season II; written for the Good_Evil community, this fic doesn't really become Spuffy until the sequel. However, Spike and Buffy are definitely the main characters and the gang is all here at one time or another. As are Angelus and Dru. Not for the faint of heart, a darker fic than I normally write with bloodplay, rape and non-consensual sexual contact. The gorgeous banner is by the very generous and talented Spikes Slayer2
Genre: none - Rating: NC-17
Warning: Rape
Words: 2,199 - Updated: 03/23/2006 12:11 am

Disinvites are done and Dru gets her "daddy" back.
Genre: none - Rating: R
Warning: Extreme Violence
Words: 1,800 - Updated: 03/23/2006 12:56 am

Angelus keeps a low profile long enough for the Slayer to get careless...
Genre: Drama - Rating: R
Warning: Extreme Violence
Words: 1,640 - Updated: 03/23/2006 03:45 am

Buffy's not going to have a good night...warnings for the beginning of the icky stuff...But, Spike's there.
Genre: none - Rating: R
Warning: Torture
Words: 4,830 - Updated: 03/23/2006 01:44 pm

Things get worse before they can get...well, better might be too strong a word. Before they get different. Warning for serious ickiness in this chapter, some angst, non-consensual sex and rape, and the promised character deaths. If I didn't mention it before, this fic was beta'd by the marvelous Amyb - and thank god it was, as I had forgotten the rape warning until she pointed out that it seriously needed one. Whew! Disaster averted.

Genre: none - Rating: NC-17
Warning: Rape, Explicit Sexual Situations, Extreme Violence
Words: 6,139 - Updated: 03/23/2006 11:23 pm