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"Me and a Gun" by Athenewolfe
Me And A Gun

WARNING: This is a very dark angsty fic that involves rape. The original song is very dark and depressing and this fiction refletcts this. If you do not want to read a dark fic then please try one of my other ones.


Buffy finished up with her patrol, tired after an extremely late night. It was almost 5 am and soon the sunrise would send all vampires into hiding. It hadn’t been just vampires tonight…no, it had to be a series of extremely big and ugly demons. Buffy was exhausted. *Why is it vampire slayer, has to mean vampires, demons, and heavy lifting for all my friends?*

Friday morning
Thursday night

To hyped up from all the fighting to even try to sleep, Buffy veered off from the main road to head towards Spike’s cemetery. She hadn’t seen him since the passionate kiss they shared, which was partly her fault. She had been avoiding him, but couldn’t stand it anymore - she missed patrolling with him. Even though everyone now knew that she had been pulled out of heaven; she still felt like he was the only one who really understood what she was going through.

Far from sleep
I'm still up and driving
Can't go home

So I'll just change direction
Cause they'll soon know where I live

And I wanna live

Seeing a bunch of vampires retreat into an empty crypt, Buffy decided to take care of the nest before she went to Spike’s. This close to daylight they would be easy prey, plus she didn’t really want the entire demon world gossiping about her activities. *Their grapevine is worse then the school’s was*

Buffy dusted off her dress and left the crypt. *That was almost too easy*. Before she could move much further then the entryway, a hand reached out and grabbed her.

“Hey cutie,”

For a moment she thought it was Spike, and then realized that the hand holding her arm was warm.

Her eyes flashed in anger and she started to tell the man off, until she felt the cold outline of a barrel against her back. Sure she had slayer strength, but all the strength in the world couldn’t stop a bullet from killing her. She froze, unable to comprehend what was happened. *She was being held at gunpoint, by a human?*

The world spun as she realized that the man was dragging her back into the crypt.

“Now, now slayer; I know all about you. Your nice little friend Warren hired me to take you out, course I intend on having a little fun first if you know what I mean.”

Buffy started to have a panic attack as she realized she was trapped. If she fought she would definitely get shot, if she didn’t fight she could be raped and killed.

Her life flashed before her eyes. Fate couldn’t be this cruel. Torn out of heaven for this? She hadn’t had a chance to live again. Her friends brought her back to be in this world, to fight at their side and to fall in love; not to die at the hands of the humans she was sworn to protect.

Got a full tank and some chips
It was me and a gun
And a man on my back
And I sang "holy holy" as he buttoned down his pants
You can laugh
It's kind of funny things you think
at times like these
Like I haven't seen Barbados
So I must get out of this

A visual of Spike’s blue eyes flashed through her mind. She never gave the vampire a chance, obsessing about the whole soul thing. Anger swelled up in her - obviously the whole soul having thing wasn’t all that important.

“Why are you doing this?”

“There’s the whole money thing for killing you, and of course you are a tasty piece of ass. You’re practically begging for it in that dress. What do you expect a guy to do?”

Yes I wore a slinky red thing
Does that mean I should spread
For you, your friends your father, Mr. Ed

Buffy cried out in pain as the man rammed into her…

“Scream for me baby”

Determined to not give him the satisfaction of screaming, Buffy let her mind drift… trying to determine if she could escape the mad man whose gun was firmly planted in her back. She thought of Dawn and how her death would devastate the young teen. But mostly she thought of Spike. Of all the Scoobies, he had felt her death the most and was the only unselfish one of them all. Yet she treated him like dirt. She was the one unworthy of love, not him. If she survived this nightmare, she would change things.

Me and a gun
and a man
On my back
But I haven't seen Barbados
So I must get out of this
Yes I wore a slinky red thing
Does that mean I should spread
For you, your friends your father, Mr. Ed

Buffy whimpered and she knew this had to be a cosmic joke. “I live in hell, because I have been expelled from heaven” The irony of her earlier statement came back to haunt her. She never had been really religious, especially after the whole God toying with her emotions by giving her apocalypse after apocalypse. But she thought everything had been forgiven when went to heaven. She should have known that it wasn’t meant to be. She would most likely bleed to death on some crypt where someone had chiseled in Fred’s Seville.

And I know what this means
Me and Jesus a few years back
Used to hang and he said
"It's your choice babe just remember
I don't think you'll be back in 3 days time
So you choose well"
Tell me what's right
Is it my right to be on my stomach
of Fred's Seville

She had to get out of this… she had to tell Willow she was forgiven for the whole heaven thing, tell Angel off and pledge her undying devotion to Spike’s kisses. She could love the vampire if she gave him a chance, especially with the whole soul equals good argument thrown out of the window.

Me and a gun
and a man
On my back
But I haven't seen Barbados
So I must get out of this

She had to live. She had to survive. Her family and friends needed her. She didn’t want to die, she wanted to live. To laugh again! Tears welled up in her eyes.

And do you know Carolina
Where the biscuits are soft and sweet
These things go through you head
When there's a man on your back
And you're pushed flat on your stomach
It's not a classic cadillac

She would survive…

Me and a gun
and a man
On my back
But I haven't seen Barbados
So I must get out of this

The man zipped up his pants and took a look at the girl he had just taken so brutally. She was covered in blood from the waist down and was laying rather limp *Sigh – A job well done.*

Reaching down he flipped her over and before she could react he cocked the gun and shot her in the chest. It was time to get going.


Spike walked towards his crypt to turn in for the morning. Out of the corner of his eye he watched some bloke exit an abandoned crypt and head for the cemetery gate.

“What the bloody hell is that wanker doing in the cemetery?” Just then he smelled blood. Slayer blood. He took off in a run, almost afraid to find out why the smell was so strong or the heartbeat so weak.

“Slayer… Buffy… Not again luv… not again” Spike leaned down and cradled Buffy’s head in his lap. Blood red tears ran down his face as he processed the fatal bullet wound and her violated body. There was no way he could get her to the hospital. The sun had already begun to rise and any movement from their location would render him dusty. From her heartbeat, he knew it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. She had less then five minutes to live.

“Please don’t hate me Buffy…” Spike vamped and began to drink her remaining blood. Slitting his wrist, he held it up to her mouth. “Drink.”


Continued in the Sequal... Twists of Fate which will be posted under my co-author's name Tasha.

Characters by Joss, song by Tori, banner by Spikeslovebite (HUGS), dark and twisted mind who thought up the plot to go with the song....all mine.