In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 5. Wrong

05/30/2008 02:51 pm
Ah, Buffy has an itch! An really nice sequeway to get Marcus into the story!
Oh, yeah!  Gotta have some Angel torture going on, even it Spike thinks it was a waste of time.  LOL! 

05/25/2008 03:37 am
neither of them will face the facts. very good chapter, thank you. may we have a long angel torture sequence?
LOL.  As much as I'd love to park there at an Angel torture session, I'm afraid it would slow pacing of this story down.  Sorry to disappoint.  I hope you like what I have instore, nontheless.

05/24/2008 02:53 am
lol, they both are goners. to bad they are still in de Nile..
great update, as always.
Thank you, Liz.  Yes, they are goners, but you know it's going to be a long river....  : )

05/24/2008 02:33 am
oh dear!  nicely done ; )
: )  Thank you.  *hugs*

05/24/2008 12:18 am
Great chapter.  Really enjoying this story.
Thank you, Cas.  I'm so glad you are enjoying it.  *hugs*

05/23/2008 06:14 pm
I'd love it if just for once Buffy told Willow to mind her own business.
But Willow is her very bestest friend.  LOL! 
Thanks for reading!  : )

05/23/2008 05:51 pm
Oh dear. The spell's over. But methinks it's not quite over yet. Far too many left-over feelings. Look forward to the next.
Oh, yeah.  Not quite over, to be sure.  Thank you.  : )

05/23/2008 05:49 pm
Even though it's following the logical path, all I can think is no no no no not the chip!

But still I long for more.  MORE.
Thank you.  I'm trying to stay close to canon for as long as I can while developing my own spin.  I won't say when I'm going to veer off on my own trail completely, but I think everyone will be able to tell.  : )

More coming very soon.  Thanks for reading and leaving a review.  *hugs*

05/23/2008 05:18 pm
Uh Oh, looks like trouble on the horizon! Thanks for the update!
You are very welcome.  And yes, trouble this way cometh.