have Harmony spot on ... i love that she pants like a
Thank you : )   I enjoy writing Harmony, because she's fun to poke fun of.  She wasn't all that bad, because she had enough sense to fall in love with the hottest vampire, ever.  LOL!  I have no idea where the panting like a dog thing came from, but it seemed appropriate for the moment.

I'm so glad you like the beginning of this.

05/15/2008 10:44 pm
Harmony and Bryan make a brilliant team!
LOL!  Don't they thought?  Thanks for reading.

05/14/2008 02:49 pm
Glad to see you have something new for us! Harmony doing a spell? I can't imagine how that could ever go right! Going to read the next chapter. Thanks!
Hi there.  Thanks for reading.  Yes, Harmony's not the brightest bulb.  Poor vamp.  : )