In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 3. Love is in the Air

05/20/2008 08:01 pm
killed for her, not killed for her, but draws the line at holding her hand. only spike's mind works that way. fun read, thank you.
LOL!  Yep.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Thank you.

05/18/2008 05:27 pm
Loving this. I'm thinking Spike might just come round to this idea... but then who knows what'll happen if/when the spell gets reversed. Great stuff!
Spike had always been the one to pine and moon.  I think he quite likes having someone chase after him : )  Even if it is only spell induced.
Thanks.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.

05/17/2008 08:50 am
Poor Buffy - such a reluctant boyfriend!  Wonder what she'll think if/when she learns what happened to Parker?  and Harmony? 
LOL!  Yes, he's quite reluctant at the moment, isn't he. Thanks for reading.

05/17/2008 05:23 am
Poor Spike really is trying to kid himself isn't he?  From not killing Xander, to killing Parker because of how he used Buffy to going with her to see his first sunrise it's clear he's feeling more than he's letting on.  Although I can appreciate the twilight zone comment since Buffy is much nicer to him than usual, what with being full of love and all
Yes, LOL!, Spike is a little discombobulated.  Thanks for reading!

05/17/2008 03:12 am
That last line was great!
: )  Thank you.  I must admit, it's my favorite thing about this chapter.  So glad you liked it.

05/16/2008 08:33 pm
That was fun - and watching the sunrise together...
Thanks.  I'm so glad you liked it!

05/16/2008 06:10 pm
Spike, brash as ever; dusting Harmony before thinking she might be able to undo the spell.  Great dialog...loved that she wants to take him to see the sunrise and not just automatically jump him! Thanks for the update!
Thank you.  Oh, she wants to jump his bones, but she's sensing the reluctance.  Gotta soften the boy up some first.  : )

05/16/2008 04:36 pm
This is so cute!  Poor Spike, unable to face up to what he feels, and Buffy, completely head over heels for him!
Thanks you.  I'm so glad you like it.  : )