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Buffy had always been told “Hate is a strong word,” She thought it was stupid, what if she wants to use such a strong word? Despite the apparent strength of this word, hate is weak compared to how she felt when she looked at him. All she could focus on was her utter disgust. His attitude, his weird hair, the words that he said and his glare. And his lips, she hated them most of all.

She was currently doing a nightly patrol. The area couldn’t possibly be more normal. The same cold breeze blew some leaves around her. The normalcy almost bothers her. At least she could focus on her slaying if a vampire showed up. Maybe the vampires are sleeping in?

Willow’s spell that caused her and Spike to nearly get married was stuck in her brain like magical superglue. It was interfering with almost everything. Every time she thought of kissing Riley, or the topic of marriage came up or even when she saw someone wearing a ring, the images come back up.

From an outsider’s perspective, maybe she was exaggerating. Kissing her enemy, saying yes to a proposal from her enemy, not that bad. It’s not like it was real. It was a spell. Magic. She was acting the complete opposite of her normal self. Plus, if Spike actually propose to her she wouldn't know whether to laugh or be angry. She couldn't even imagine that happening for real. Let alone her saying yes. How could the object of her hatred, a brutal, irritating soulless vampire, become the object of her loving affection?

Buffy continued walking, stopping herself from running into a bush. Quiet voices were coming from behind some trees. Vampires? Yes!

She peered her head to the side of the tree. The vampires saw her straight away. They were closer than she anticipated. The two started to fight her. A standard fight. Neither of them were super strong. After a few minutes the dust was filling the air around her.

Another night of successful slaying. Normally, everything else is the distraction. Slaying must be her main focus, but the killing of vampires ironically took her mind off of a certain vampire.

It’s getting a bit late. Later than she normally spent patrolling. Buffy slowly made her way back to her dorm. She tried to take quiet steps, but she doubted she would wake anyone up. The door opened swiftly; she was moderately tired. She just jumped into bed.

The events that had filled her brain were slowly starting to fade from the front of her head. It didn’t even matter, she was bound to forget about it. The kissing parts were the parts she wanted to forget the most. Kissing some else would be the best solution. Maybe kissing someone she hated more?

Buffy’s relaxing Saturday was interrupted by an idea. Not a thought-out idea. It didn’t even make sense. It came out of boredom. She was surrounded by chatter; she was sitting on a table outside. The coffee she ordered an hour ago was long empty. The book that she had to read for a class was starting to give her a headache. If there was a movie of this book, she would be watching it. So, she decided to go through with this plan. She could just go there normally. It's not like she hasn't just gone to Giles' house to just visit. Although she didn't want to go there to visit Giles. No, she wanted to visit Spike.

Her plan was to stake him. Why hasn't she done it before? Sure, he couldn't hurt a fly but why keep him around? Her mind would be freed from him and lips. No, freed from her hatred for him. Letting go of some negative feeling is good, she thought. Nothing could stop her.

Buffy walks to Giles' house. She considers taking drivers' lessons, but it would most likely end in her killing someone. Walking to places most of the time was her fate at the moment. It was 2pm. He could be out but most likely not. She knocked on the door. He answered fairly quickly, quicker than she expected. He had a slightly annoyed look on his face but let her in. She tried to make up a story to distract him. Something about a demon.

"It had long horns, like this," She tried describing the demon with her hands. She could sense his signature glasses clean, so she said,

"Maybe you can get some books, from a store that will consume your time and leave me here!"

She near failingly convinces him to go find a new book. The books he already had would definitely do the job if this demon was real.

"Finally, he's gone. I thought he would bugger off."

Buffy hadn't realised that Spike was laying on the couch. Normally he would have interrupted their conversation so much that they started to talk about him. She would tell him to shut up. Why does he think everything is about him? This time he stayed silent.

He sat up . He wasn't tied up, a result of him demanding to be untied. I would go insane if Spike was living my house, Buffy thought.

"Where's the ring, slayer?"

She was confused.

"A ring?"

Buffy then realised that it was the engagement ring. Why is he asking about it?

"The engagement ring."


He was getting more annoyed, as was she. A familiar scene.

"I'm not going to waste that ring on the likes of you. I want it back,"

Who does he think he is? The smug look on his face angered her.

"Well maybe I don't want to give a lovely ring back to the likes of you. What would you even use it for? You couldn't get anyone to want to be engaged to you!"

"Didn't see you up and arms when I proposed."

"It was a spell! I would never ever say yes. I was acting like a completely different person."

She was tensing up, walking up and down.

"Defensive much? You do know the spell wasn't a personality change spell? Well, whatever slayer, I just thought I could make a quick buck. As soon as I get out of the hell of a house."

Despite her anger she couldn't help but notice his lips. She had never thought about his physical appearance very much before. His horrible personality overshadowing everything else. Even if he did something good (she couldn't name one time) it wouldn't even matter. Soulless vampires can't be selfless, they can't be good. Especially Spike.


She couldn't take it anymore. He had to be staked. She reached into the bag she brought with her and got the stake out. It was hidden under textbooks; she was even studying today!

"Well prepare for your final moments. If you can't give one single reason not to kill you."

She points it at him. He is mostly unphased.

"You can't kill me. If you wanted to you would've done it already."

As Spike stands up, she starts punching him. Landing some blows and missing other. He manages to dodge more than she anticipated. To try and surprise him she kicks him. He stops her mid-kick.

"Argh! Going easy on me slayer? I didn't know you liked me so much."

He was clearly frustrated. If he didn't have the chip, he would be enjoying this fight.  He pretended not to be angry, but he was easy to read. She does a kick again, this time being successful.


"I don't-"

She punches him.

"Like you Spike. My biggest mistake was not killing you as soon as you came to this doorstep."

Buffy wasn't trying very hard. Did she really want to kill him right now? She thought she did.


Buffy hated Spike and the hatred was reciprocated.  She could at least tolerate him sometimes. Why was she wasting all her energy on him? She had no idea why the spell was still on her mind. Why was she even fighting him?


In this universe, she would never marry him. But maybe if the world was and he was different, she would give him a silver of a chance. Buffy didn't to give him a chance, he didn't deserve one. 


"You know what Spike; this isn't worth it. Maybe I can just use the anger you cause me to make me stronger."


She puts her weapon back into her black bag. She pushes him back onto the couch and starts to leave.  He scoffs. He turns the tv back on. She realises that it was on when she Giles' first opened the door.

"See I knew you like me. Too bad I still hate you."


She looks back at him, he's wrong. 

"Whatever Spike, tell Giles not to worry about the demon,"


"You were fooling no one with that one Slayer"


She walks out and closes the door. He really needs to get a reality check. All though, she knew she would get used to his arrogance. Maybe he wasn't that bad. Well not that bad for a soulless vampire.