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Pop Goes the Weasel by slaymesoftly
Spike Has a Plan
Chapter Four   Spike Has a Plan (No, really. A good plan.)  
Buffy settled down on the cot beside Spike’s, smiling when, even in the deep healing sleep he’d fallen into, he automatically turned in her direction and reached out for her.  She took his hand and pulled it to her lips, planting a gentle kiss on his bloody knuckles as she turned to face him.  Her breathing soon evened out as exhaustion made it possible to block out the sounds of all the villagers snoring and snuffling as they also tried to get a little sleep.
A disturbance outside brought Buffy awake much sooner than she’d wanted to be. Hissing at Spike to stay put, she grabbed her sword and walked to the door.  One of the young fire tenders came over to report to George who had arrived at the door right after Buffy.
“It’s nothing. A couple of them tried to jump a guard, but he was able to knock them down long enough for us to throw them in the pit.  Unless they come back in really big numbers, I think we’ll be fine.”
“Okay, if you’re sure….” Buffy yawned and shook herself. “Maybe I should….”
“Maybe you should get some rest so you can go out with us tomorrow to see if we can find where they’re coming from,” George said kindly.  “They have to go somewhere in the daytime.”
“Good idea,” Buffy said, giving in so quickly it made her feel guilty. She walked back to where Spike was lying on his side watching her through half-open eyes.
“Nothing they couldn’t handle without me,” she said, sliding onto her cot and dropping the sword on the floor beside her. “How do you feel?”
“Been better,” he admitted. “Although, I’ve probably been worse….” He tried to move and winced. “Okay, maybe not worse. Not since old BatFace, anyway.”
Buffy raised her head and looked around the crowded room. Except for George, making his way back to his own make-shift bed, everyone seemed to be sound asleep, the excitement of the evening’s activity having taken its toll on everyone. She moved to the edge of her cot, getting as close to Spike as she could without climbing into the same narrow bed.  She offered her wrist again, cupping his cheek with her hand.
“I know you’d rather do this the fun way, but this isn’t about fun, it’s about getting you back on your feet.”
“You’re not food,” he grumbled, in spite of the way his eyes were changing color and his fangs dropping.
“Not food. Medicine,” she said firmly, pressing her wrist to his mouth. “Now come on. Don’t be stubborn.”
“Want it noted that we’re doing this over my objections,” he growled, even as he licked the place he could smell her blood rushing through the blood vessels so close to the surface.
“Pfft! You’re going to get slayer blood. I don’t think your demon’s objecting at all, I think he’s wondering what’s taking you so long.”
Without responding, Spike slid his fangs into her wrist, making two small holes over the vein there.  He fastened his mouth over the bite and began to suck gently, smiling around his fangs when Buffy gave a soft moan and slumped down on her bed.  Spike sucked only as long as it took for him to feel the effects of her blood coursing through his body, then reluctantly removed his mouth and kissed the already closing holes.
“Do you have any idea how much I love you, Buffy Anne Summers?”
“Lots?” she responded, trying to keep her eyes open but wanting desperately to close them and get a few more hours of sleep.
“Lots and lots,” he whispered, leaning over to kiss her on the forehead. “Go to sleep, love. I’ll be right here.”
There was no pretending it wasn’t morning and time to get up. Not with over a hundred people still milling around in the building.  Although the villagers who lived in the center of the town had all gone back to their homes, those living more on the outskirts or on small farms had remained in the safety of the municipal building.
Spike was still sleeping as Buffy eased herself out of her cot. Taking the sword with her just in case, she visited the women’s facilities and then went to the car to get another sandwich from her stash in the cooler.  She ate it quickly in case the K’vlecks would be offended that she had brought her own food, washing it down with the bottled water she’d also put in the cooler.  Carrying the half-empty bottle, she went back inside to find Spike on his feet and in deep conversation with George.
Eilene, on her way out to go home, greeted Buffy just inside the door, nodding her head in Spike’s direction. “He’s either the fastest-healing vampire I’ve ever seen, or your blood is like nothing I’ve ever seen.”
Buffy shrugged. “Well, Spike is a fairly old and strong vamp, but since the wanna-be master apparently wiped out the slayer line in this world long before you were born… I’m gonna go with my blood is like nothing you’ve ever seen.” 
“Would it have that effect on any vampire?”
“Why? Are you thinking about using me as a blood donor?” Buffy smiled to show she was kidding, but she stepped back and balanced on the balls of her feet.
“What? Oh! On my…. No! Not at all. It was just professional curiosity. Does it have any other qualities?”
Buffy blushed. “Well, according to Spike, it’s a… What’s that thing that makes people feel sexy?”
“Yeah, that. He says it is. Couldn’t prove it by me, though. I think he’s always horny, so… Never mind. More than you wanted to know. Sorry.”
Eilene laughed softly and rolled her eyes. “If that’s true, it seems like vampires would be trying to bite you all the time.  They don’t, do they?” She frowned with sudden concern.
“Not here, they don’t. But in our… where we come from, sometimes they do.  If they know about it. You know, nobody here knows anything about slayers. Most vamps think we’re mythical and when they see me they just think… who is she kidding?”  Buffy shrugged again. “Of course, if they’re evil, then I have to slay them and by the time they figure out I’m not kidding, they’re dust.  So, no, I don’t have vampires chasing after me because they’ve run out of… whatever.”
“And if they did, I suspect Spike would have something to say about it.” Eilene smiled as she watched Spike notice Buffy’s presence and beckon her over, his face lighting up as he did so.
“Oh yeah.  You could put money on that,” Buffy said as she smiled her good-bye and walked toward her much healthier appearing mate.  “Hey,” she said softly. “How are you feeling?”
“Much better, love.” He flexed his shoulders, wincing when the movement pulled on the barely-closed wounds.  “Not hundred percent, but I’m good to go.”
She narrowed her eyes at him. “Don’t think I didn’t see that flinch.  You’re not going anywhere. You’re going to stay here and rest while I go out looking for the lair.”
“Not without me, you aren’t.” He narrowed his own eyes and glared down at her. Buffy glared back just as firmly.
George cleared his throat and backed away from them, saying, “I’ll just be… over here, getting my stuff ready…”
The glaring contest continued until they both relaxed at the same time. A smile ghosted across Spike’s face. 
“Let’s get some food into you while we fight about it, alright?”
“I already ate my last sandwich. I’m fine. I can fight just as well hungry.” Her own lips twitched in response.
“They have real food here, pet. I checked for you. You’ll hurt their feelings if you don’t at least have some fruit and cheese. I’m going to wolf down some raw liver, myself.”
“Okay, if I did have an appetite, that thought would have trashed it completely.”
In spite of her protest, she followed him to the kitchen area where a long buffet table had been set up for those who lived too far away to go home and make their own breakfast.  Taking a small plate, Buffy put some cheese and melon slices on it, adding a piece of toast with cream cheese.  Spike managed to swallow the raw liver that the kitchen staff had produced without actually letting anyone see him do it, and he joined her at a small table, smacking his lips and licking off any last traces of blood.
“You’re totally gross, you know,” she said, using dainty fingers to pick up a piece of melon.
“And yet you love me anyway,” he said with a grin.
“I do,” she replied, suddenly serious. “And that’s why I don’t want you to come with us.  And anyway, it’s daytime. The sun might be out.” He just raised his eyebrow. “Well, it might. You don’t know!”
“One,” he said, holding up his hand and folding down one finger, “we’ll be in the woods. Even if the bloody sun does make an appearance, I’ll be alright with my hat and what’s left of my coat. Two – I can scent the little buggers, so can help with the tracking. Three – if the lair is in a cave, you’ll need somebody who can see in the dark.  And four….”
Buffy cocked her head. “Four?”
“I’m going and that’s an end to it.”
She glared into his eyes, which did not reflect their usual warmth but only a cold determination, and then suddenly gave in.
“Fine. You can come. But you don’t try to fight anything that has fangs and claws bigger than yours. All right?”
“No promises if it comes after you, but yeah, I’ll do my best not to provide today’s lunch.”
Satisfied that each had received any and all concessions the other was willing to make, they relaxed, and Buffy quickly gulped the rest of her breakfast. They joined the group George had gathered at the front of the big room, nodding in approval at both the weapons displayed and the smoldering torches being carefully protected by several younger members of the group.  All the torch bearers had containers of fuel and extra matches or lighters in case the torches needed coaxing to burst into flame when needed.
“The hunters are going to meet us at the edge of the woods. They’ve followed a few trails, but the ones that escaped seem to have scattered in several different directions so we’ll have to spread out a bit at first.”  He looked at Spike. “I suspect your predator’s nose will be much sharper than ours. Maybe you will pick up on something our trackers missed.”
“Bad as the little buggers smell, I’m surprised the Slayer can’t follow their scent,” he said, ducking her half-hearted swing at his head. “But, yeah, I shouldn’t have too much trouble.”  He pointed to the crushed brush right in front of them and asked one of the hunters, “I’m guessing that’s where the overgrown wolverine came from?”
The hunter introduced himself as Joe and nodded. “Yeah. It’s pretty easy to follow it back until it gets smaller. Eventually, it isn’t much different from the tracks left by all the little ones.”
“That’d be where they first started to clump together then.  Let’s see what we can follow from there.”
The forest demon nodded again, and turned to lead the way. “That’s what we figured, but George said just to get a general direction from the trails leading away, so we waited for you and the Slayer.”
“Let’s go, then,” Buffy said, stepping up behind Spike who was already visibly testing the scents.
The majority of the trackers had spread out, following as best they could the barely visible trails left by the fleeing creatures.  There was a shout as one of them spotted a small weasel, but before he could capture it, it fell apart and the smaller pieces were soon lost in the underbrush. 
For the first fifteen minutes, the trackers were moving further and further apart, then, Buffy noticed, they seemed to be coming closer.  “Is something wrong?” she asked the first one to get close to them.
He shook his head. “No, the trail turned and started in this direction.”  Gradually, they were joined by the other trackers as their trails, in turn, joined the one Spike had been following.
“Looks like they’re all headed in the same direction now,” he said. “Look sharp everybody, and be ready to fire up those torches.”
Moving carefully, but more swiftly, they sped along the now-visible-to-everyone trail until they found themselves stopping at the edge of the trees in front of what seemed to be an abandoned mine entrance. The doorway was still visible, but the large beams bracing the sides had long since started to crumble so the opening looked more like a cave than an artificial construction.
Buffy and Spike turned to George who shrugged. “It’s probably one of ours, but it looks like it’s been out of use since way before my time.”
“Let me just take a look…” Spike started across the clearing toward the entrance, halting when Buffy grabbed at his torn sleeve.  “Relax, love. I’m just going to stick my nose in, take a few sniffs, maybe look around. Won’t go in very far….”
“You’re not going in at all without me,” she said, stamping her foot.
“Give me five minutes. If I’m not back, or you haven’t heard from me, bring on the pitchforks and torches, yeah?”
“I’ll go in with you,” Joe volunteered. “My night sight is better than most. Not as good as yours, probably, but as long as we’re within sight of the entrance, I should be able to see where I’m going.”  He handed off his bow and arrows, and borrowed a pick from one of the group.
With Buffy and George hovering at the entrance, Spike and Joe slipped inside the mine. They moved quietly, stopping often to sniff the air and stare around.  Spike held his hand up, halting the hunter and gesturing ahead.  Although Joe’s vision was much better than that of anyone not from a long line of underground workers, it was already getting too dark for him to see much besides the walls on either side.
He waited while Spike went into game face and gave a silent snarl that was answered from somewhere much too close for comfort. Spike pushed lightly against the other man’s chest, backing up slowly without taking his eyes off the dark area in front of them.  A rustling sound from the darkness was all it took for Joe to understand what was happening and he began to back up much more quickly, keeping his eyes focused on the darkness. As they got closer to the entrance, he could see the large shadow that was gaining speed as it followed them.
It charged just as they were close enough for those outside to see them, and Buffy snatched one of the torches from its holder. “Give me that!” she said, dropping her sword and darting forward. She waved the smoldering torch until it burst into flames and ran into the cave entrance just in time to push it into the face of the charging creature.  With a snarling scream, it halted, allowing Spike, Joe and Buffy to retreat to the relative safety of the clearing.
“More torches! Now!” Buffy ordered, standing in the doorway and holding hers in front of her.  She was quickly joined by several other torchbearers who had all coaxed their flames into life. Spike ran to George, saying, “ I’ve got a plan…”
After whispered conversation, George grinned and nodded. “We can do that,” he said. “Got the stuff right here.” Dropping his pack onto the ground, he began to remove things.
Spike pointed at several of the other men in the group. “You, you, and you, gather up as much dry wood and brush as you can.”
While Buffy and her crew kept the snarling creature at bay, the men who were collecting wood began returning with armfuls of dry tinder and dead wood.  Spike frowned and began muttering to himself.  Nodding his head at no one, he ran back to George. “Are you ready?”
“I’ll need to be inside to set the charges,” George said. 
“Yeah. Need to get the fire materials inside too. Alright, here’s the plan….”
Buffy glanced over her shoulder when he approached. “What’s the what? This isn’t getting us anywhere, it’s just keeping it from getting out.”
“Know that, pet. Got a plan, but we need to force it back about twenty or thirty yards.”
“Can we do that?”
“Shouldn’t be a problem. The torches will provide enough light for you all to see where you’re going, and I’ll be right behind you. I’ll be able to see far enough into the mine to know if it’s trying to escape or if any pieces fall off and try to run past you.”  He quickly ran through the plan with the boys holding the torches, gave instructions to the men holding the firewood, and nodded to George that they were ready.
“Show time, love.”
Buffy said, “Let’s go, guys. Stay together and keep the torches pointed at that thing’s face. We need to back it up as far as we can without getting too far from the way out.” Advancing slowly, they used the flames to make the snarling creature back up. “If anybody’s torch goes out, you get out of here; the rest of us will fill the space.”
Behind them, George was busy about ten yards inside the entrance where there was plenty of light coming in for him to use to see what he was doing. Meanwhile, much farther into the cave, wood was being carefully piled up all the way across the tunnel, creating a wall of highly combustible materials.  Buffy cast a quick look over her shoulder at the activity behind her.  At a signal from George, the men piling up the firewood retreated into the daylight. 
“Time to go,” Spike said, leaping over the barrier of dry wood.  He continued to back up, watching as the torch bearers ran past, dropping their flaming torches at the bottom where the driest tinder had been placed. Buffy remained until the last boy was safely running from the cave before throwing her own torch at the demon and turning to run.  With a whoosh, the pile of wood burst into flames just as she jumped over it, singeing the bottom of her jeans.
“Get out!” she shrieked at Spike who had stopped to wait for her. “I won’t catch fire that easily. You will!”
He didn’t respond except to grab her hand and pull her after him.  As soon as they burst out of the mine entrance, George pressed the plunger on his charges. For a second, it looked like nothing was going to happen, but then there was a roar and a rumble that shook the ground.  When the noise stopped and the dust cleared, the mine entrance was invisible, a large portion of the hillside having slid down to cover it.
“Let’s go,” George said, barely glancing at the landslide he’d created.
“Don’t want to stay and admire your handiwork?” Spike seemed surprised and almost offended that George didn’t want share the destruction appreciation with him.
“I’ve been mining my entire life,” George said. “I know what my work looks like. Right now, I want to get into the archives, find this mine, and make sure it doesn’t have any other exits.  If it does, I’ll need to find them before the beast can.”
“Ah. Good point. Go on, then. The Slayer and I will bring up the rear… just in case.”
As the K’vlecks began the trek back to their village, Spike slid to the ground and leaned forward, his elbows on his knees.
“What’s wrong?” Buffy dropped down beside him, frowning at the pinched look around his mouth.
“Think my little leap over the firewall might have pulled something open.  I just need to rest a bit….”
Before he finished speaking, Buffy was pulling his coat off, gasping at the blood leaking through his shirt.  “Dammit! I told you—”
“Don’t start,” he said, his voice temporarily stronger, then fading again. “Did what I had to do. I’ll be fine.”
“I know you will,” she said, laying him down on his side and lying down next to him. She pulled him over on top of her body, wriggling until they were stretched out together in a familiar fashion.  She nipped at his neck, running her lips from there to his mouth and back to nibble on his throat again.  A rumbling purr followed her actions.
“What are you doing, love?”  He moaned and pressed into her. “An’ don’t think that’s a request to stop, but….”
“What do you think I’m doing? I’m turning you on so you’ll want to bite me.” She brought her legs up around his hips, taking care not to touch any of the wounds on his back.  Rocking into him, she said, “I don’t want to get naked out here in the woods, but we can fake it.”
“There’s nothing fake about what I’m rubbing against you, Slayer,” he growled.  “But I’ve got no problem with being naked. Who’s gonna see us? Squirrels?”
“The K’vlecks might come back to see what’s taking us so long… and I so am not providing that kind of show.  This is a good as it gets. Take it or leave it.”
“Leaving it isn’t an option,” he murmured as he began to kiss her.  “You know me better than that.”
“I do,” she giggled and moved her legs down to hold his thighs in place while she arched up against him.  “I know you.”
“Shameless hussy,” he gasped as he began to rock against her. Buffy clung to him, working herself against him, her breath coming faster and harder and whimpers escaped her throat as the sensation built.  When Spike slid his fangs into the mark on her neck, she muffled her scream in his shoulder as she shook under him.  He sucked on his mark, pulling her rich blood into his mouth and exploding with his own orgasm.
They lay quietly for several seconds, Spike licking the blood still trickling out until he realized how quiet Buffy was.  He raised his head and stared at her, the fear in his eyes undisguised even though his senses told him that her heartbeat was strong and even.
“I’m okay,” she said, reading his fear and reaching up to soothe his wrinkled brow away. 
“I took too much.”
“You took what you needed. It’s okay. I’ll be fine.  And if I’m not….”
“If you’re not, I’m never biting you again.”  She just stared at him, then shook her head.
“Yeah. Right. Maybe if your teeth all fall out…”
“What? I can love you without biting you. We’re thoroughly mated. It’s not like we haven’t done that enough that we need to be renewing it all the bloody time.”
“Okay, fine. You won’t bite me again. I’m not food, and you don’t like it when you drink my blood. Got it.  But you’re feeling good enough to argue now, and I’ll bet your back looks like new.  So get off me and let’s start back before they come looking for us.”
She rolled him off, no longer worried about his wounded back, and got to her feet.  He stood up beside her, his expression thunderous.  “You’re too pale.”
“I live in a world where the sun hardly ever shines, and I work nights. I’m fine. Come on.”  Buffy started off, leaving a growling vampire to follow her as best he could while trying to keep his sticky jeans from chaffing his favorite body part.  When she faltered after a few hundred yards, he was there to catch her before she could sit down.
“Told you so,” he said, good humor restored.  Buffy rolled her eyes, but made no objection when he scooped her up and strode off, his tattered coat flapping in their wake.
“You know, you’re going to have to throw this thing out when we get home. It looks more like a leather loin-cloth than a coat.”  She rested her head against his chest and smiled. “Although the thought of you in a leather loin-cloth is pretty interesting….”
They hadn’t quite reached the village when Joe appeared, walking toward them with a worried look on his face. When he saw that Spike was carrying Buffy he ran to them.  “What happened? Is she hurt?”
“I’m fine, Joe,” Buffy said, indicating to Spike that he should put her down. “Spike needed some first aid and it kinda tired me out.  But I’m good.”
“If you’re sure…” Joe looked dubious. “I can get a litter out here and—”
“We’re okay, mate. Thanks anyway. Slayer just needs some food and drink and then I think we’ll head for home. Should make it by bedtime if we leave early enough.”
Joe nodded and disappeared, jogging in the direction of the village. By the time Spike and Buffy walked into the Community Center, Eilene was waiting for them, as was a full range of human and vampire food.  The healer watched carefully as Buffy immediately drank a whole pitcher of water and then made herself a sandwich of roast beef and cheese.  While Spike gulped down more raw liver and patted his stomach happily, he kept his eyes on Buffy, not relaxing until he could see the color back in her cheeks.  His eyes met Eilene’s and she frowned at him, looking back and forth between Buffy and her vampire.
“She’s very stubborn,” he said with a shrug.  Buffy glared at him, then smiled at Eilene.
“I’m fine,” she assured her. “He’s fine and I’m fine. By tomorrow morning I’ll be… even more fine.”
The healer sighed. “I suppose you know what’s best for you.  This is all new to me, and I don’t suppose I’ll ever need the information again.”
“Let’s hope not,” Buffy said, helping herself to another slab of meat and more water. 
After they’d eaten, rested and been thanked profusely by both George and most of the villagers, they got in the car and waved their good-byes.  Spike blew a kiss to the little girl he’d befriended the first night, assuring her they would come back to visit someday.
“Are you okay to drive, really?”
“I’m fine, pet. Lie down and get some kip while I get us home, yeah?”
“Talked me into it,” Buffy said, already putting her head on his lap. “Let me know when we get there.”
He rested one hand on her head, stroking her hair softly as he drove through the countryside, taking them home. 
He pulled into the driveway and shut off the engine with a sigh of relief.  Buffy raised her head and looked around, blinking against the darkness.
“Where are we?”
“We’re home, love.  Time to get into our own comfy bed and get some real sleep.”
When Buffy started to the rear of the car to unload, he said, “Leave it. We’ll get it tomorrow.”  He didn’t look back at her as he started toward the front door, swaying just a little at the top of the steps.  Buffy was on the porch beside him before he could get his key in the lock, putting his arm over her shoulder and taking the key herself.
“You moron,” she said, opening the door and steering him toward the bedroom. “My blood is awesome, but it can’t work miracles.  Why didn’t you stop to rest if you were so tired?”
“Wanted to do my resting in my own bed,” he growled, sitting down and letting her untie his boots while he skinned out of his tee shirt. He fell backwards, not arguing when she picked his legs up and swung them onto the mattress.  His eyes closed, and he went as still as the corpse he really was before Buffy had even pulled his boots and pants off.  Shaking her head, she pulled the quilt up out from underneath him, covered him with it, and left the bedroom to lock the front door.
She thought briefly about taking a shower, then settled for a quick pee and brushing her teeth before going into the bedroom. She was shedding clothes as she walked, arriving at the bed nude and chilly.  Sliding in between the sheets, she snuggled up to Spike, hoping he could feel her warmth through the bedding between them.  As soon as his arm flopped over her waist, she smiled and let herself drift back into the pleasant sleep that had been interrupted by their arrival home.
At some point during the night, she awoke long enough to feel Spike squirming under the covers and snuggling up behind her, bare skin to bare skin. If she needed any sign of how tired he really was, the fact that he quit moving the instant he was pressed up against her would have done it.  Her own eyes drifted shut again as she pulled his arm more tightly around her body.
Her own panting moans woke her the next morning.  Spike had obviously recovered more quickly than she had. He was visible only as a large lump under the covers, where he was kissing his way down her body while his fingers played magical tunes on the suddenly needy spot between her legs.  Her “Gah!” almost drowned out the popping sound from the kitchen, but Spike’s growl and subsequent appearance from under the blankets told her she hadn’t imagined the sound.
“Buffy? Spike?  Are you awake?  And decent?”
“Yes! And No!” Buffy hastily added, peering around on the floor for her bathrobe.  “Just hold on a minute.”  She spotted the robe and giving Spike a kiss on his disappointed face, she jumped out of bed and wrapped the robe around her.  “Are you coming?” she asked, looking over her shoulder as she reached for the door.
“Apparently not,” he said with a pout. He pulled his pants on and zipped them, frowning at Buffy when she just stared at him.  “What?”
“Put a shirt on,” she said, throwing it to him. “Dawn doesn’t need to know that much about you.”
Rolling his eyes he yanked the shirt over his head and followed her to the kitchen where Dawn was waiting impatiently.
“It’s about time,” she said. “Were you going to stay in bed all day?”
“Thought had crossed my mind,” Spike said, glaring at her. She ignored his glare and stepped out of her portal to hug Buffy.
“I’m sorry,” she said to her sister. “But there’s some stuff going down in Sunnydale and Buffy said to let you know that if it comes down to it, they may need you there.”
“Of course!  But what can we do? Won’t we be stuck in the portal?”
“Yeah. I think they want you mostly as backup if they need to convince… somebody… that they’re telling the truth.”
“Do we have to leave now?” Buffy asked with resignation in her voice.  “We just got back from—”
“No, no. Not now. Buffy’s trying to handle it herself, but she just wanted to give you a heads up so you check for messages from them every day. I guess she thinks if she does need you, it might be an emergency of some kind.”
“What kind of emergency?”
Dawn shrugged. “I guess if the Intia—  You know what? Nothing. It’s probably going to be nothing. Just hang close to home for a while, okay? Just in case.”
“That’s it? My morning was interrupted just so you could tell us to stay home?” Spike’s glare had turned lethal, but Dawn stared back at him unperturbed. He wondered briefly what other talents she might have that made her so impervious to his implied threats, deciding to settle for glaring at her.
“It’s 3:00 in the afternoon. And you two can go back to whatever you were doing as soon as I leave.  Which is about now…” She stepped back into the portal, waved and disappeared with another ear shattering “pop”.
“Bloody nuisance, you sister is,” Spike growled.  “And the other you too, for that matter. Do they think we have nothing better to do than sit around waiting for a call for help from them?”
“They came when weneeded them,” Buffy reminded him, slipping her arms around him from behind and holding him tightly.  “If they hadn’t, we probably wouldn’t be here now – either one of us.”
He relaxed and nodded. “I know that, love. I’m just being a wanker about being interrupted.”  He turned around in her embrace and lowered his head to kiss her. “Now where were we?”
Buffy giggled and moved away.  “I think you were about… here,” she said, dropping her bathrobe to the floor and pointing to where his attention was already focused. She spun around to run to the bedroom, Spike only a half-step behind her.  He tackled her to the bed and held her down with his body while he mock-growled and sucked on her neck.  “Cheeky bint.”
“Cheeky bint who loves you,” she breathed, wriggling beneath him.
“It’s the only reason I put up with you,” he said, his words belied by his warm gaze as he allowed her to turn over to face him. 
“Liar.”  She smiled back at him. “You are such a liar.”
“ Well, this delectable body might have somethin’ to do with it….” He pushed himself up on his arms and gazed down at her.  “Might have a whole lot to do with it now that I think about it….”
“Prove it,” she challenged.
“Oh, you’re on, Slayer.  Hang on to your hat.”
“Rather hang on to you,” she said as he skimmed out of his clothes and pressed himself against her.
“That works too.”
They never heard the tiny pop that was the note from Sunnydale’s Buffy appearing on the kitchen table.
The End