In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 18. Nurseries & Biology

09/07/2008 01:25 am
I am in the midst of reading this story, I can't believe I've missed it completely! Just wanted to say that I love it
Thank you.  I so glad that you found the story and that you are enjoying it so far!  (*hugs*

08/08/2008 04:50 am
as confused and concerned buffy is, i'm glad she didn't rush to embrace giles' plan. good chapter, thank you.
Thank you. 

08/06/2008 09:42 pm
I like how you aren't following a lot of fics of Giles being the indignant, huffy parent-figure saying Buffy shouldn't lower herself to consorting with Spike, and instead have him be a practical, heartless Watcher idea of using Spike's feelings-- it gives Buffy an excuse to be nice to Spike in front of him without Giles jumping on her and yelling. I get the idea that the Gem allows Spike to father children, but I'm looking forward to seeing Willow explain that and anything else that might come with it! Great writing.
: )  Thank you, June.  Yes, Giles sometimes has to be the cold thinker and even doer (Think of how he killed Ben in season 5), but I don't like he portrayed as a total jerk.  He cares about Buffy and he takes his job seriously. 

I hope you like the next chapters.

08/06/2008 08:29 pm
I certainly hope that Buffy will not toy with Spike's feelings for her.  That would be all kinds of wrong.  I hope that Buffy does not live in the land of denial for long and develops a backbone.
I hope you like where I take the story. 

08/06/2008 03:53 am
Poor Buffy!  Not only stuck in the hospital, but doing homework too!  I like Willow's rosy outlook too - its sad that she seems to lose it later on in the show, albeit for good reason.
LOL!  Yes, Buffy was certainly stuck there. 

08/05/2008 11:21 pm
lovely chappie. loved giles and joyce's visit. buffy's either in serious deep waters of da Nile river there, or is actually convincing herself that spike stil cant father children even when he has all his bodily functions!!!!! anyways, loved it!
Thank you.  Choice number two is more like it.

08/05/2008 11:13 pm
Being in hospital certainly isn't helping Buffy's thought processes.
No it hasn't.  : )   Meds and surgery will do that to a girl. 

08/05/2008 10:55 pm
if buffy or anyone else talks about spike's plan to kill her one more time, i'm gonna have to go into your story and beat them all senseless.  what part of he doesn't wanna kill her do they not get?  it's wrong of giles to have buffy toy with his feelings just to get the gem back, i hope she doesn't go through with it.  i really don't like your buffy, she annoys the hell out of me.  i wish that just for once she could give into her feelings and not care about what her friends think.  i'm really hoping that things get better before i pull my hair out.
Well, keep in mind that this is season 4.  Before Harmony's love spell, he's pretty much been all about killing the Slayer with the exception of helping her so that he could get Dru back.  Even then, he shrugged  and left  her to fight Angel alone, because he'd gotten what he wanted, even though he thought that Angel was going to kill her. 

His whole reason for getting the Gem was to kill her. 

So, of course they're not going to jump on the Spike band wagon, even if he did help them and save them from Adam.  It would take more than that, I think. 

I'm sorry you don't like my Buffy , but I don't write pure fluff.  I like a meaty story with conflict and emotion.  But, if you stick with me, I promise a satisfying ending.

Oh, and please don't pull your hair out.  LOL!  It's only fan fiction.