In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 6. Threshold

06/08/2010 02:17 am
i agree with the iowa part, being from iowa myself. cornfed and raised guys are evil..... plain evil. loving the story!
LOL!  About Iowa.  I'm sure there are some really good guys who are born and raised there. 

I'm glad you are enjoying the story.  Thanks so much for reading it and letting me know that you like it.  That means a lot to me.

05/30/2008 03:09 pm
Looking forward to next chapter!  What will it take for Spike not to spill it! LOL!
LOL!  He's a gentleman at heart, isn't he.  Would he kiss and tell?  I'm not telling....

05/29/2008 11:58 pm
enjoying buffy's reactions to angel being tortured and to riley. very good read, thank you.
LOL!  I knew you would.  Thank you.

05/29/2008 07:27 am
oooooOOO!  cool!  very engaging ... i so want the next chapter!
: )  Thank you.  The next chapter will be up very soon.  I'm so glad you like it thus far.

05/28/2008 05:14 am
Interesting twist.  Loved the bit with Angel,,,even though Spike tended to believe him LOL.
Yeah, well, as long as he had the vamp in chains...might as well make the most of it.  LOL!

05/28/2008 01:30 am
YAY  update!  So Spike is chipped now.  This is good because Buffy will let him near her and we know that's all she needs to begin to see him.  SO glad she remembers and agrees that he showed her mercy before.  Really that is remarkable, he could have done exactly what Harm intended and instead she was as safe as houses.

Methinks Buffy is already feeling something for him and maybe she won't be quite the bitca she was in canon with the nasty comments and so on.

Congratulations on the nominations....very much merited.

Thank you, Kathleen.  The noms were such a thrill for me!


05/27/2008 11:21 pm
I wonder how long Buffy will be able to resist... Spike too.  And who'll be the most obnoxious?  Fun!
LOL!  The most obnoxious.  I'm not sure who will win that one, but they are both going for the title.  : )

05/27/2008 07:06 pm
Another great update! Poor Spike. I have a feeling Buffy's going to be taking better care of him this time round.
Thank you.  *hugs*