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It Doesn’t End With a Wish by Sotia
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He was a charmer all right. Kennedy pondered her options. She’d either join Sofia to Berto’s place and then go home, or go back to the Manor now and face the shambles of her relationship.

She shrugged. “Breakfast better be good.”

The man smiled and led the way to his car. The driver held the door open as his boss and Kennedy helped Sofia inside.

The car door shut with hardly any sound at all.

The way destiny is usually sealed.


She knew it was the dream the moment she felt her hand itch. Even so, she knew she wouldn’t be able to escape the sequence that was to follow, no matter how hard she tried.

The teardrop came next, always the teardrop, and she was shocked to remember, in her sleep, that she’d cried the day before, when Spike was telling her he would leave her. She could cry again. She realized once over the mistake she’d made all that time ago, when she thought loving a monster would make her less than human. The vampire that had once tried to kill her now restored her humanity, and she didn’t even notice at the time. Then she realized something else.

The dream was not the same.

She was not the same.

There wasn’t darkness and the familiar-by-now sense of doom surrounding her. The building she was rounding wasn’t half wrecked. And she was barefoot.

She tightened the sheet around her, wishing she could have at least retained the usual attire the dream came with, to no avail. Her two-handed grip on the fabric made her look down at her fists. No stake there.

The familiar tingles at the back of her neck alerted her to the proximity of Spike or William, and she spun on her heel to face whichever of them it was.

“Hello, cutie.”

It was Spike, yet more than Spike. He seemed taller, somehow. He was glowing, but not with fire, his hair whiter than its usual shade, forming a halo around his head, and he was smiling that smile of his that made her knees week and her stomach fill with a thousand butterflies.

“Spike?” Somehow that felt wrong, so she asked again. “William?”

“Neither. Both. How can you tell?”

“Say a word ending in ‘-ing’ and I’ll know,” she jested.

He smirked and shook his head, and she wanted to say, “Spike” again, but wasn’t sure. “I think—” She worried her lower lip with her teeth, and smiled when she saw his eyes fixed on her mouth. “I think we screwed up a perfectly good Slayer dream,” she said with a giggle.

“Slayer dreams aren’t made to be screwed up, luv.”

“No, they’re not. We are all naught but pawns moved by the hand of destiny.” Andrew appeared out of nowhere and Buffy thought
sexy dreams could totally be screwed up by nerds poking their noses where they didn’t belong.

“Spike and I make our own destiny.” She folded her arms over her chest, deciding she didn’t care what name the vampire wore. He would always be her Spike.

Andrew seemed to grow under her scornful gaze. His shoulders widened and he gained a foot, his face becoming a blur before settling into the features of The Immortal. “Do you? Then how come you need me to help you fix your mess,

Spike growled, suddenly next to her, and she wished she had a sword.

“I think you’ve made your share of wishes,” Adalberto stated, his face somber. “It’s time for mine to come true now.”

Dawn appeared, looking the way she did in Buffy’s memories from when she was four and scraped her knee at kindergarten. “Bad guys don’t win.” The lady holding her by the hand smiled down at her and then at Buffy, and she had a moment to notice how perfect her teeth were and think that kindergarten teachers weren’t supposed to be that hot.

She reached out to take Spike’s hand, but he wasn’t there anymore.

The Immortal whispered, “Divide and conquer,” his eyes glowing a weird neon blue before he too disappeared.

Kindergarten lady walked Dawn to her, placing the girl’s small hand into her sister’s. “This sister you have close, others not so much,” she said before kissing her temple. Buffy looked down at Dawn who repeated herself, “Bad guys don’t win,” then mouthed, “-unless you let them.”

Then she saw Spike from what seemed like miles away, holding her in his arms.

“I won’t lose him again!” she yelled. “Why do I have to?” Tears were pouring down her face, and through their blurry curtain she saw a hand. She knew that hand well, had fought against it. She had been hit by that palm, had been brought to ecstasy over and over again by those fingers, had held it as flames consumed it. She took it in hers, and faintly heard the voice of a woman, one she’d never heard before, say, “By losing him you’ll gain him.”

Buffy sat up suddenly, awake, and pissed as hell. Two hot, groggy vampires turned to look at her, and she briefly wondered which of the two had woken up to shut the drapes during the night, before re-embracing her pissiness.

“Slayer dream again?” Spike tangled his fingers with hers, trying to keep her from biting her nails.

She felt his touch and let out a hysterical giggle. “Yup.”

“The usual?” William wrapped an arm around her waist and nuzzled her stomach.


“Care to share, pet?” Spike was never known for his patience.

“Sure. Apparently I’ll gain you if I lose you, bad guys don’t win unless you let them, and The Immortal has a wish. Oh, and Dawn had a hot chick bring her home from baby-school.” She sighed dramatically when she saw the matching looks of befuddlement on their faces. “Do I have to break everything down for ya?” She rolled her eyes. “Can’t you read between the lines for once?”

William growled against her belly making her giggle, and the fact that she could giggle made her remember something else. She ran her fingers through Spike’s hair, marvelling at how the curls felt against the inside of her palm. “You know, you made me cry last night.”

His face turned sombre immediately. “I’m sorry, pet. Didn’ mean to—”

“No, no!” she cut him off. “It’s of the good.” She trailed the fingers of her other hand between William’s shoulder blades. “Haven’t cried since… since Sunnydale.”

The vampire pressed an open mouthed kiss on her stomach, while Spike tried to brush the significance of her words off. “I’m glad you are all restored, but le’s not make a habit out of lettin’ the waterworks out, yeah?”

“Ah, shut up.” She slapped him upside the head, but she was laughing.

William knew the time all three of them had left to have fun in bed was running out, and was planning to make the most of it while he still could. “I think we should celebrate that,” he announced.

Spike looked at him under lowered lashes. “I’m a smart bloke, I am.” He leered and sat up, scooching backwards until his back was against the headrest. He stretched, and when he was sure Buffy was riveted by the muscles of his chest and stomach bunching and relaxing, he let one arm drape around her shoulders, the way teenagers go about hugging their date at the movies. She snorted at his move, and he leered again. Suddenly turning to William, he asked, “Now?”

“Now.” Fast as lightening, William rolled over, covering Buffy’s lower body with his and immobilizing her at the same time Spike was tightening his grip around her shoulders. They both started tickling her – Spike with his free hand, the other holding her arms pinned to her body.

She squealed and thrashed, grateful for the moments of glee they were giving her even as she yelled at them to cut it out immediately. Soon she was singing a different tune, as William’s mouth went from blowing raspberries on her lower belly to kissing up the inside of her thighs. Spike nudged her forward a bit and slid one leg behind her, moving so she sat between his legs. He took both of her hands in his to pin them to the mattress and started licking up the column of her neck.

Buffy felt the moment they both morphed into demon face. Their tongues became raspy against her skin, making the friction more intense as they started sucking on her flesh. William took his time dragging his mouth towards her center, always pulling back just as she was about to push down against him. “You tease,” she breathed out when he licked the apex of her thighs once, only to move the other way again. “Come on, William, you’re supposed to be a good guy.” She pouted and struggled to free herself from Spike’s arms, probably meaning to grab hold of William’s hair the moment she managed to, but the vampire behind her wouldn’t budge.

Just when she gave up on being free, William grabbed hold of her thighs, spreading them further, and ran his rough tongue along her slit.

She had never expected it to feel that good. Never expected that, when he pushed his tongue inside her, the tips of his fangs grazing the lips of her sex, danger would be the furthest thing from her mind. His fingers turned into claws, and it would be so easy to hurt her, but the pad of his thumb was as skilled as ever when it found her clit and started rubbing it in circles, applying more pressure every time he withdrew from inside her. She looked down into his amber eyes, and all she could see was love. A demon was looking up at her with more love than anyone who’d ever touched her body. Her Slayer training protested that it was because of the soul, but she knew if she could see Spike’s eyes that very moment she would see the same thing shining through them.

Spike, let go of her with one arm so he could palm a heavy breast, squeeze it until red marks showed on the skin, and then roll the nipple between his index and middle finger. His mouth was still latched onto the spot over her pulse point, suckling and licking in time with William’s thrusts. She could feel him hard behind her, feel the involuntary rocking of his hips as he craved to be inside her, and it turned her on even more that such a powerful creature was moved by her to that point, yet held back for the sake of her pleasure.

Her orgasm kept building as the wicked tongue rolled inside her, finding the bundle of nerves and making all of her body tense in anticipation. Wanting him to go deeper and realizing he was holding back because he was afraid of nicking her with his fangs, she planted her feet on the bed and pushed against his face. “More.” Her voice was hoarse, but she was surprised she could talk at all.

“Oh, he’ll give you more, Slayer,” Spike whispered against her skin. “He’ll give you all you can take.” His claw ran a circle around one nipple and Buffy let her head fall back on his shoulder, catching his earlobe between her teeth.

“How much is that?” she hissed around his flesh as William turned his attentions a bit lower just as she was sure he’d let her come this time. Letting go, she asked pointedly, “And what will you give me?”

William chuckled between her legs, sending what felt like an electric charge straight to her womb and making her back arch. “Oh, he’ll give you something, and so will I. But you have to be a good girl to get it. Will you be good?” He went back to what he was doing without waiting for her answer, pushing the tip of his tongue into her second hole.

“What…” pant “is it…” clench “with guys, and…” deep breath “my ass?” His tongue was working its way into her, harder than normal, though not enough to hurt her.

Spike feathered his hand down the length of her body to caress the folds of her pussy. “Love how you’re always so soft here.” He let a sharp-tipped finger slide between them to fleetingly graze her clitoris. “I love your pussy.” He pinched the tender nubbin. “And I love your ass.” He held her upper body to his and sank lower on the bed, while William lifted her legs. “I only want to be inside you, and if you want us both…” He thrust his hips against her ass once. She wound up lying on top of Spike, who let go of her arms to hold her legs in the air, spreading her for William to feast to his content.

William returned his attention – and his mouth – to her pussy, massaging the ring of muscle around her anus as gently as his rough fingers allowed for, and she felt she was close. “My clit,” she managed between gasps and moans. “Suck on my clit.”

He looked up at her for a second and then shook his vampire face off.

“No. Don’t change.”

“Buffy… I’ll hurt you.”

“Do it, William.” Seeing him hesitate she repeated her words more forcefully. “Bite me, I’m so close.”

He changed back and touched her mound with his lips almost reverently before latching onto her clit and letting his fangs slice through the sensitive skin there.

Spike’s hands on her legs constricted with shock at hearing her whisper, “Yours,” just before her body was overtaken by her release. She was all but convulsing in his arms as his older self pulled in gulp after gulp of her blood, drawing her orgasm out until she went lax.

William looked up, running his tongue first over the puncture marks on her labia and then over his teeth, his eyes obviously glazed even in their demon state. “Did you…” Seeing Buffy was in no condition to answer questions, he turned to Spike. “Did she…?”

Spike nodded mutely.

William propped himself up on an elbow and scratched his chin, a gesture that for some reason hit Buffy as funny. “Should I…?”

Spike just shrugged. Buffy felt that and opened her eyes to try and focus on the man that had just given her the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced. “Yes you should.” She slurred. “Say mine and complete this.” She turned her head to look at Spike over her shoulder, but did so too fast and got dizzy. “You do it too, but after.” She rubbed against his cock.

The two vampires looked at her, dumbfounded. “Well?” she asked William.

“Are you sure?”


He climbed over her body like a panther, and looked deep into her eyes. “Mine,” he growled.

Fisting one hand into his hair she pulled him to her for a fierce kiss. She bit his lip until it bled, and sucked on the wound. “Mine,” she said, and didn’t let go of him until he gave her the reply she wanted.


Spike had been uncharacteristically silent throughout that, until William once again turned questioning eyes his way.

“Jus’ get the bloody lube,” he barked in reply to the silent question. “I’m about to burst here.”

Buffy giggled. “Horndog!”

“Says she, havin’ gotten hers,” he scoffed.

They would both say more, but William’s hand was between their legs, lathering up Spike’s cock with lubricant and positioning it at Buffy’s second entrance. The angle was awkward, so he leaned over and placed her arms around his neck to lift her up then lowered her slowly onto the other vampire’s shaft.

It hurt, but not as much as it had the first few times he’d taken her that way. She felt his girth fill her up, but something was off. “You’re not vampy,” she muttered. “William, Spike’s not vampy.”

“I’d hurt you, luv. It gets… bigger,” came the reply from behind her.

She said nothing until she was fully impaled on him. “Now change.” She licked her lips and spread her legs wider, looking at William under hooded eyelids.

He took the invitation for what it was, and pushed inside her carefully.

None of them moved. Spike was gasping for air he didn’t need and William was trying to keep his weight off them, but his arms were trembling with the effort of holding still. Buffy felt like her insides were burning, but it wasn’t an entirely unpleasant feeling. She squeezed her inner muscles experimentally and grinned at the twin groans it caused. She did it again, and Spike’s hands flew to her hips, raising her slightly. That brought William even deeper inside her pussy, something she hadn’t thought possible, and this time it was her that groaned.

William pushed back, making Spike’s entire length disappear inside her again. They all sucked in a breath, even though two of them didn’t need one. Buffy tried raising her body again, but her legs refused to cooperate, so she settled for digging her nails in Spike’s sides. He got the message, and lifted her hips again, until William took over and lowered her.

Once Buffy’s body adjusted to the double invasion, they settled for a while into a slow rhythm that belied the fact that they were three supernatural beings whose existences were fraught with violence and mayhem. They made love linked as one, blocking out any thoughts of the future. Soon, however, sweet and slow wasn’t enough for them. They wanted more, and they got it. Buffy squeezed them inside her, Spike plunged harder, and William circled his hips on every down stroke. Bodies slammed against one another, hands sought grip and left welts in the heat of the moment, lips and teeth clashed and moans filled the bedroom as the three fucked for all they were worth.

Buffy was already close again by the time she felt Spike’s movements lose their tempo and his grip on her hips become punishing. She knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Throwing her head to the side to present her neck to him, she gasped, “Do it.”

William saw the blond shake his head no, as he came inside his mate.

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