Written as a follow up to a challenge response called 'Touch for your lust' by Crackers4Jenn posted on the Bloodshedverse. Jenn has since gone on to complete the fic herself. This fic starts where hers originally ended at the end of her first chapter. This is my first pwp. Original Challenge was: Between seasons four and five Buffy goes to spike for help patrolling, she walks in on him masturbating and freezes up, as she stares he turns towards her and she sees his manly bits. Write a PWP from there. Jenn altered the challenge slightly and had hers set instead in the bathroom of Giles' house. Thanks to Mefiant for the read through. **My Feedback Policy: Feedback is always VERY MUCH appreciated - from a simple "I liked it." (or not) to detailed con-crit, both are equally welcomed and appreciated when delivered respectfully! If you would prefer to leave feedback by email you can do so at alwaysjbj@axisoflove.org
Genre: Challenge Response, Romance, Porn w/Some Plot - Rating: NC-17
Warning: , Explicit Sexual Situations
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