In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 15. Not Possible?

08/26/2008 10:05 pm
"What?” Buffy gasped, keeping her mouth open in shock.  Kamla was just as surprised, for she was not expecting this to be a baby story, hummmm.
LOL!  I can promise you, this story is NOT a baby!fic.  While she is now pregnant, you will find as you read the story that it's just one small aspect of it.  It's a huge surprise that I didn't want to announce in a warning, and I couldn't say baby!fic in a warning because it just isn't.  But, I'll totally understand if you decide not to read further.  We all have things that we just hate to read.  I have a list of those myself.
Thanks for taking the time to read up to this point.

07/22/2008 04:05 am
love it. spike;s reaction should be very entertaining. thanks for the fun read.
Thank you.  I'm glad you are enjoying the story. 

07/17/2008 04:54 pm
ups sorry, that review just now was me.
Thanks.  *hugs*

07/17/2008 04:52 pm
ha! I knew it! I knew she would be pregnant! And there is no way that idiot parker is the father.
You're sharp.  Most people didn't see it coming.  Well, at least those that I've talked to.  Thanks for reading.

07/16/2008 04:09 am
Nice addition - literally.

07/16/2008 02:34 am
Wellllll, that's a surprise!
LOL!  I'm glad you didn't see it coming.  Thanks for reading.

07/16/2008 12:32 am
 god poor Buff, such a shock. But hey at least I 'mpretty sure you're gona make this interesting XD
great chapter
I'll be my best to make it interesting.  Thanks for reading.

07/15/2008 10:28 pm
Well that's certainly adds another interesting element to the story! As always, looking forward to more!
Thank you.  Yes, and anyone who knows me and the type of stories I like to read, would be very surprised by this twist.  LOL!

07/15/2008 09:59 pm
oh, love the new twist!!!! woohoo! cant wait til spike finds out! its sooooooooooooo his! oh, i love baby fics!
: )  Thank you.  I'm very glad you like it!