In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 16. Visiting Hours

07/29/2008 09:04 pm
Tread softly, Spike!
Indeed.  LOL!

07/28/2008 09:20 pm
More more more!! Love it. Lots of catching up to do - and it was brill. I love how sweet Spike is being - he bought her a bear!! Awww. Can't wait for more.
Thank you so much.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  More to come soon. 

07/28/2008 09:12 pm
very good read, thank you. sorry to hear of the real world being cruel. quality writing, such as yours, is how i escape the real world until i put things in perspective.
I'm just floored that you would call my writing quality.  Thank you very much for saying so.  It really lifted my spirits.  *hugs*

07/27/2008 03:27 am
Thanks for the great chapter!  Sorry about your house fire, but glad it was little.  We had one of those too a few years back.  Scary stuff.
I'm so please that you liked the chapter.  We were lucky that my husband was in the right place at the right time so the fire could not spread. 

07/26/2008 02:50 pm
Another great chapter.  One thing I really like about this tale is that Spike retains the in-your-face facet of his character. 
Thank you so much.  I personally loved the bad-ass Spike and I love to write him that way, so I'm glad I'm coming across with that.  *hug*

07/26/2008 09:07 am
ohhhhh... left us hangin here!!! great chappie.
oh my gosh, is everyone alright? hope no extremely extreme damage was done either... but mostly that no one was hurt. my, my... look at you! posting still when such things happen! you're amazing.
and, story wise again, this was a fabulous chappie!! can't wait for their talk! and til buffy finds out the baby's spike's.... c'mon, the baby is spikey's right? =P I hope so!
  I'm not saying anything spoiler like.  LOL.  But thank you for the kind words about the chapter.  I'm so glad  you liked it.

All is well at our house and no one was hurt.  My husband was in the right place at the right time and put the fire out.  Just some electrical damage that needed to be fixed before we could move back in.  We're home now.