In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 4. Sunrise Date

05/21/2008 05:20 am
Ah, so she IS getting to him too!
Yep.  Poor bewildered Spike. 

05/20/2008 08:09 pm
poor spike. bet he wishes he didn't tell giles to fix her. very good read, thank you.
LOL!  I'm glad you liked it.

05/20/2008 02:49 am
i love how it's buffy chasing spike....really quite good.  Spike's reactions to her advances are great : )  awesome work!
Thank you.  I'm so happy you like it.  I loved the idea of Buffy chasing Spike as well.  *hugs*

05/20/2008 01:42 am
Oh, Dawn, I do like this new ficcie of yours.  *grin*
I'm so glad.  Thank you so much for the review : )  *hugs*

05/19/2008 06:44 pm
oooh he loves her too! For all his swagger, he's just a big softy underneath! Excellent update - loved their banter and how hard he tried to resist her!
Thank you.  I so glad you liked it.  : )

05/19/2008 04:25 pm
Awww. He just wants to be loved. But I dread to think of Buffy's reaction to this post-spell :-s
Thank you.  I hope you enjoy where I take this.  I'm trying to keep it believable.  As much as a fan fiction that veers off canon can be.