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Chapter 19
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Warnings for this chapter are posted at the end.

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The throbbing pain from my leg finally woke me. I yawned. “Spike?”

“He’s not here now, naughty girl. You’ve taken him away,” Drusilla said mournfully. “It makes me so very sad.”

My eyes shot open as I remembered what had happened. My dormmate in danger. Inviting Angelus in. Barely making it to the floor before he’d caught me and knocked me into unconsciousness. And now…

I was hanging against the wall from chains suspended from the ceiling of a big, mostly empty room. My cast was gone. Somehow, I didn’t think that Angelus’s priority had been keeping me comfortable as he brought me here. Judging from the pain at my temple, he hadn’t knocked me out with a light blow at all. And now, Drusilla was standing in front of me, looking very unhappy through her game face.

“You’ve done a bad thing, little sunshine!” she said, wagging her finger at me. “Daddy will come home and put it out. You’ll be punished for taking away Mummy’s favorite toy.” With no warning, she reached out with her long fingernails and sliced into my arm, raking long, bloody marks down my skin. I cried out, and she smiled. “Mummy’s so very hungry…”

Then she was lapping up the blood she’d drawn and scratching them open wider and wider. Great. I’m going to die of blood loss. How very classic Sunnydale.

I decided to try something. What could it hurt? “But Drusilla,” I said gently, like I was talking to a child. “Spike will want to come home and see the present you’ve left for him. Why don’t you go find him and bring him here?”

“NO! NO!” She spasmed wildly, her face contorting back into human form. “The girl is trying to trick us! You shall not make us help you! No one can help you! The moon and stars are dark…everything’s so dark…” She swayed from side to side drunkenly, her eyes tightly shut.

When she opened them again, the madness was toned down into a cruel little gleam. “We shall die together.” Then she vamped again and went for my neck.

“Dru, we talked about this,” said an annoyed voice from behind her. “You can play with Buffy, but no killing her yet.”

Dru jerked backwards, making no effort to close the new wound on my neck cleanly. I could feel the blood dripping out of the cut and down my chest. “We were just having a bit of fun. The taste is intoxicating.”

“Well, no more,” Angelus said crossly. “I’m ready for some fun.” He grinned at me. “Hey there, Buffy. Hope you’re enjoying your stay at the Hotel Angelus. I’m afraid we don’t have any spare rooms, but please, make yourself comfortable in the lobby. You won’t be checking out anytime soon.”

I spat at him, landing the saliva on his cheek with an accuracy that almost made me smile. His tongue snaked out and tasted it. “Nice of you to give me a sample,” he smirked. Then he grabbed my head and jerked it forward, shoving his lips against mine.

I kept my jaw clenched shut. No way was I going to let the bastard kiss me! But he slapped me on the side of my face with full vampire strength, and my mouth fell open. I tasted blood. His tongue attacked my own limp one, then moved to my inner cheek where the blood was coming from and attacked there, irritating the wound so that more blood would come through.

He finally pulled away. “Our first kiss. Sorry, I’m just a sucker for the romance.” He moved to my neck, following the trail of blood Drusilla had left down my chest toward my breasts. “And we’re getting so close here.”

I struggled, but the only weapon I had loose was my head, and it wasn’t very effective with Angelus angled so low.

He tore through my shirt with his fangs, and I was suddenly regretting having to dress so quickly and not bothering with a bra when he began nibbling at my chest, sucking and biting and licking…

“Remember when we first met?” he reminisced, reaching for my pants and ripping them straight down the middle. “Of course you don’t. You didn’t see me.”

“Go to hell,” I hissed.

He only laughed. “See, I was heading to Dawnie’s room like the idiotic lovesick fool my souled self was. But that tree outside your windows? It’s just so much easier to climb up from your side. And just for a minute, I paused and looked in.”

I recoiled. “You’re disgusting!”

“You were coming from the shower, your hair all wet and shiny…and you were naked.” He unzipped his pants. “My souled self felt so guilty about seeing that, about lusting after you…but Dawn was just a girl. You were a woman. And all he could think about…was doing this.” He drove into me with one sharp thrust.

I screamed, the pain splitting me in half.

He pumped, in and out, again and again and again and again till I couldn’t even think from how much it hurt. “Oh, keep struggling. Mmm, that feels good.”

I was babbling incoherent threats and pleas, tears streaking my face and blood spilling from all around me. The pain was overwhelming, excruciating, blinding…


“Wake up, sweet Buffy. I’m not done with you yet.” Angelus ran a rough finger down my face. “I’ve got some friends who would just love to meet the Slayer’s sister. They’re not very happy with her, you know. She keeps killing them…”

I blocked out as much of it as I could, the vampires who came next. There must have been eight or nine of them, but I was in no shape to keep count. I was in no shape to do what they were doing to me, either, but that wasn’t stopping them. At least a few decided just to sample my blood instead of assaulting me. And Angelus just stood back and laughed, intervening only when he thought they were taking too much.

By the end, I was totally zoned out. I must have been dreaming, because when the last vampire who came, a heavy, bespectacled one, was sucking hungrily on my neck, I thought I heard him murmur, “they’re on their way.”

But I knew that no one could save me now.


The next time I awakened, Dru was giggling and rocking me back and forth like a baby. It didn’t work so well for me with no free limbs, but it beat what had been going on beforehand.

“We shall die together,” she crooned.

“Please,” I whispered hoarsely, wanting nothing more.

But she shook her head. “Not yet! If you’re impatient, Mummy will get all the cookies!”

Dimly, I grew aware of some other sounds around me. Screaming, and fighting, and…


“Dawnie?” Was I dreaming again? But no, I could see my sister’s brown hair swishing from side to side as she fought a wave of Angelus’s minions. He’d turned so many for that Initiative raid…and it seemed like all of them were in the room right now, blocking my sister from getting to me.

As my vision cleared up, I grew more aware of what was going on around me. Angelus was standing beside Dru and me, waiting patiently while my friends slaughtered his people. At the other end of the room, I could see a glowing light shooting toward vampires and turning them to dust. Willow and Tara. Kennedy was there, too, surrounded by countless vampires. As I watched, she went down and didn’t resurface. Giles and Janice were backed against one wall and weren’t doing very well, either. And I caught sight of one platinum blond head tossing aside minions like they were rag dolls.


Dru scowled. “My Spoike will not get his toy back. He’s been a very naughty boy. Mummy is very displeased.” She dove into the crowd, heading for Spike. I could see her plaster herself onto him, struggling to stop him from moving. His eyes darkened.

And before my eyes, Spike’s sire and the former love of his life was turned to dust by the stake in his hands.

Angelus roared in anger and grief as his Childe’s dust wafted to the ground. Spike was gaping disbelievingly at his treacherous hand.

“Go!” Dawn shouted to him, and he shook aside his shock and headed back toward me. There were only a few more vampires between him and me.

I’m going to get out of here, I realized with sudden surprise. I’m actually going to make it!

Life, dangled so close to me, made me careless. I focused on Spike, ignoring the minion behind him with the axe until it was nearly too late.

“Behind you!” I shouted finally. It came out as a croak, but it was loud enough for Spike to hear. He missed being beheaded by an instant.

But it was just enough time for more minions to swarm on top of him, fighting to kill him with his own stake.

Angelus, too, raced forward to avenge his Childe. There was a scuffle, a stake whirling downward…

And then dust, exploding from where Spike had been.


“Never knew you cared so much about the minions, love,” a familiar voice murmured from beside me.

I craned my neck to see him. “Spike!”

“M’gonna get you out of here.” He cast a calculating glance at the chains, tried to break them with no success. “Huh. Okay, how about this?” He drove his fist into the wall, shattering the area where one arm was chained.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Angelus said coldly, approaching. “You’ve taken something from me. And a vampire does get lonely on his own.” Fists flew between the two vampires, fury on both their faces. I moved my head from side to side, dizzy from all the action.

Then Angelus kicked Spike hard enough that he was thrown backward into the crowd. I saw the look on his face and knew that this was it.

“Say goodnight,” he drawled as his face transformed. His fangs sank into my neck with uncontained ferocity, and blood was suddenly leaving my system at an alarming rate. I hadn’t had much to begin with, not since the rest of the day. So it only took seconds for me to be fully drained.

The last thing I remembered was a wrist pressed to my mouth and blood rushing down my throat.

Then, blackness.


*ducks and hides"

Warnings for this chapter: torture, rape, character death...and yes, vamp!Buffy. >:D
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