For those who've not followed this AU Season Five series-- (and why would you? It was never intended to be a series, and the original story was probably written ten years ago, with another big gap to the next one, and then another gap to this one) --- there is no Buffybot because Spike has already had the real thing, and he and Buffy have a budding relationship that is veering betweengood friends and lovers. 
The first ficlet – pure pwp – is “How Can Something So Cold Make Me So Hot?” a very short, non-canon story, in which Spike helps Buffy out with a bad sunburn. An eye-opening experience for both of them...
Its sequel is When the Ice Has Melted” and it begins the next day in the same now-AU Sunnydale where the events of the first story occurred.
No porn at all in this one, with or without plot, as Buffy and Spike deal with the aftermath of their encounter and what it revealed to them about their relationship and possible feelings for each other. Riley doesn’t take it well, which drives Buffy and Spike even closer together.
That closeness has become obvious to everyone, even Xander, by the time this third fic begins a day or so after the end of “When the Ice Has Melted”. We jump from that little scene to some time later when it’s approaching Christmas.
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