In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 8. Thay Had Guns!

06/08/2008 03:19 am
does riley want to help? even he should have been bright enough to know what would happen. very good read, thank you.
I don't think Riley would think that they would take Buffy.  He had no clue when Prof. Walsh tried to get her killed.  He thought they'd capture Hostile 17 and be done with it.

06/07/2008 05:11 am
tee hee!  how cool was this?  thanks for the great update!
: )  Thank you much!  I'm so glad you liked it.

06/06/2008 04:42 pm
OK.  I admit I'm confused by the ending but I'm sure you will clear it up in the next chapter.  Why did Riley ask the question  when he got what he was looking for?  Really excellent writing again.
It will be cleared up in the next chapter, but I'll say that Riley was not there looking for Spike.  : )

06/06/2008 07:20 am
oh, nice twist! love it! and yay spike-y!
cant wait for more!
Thank you : )  More coming soon!

06/06/2008 06:43 am
With TWO love sick swains rushing to her rescue (along with Willow and Xander) what could possibly go wrong?
LOL!  What could possibly go wrong, indeed! 

06/06/2008 03:16 am
Wow, what great chapter...looking forward to your next! Can't wait to see where you take it!
Thank you.  I'm thrilled that you like it that much.  : )

06/06/2008 01:13 am
WOOOO Didn't see that coming. Yes he is in denial but very much hers already.  Certainly surprised to see Riley there at the end.  Did he not expect them to take Buffy captive?  Grrr...idiot (I never did like him though).  Knew Spike had to help, can't let Buffy get hurt on his watch even if he can't admit why yet.

She' as bad....can't admit the feelings are real but she's closer than he is I think.  Not going with Riley will be better on her heart issues too as that only made things much worse IMHO.

Looking forward to the next installment but savored this one. 

Woooo!  I'm thrilled that you didn't see that little twist coming!  I've said it before in another reply, but it's tough to write something that readers don't see coming.  Especially avid readers who know all the tricks that writers use. 

Hopefully, I pull a few more "Oh, my!" type twists out of my bag of tricks.  : )

06/06/2008 12:57 am

Nice twist.  And I loved Spike's 'plan'.  It lasted all of two minutes.

LOL!  Yep.  Poor Spike.  Things never do go the way he plans.  I'm glad you liked the twist 

06/05/2008 07:02 pm
Ohhh, drama. Loved this update. Obviously, some spell-induced kissy-face would have been nice but I love how you're dealing with their reactions. They're both really not happy with the fact that they care for each other. Look forward to more!
Hi.  Yeah, I thought about writing out "Something Blue", but I loved the way that episode went in Canon, so I didn't want to mess with it at all. 

I'm so glad you are liking this so far. 

06/05/2008 06:46 pm
Ha ha! Riley being around certainly seems to be drawing out jealous, possesive Spike and that's one of my favorite versions! I hadn't considered that the Initiative would take Buffy, forcing Spike into action without time to think about image or what he should be feeling. Great job and I can't wait to read the daring rescue!
Thank you, June.  I'm thrilled that so many people didn't see this twist coming.  It's so hard to write surprises for people how read a lot and usually know what's coming up next. 

I love Jealous Spike and frustrated Riley, too.  : )

Thanks for letting me know that you are reading.  *hugs*