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Drowning In You by BloodEnvy
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“Go away Spike,” Buffy repeated for what felt like hundredth time that night as she walked idly through one of Sunnydale’s largest cemeteries, searching the grounds for freshly disturbed graves. The vampire had followed her through three cemeteries, and sure, had helped her slay four vampires, but he was so annoying. He hadn’t stopped dogging her since they’d left the Magic Box and he seemed to be taking some sort of sick satisfaction from the fact that it was annoying her.

Stupid, irritating vampire.

“C’mon Slayer,” Spike hurried to catch up, having been left behind to finish off the last vamp. “Watcher’s orders.”

Buffy rolled her eyes. She seemed to do that a lot while the bleached vampire was around. “Since when do you care what Giles wants?”

Spike shrugged, forcing himself to stay nonchalant. “Since him and Red threatened to have my chest meet with a very pointy stick.” He was very much aware that that was a lame excuse. If Giles had threatened him a few weeks ago, Spike would have simply flipped him off, told him where to stick it and headed off for a poker game or a brawl at Willie’s. Now, he had simply flipped him off and followed the Slayer out the door like the hopelessly devoted little bitch he was.

“Oh, c’mon, we’ve been threatening to stake you for years.” Buffy pointed out, twirling a stake idly in her hand. She spared him a half-second glance before returning her attention to a crypt nearby. It had been occupied last week by three vamps, and it was possible that the lease had been renewed by a new group after the last ones were staked.

“So you’re admitting you don’t want to stake me, pet?” Spike stepped past her, moving towards the crypt as if she had verbalized her intentions. Listening for squatters, he smirked at her.

“More like can’t.”

The vampire cocked an eyebrow. There were at least three vamps inside the crypt and they could hear the two blondes arguing, but Spike decided that this particular conversation was much more interesting than a fight. And that was saying something. Buffy couldn’t kill him?

Buffy sighed, shrugging. “It would be like killing a puppy.”

“Think I’m cute, Slayer?”

The Slayer snorted a laugh. “Harmless.”

“Oi!” Spike glared at the girl, pulling a stake from his pocket and ramming into the chest of the first vampire to come running through the doorway, believing he could catch them by surprise. The vamp gave him a shocked look before crumbling to dust.

Buffy gave him an innocent, wide-eyed stare before ducking a punch and shoving her own stake into the next vampire’s chest. “What?”

The two warriors fell back, allowing the two remaining vampires to run at them. It would have been easier to keep them trapped in the crypt, but they seemed to have wordlessly agreed to take their frustrations out on them.

Violent foreplay, Spike smirked as he threw a punch at his attacker, catching him in the jaw. His booted foot connected with the vampire’s stomach and he spun around to come up behind him, kicking him in the back. “’Not bloody harmless.”

Buffy smiled sweetly, dealing her own blows to her vamp, including a painfully accurate combination and a series of rabbit punches to his stomach, knocking the unneeded wind out of him. “Weak? Powerless? Toothless?”

Spike growled, stepping heavily on his opponent’s knee, snapping it.

Buffy grinned, enjoying herself now. She always loved giving Spike a hard time, especially during a fight. He always looked so calm and confident, cocky even. He was always so sure of himself, it was kind of hot.

What?! Where the hell did that come from? Buffy faltered slightly in her attack, letting the vampire clip her on the chin. Spike is not hot! No, Spike is annoying and… painful! Not hot.

She spared the blonde vamp a glance, catching herself admiring the way he held himself in a fight. Angel and Riley always had such uniform, straight-and-narrow ways of holding themselves in a fight, but Spike’s stance was loose and his movements were fluid in a way theirs weren’t. But at the same time, his face would become sterner, his concentration fixed on the kill. His jaw tightened visibly, and his expression more focused. It was kind of like fighting was more natural for him, like he enjoyed it, but at the same time, understood what it meant to lose, and what would happen if he did.

It was kind of like how she felt.

Buffy shook herself, dealing her attacker a roundhouse kick. There was nothing good about Spike. Nothing. She was just feeling off because of her secret admirer person. Spike was… Spike. So not hot.

“Flaccid?” Buffy’s vamp gave her an odd look, turning to stare at Spike, and she staked it. “Impotent?”

Spike snarled as his vampire dusted, and he glared at her. The fight had brought them little more than a foot apart, and he grabbed her arms. His next words came out low, his voice husky as a growl rolled through them. “Want me to show you how ‘impotent’ I am?”

Buffy rolled her eyes, pushing at his chest lightly, exasperated. “Oh, please. You know you can’t bite me.”

Spike’s grip didn’t loosen, and Buffy met his eyes. Wow, were they always that blue? His eyes were burning with rage and something she couldn’t place, boring into her own. A muscle in his jaw ticked, and the double meaning to his words hit her.
Pushing him away from her forcibly, she fixed him with a disgusted glare. “You’re a pig, Spike.”

The vampire smirked bitterly, pulling cigarette and lighter out of his duster. Giving her a forced shrug, he lit up, feigning indifference. He could smell the lingering scent of her arousal from the fight, and it hadn’t died down yet. She was turned on. He knew it. “And yet it’ll be the thing you think about later, won’t it?”

Buffy swung, her fist connecting with Spike’s nose.

“You’re disgusting, Spike.” She turned away from him. “And you are most definitely wrong.”
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