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Drowning In You by BloodEnvy
Long Night
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Stupid, irritating, smart-ass vampire!

Buffy set her jaw as Riley rolled off of her, murmuring loving words as he wrapped his arms around her. She’d finished patrol around one and instead of heading home or to the dorm, she had made her way over to Riley’s new apartment, found him awake and almost thrown him onto the bed.

She’d finished patrol feeling wound up and uncomfortable, highly aroused. She knew that Faith’s old credence ‘Slaying makes you hungry and horny’ had always held some merit, but she hardly ever felt the latter strongly. Usually, she’d sit down with ice cream, low-fat yoghurt or leftovers from the fridge and it would wear off pretty quickly. This time though, she’d made a detour past Ben and Jerry’s  and treated herself to a large cookie-dough sundae with chocolate fudge, and she still had had that ache by the time she’d decided whether to go home or go to Riley’s. So she’d chosen the latter.

And Riley had been more than happy to oblige. It had been over a week since they had last slept together… ever since she’d gotten that rose. Realizing that now, she felt guilty over the fact that she had been so distant from him. Note to Self: Be Better Girlfriend. Way better. They’d spoken for little more than ten minutes before he’d led her to the bed and made love to her so sweetly that it was reminiscent of their first sexual encounters.

But it hadn’t been enough.

Buffy wriggled her way deeper into Riley’s embrace, letting him kiss her softly as she turned so he was spooned against her back. She frowned openly now that he couldn’t see her face in the dark, rubbing her thighs together slightly. She had come, but she didn’t feel comfortable.

She loved Riley, and he always managed to get her off, sometimes twice in one night, but tonight he had come before her. She had been close almost as soon as they’d started, but it was like she was standing at the edge of that cliff, with nothing to push her over the edge. As he came inside her, Buffy’s mind had flashed with all those things it would before she came, every little image of her boyfriend that would push her off that cliff and into the freefall. But this time, just as she hit crescendo, her mind’s eye had flashed with not images of Riley, but of Spike.

His tight jaw and dark, angry, determined blue eyes, the smell of his leather jacket and cigarette smoke. His innuendo… I’ll show you how impotent I am.

She’d come while thinking about Spike.

What the hell was wrong with her?! It had to be his fault. He’d told her she’d think about it later, so surely, logically, by him saying that, he’d made her think about it, even though she didn’t want to, because it was Spike. He of the peroxide and stupid punk-rock attitude. He wasn’t even sexy. He was… Spike.

And… yuck!

Buffy shifted uncomfortably, leaning her head against Riley’s chest and closed her eyes, forcing herself into restless sleep.

*                              *                              *                              *                              *                              *                              *

The door creaked open as the credits for Frankenstein rolled on, its black and white image flickering and its off key music filling the crypt, and the first hint of dawn hitting the concrete floors as a Harmony-shaped figure sashayed into the room, arms laden with boutique bags. Dumping her spoils on the sarcophagus, she turned and bent to plant a kiss on Spike’s cheek.

“Hey, Spikey. Miss me?” Running her tongue over his ear, she bit down playfully on the lobe as she twisted her hips to sit in his lap.

“Like a bloody hole in the head.” He muttered, jaw clenching and unclenching. God, she was the last person he wanted to see. His eyes remained focused intently on the television screen as he ignored the fingernail tracing circles over his chest.

“Oh, sweet,” Harmony crooned, her other arm snaking loosely around his neck.

“Stupid bint,” Spike groaned under his breath. Pushing himself up out of his chair, he ignored the female vampire as she scrambled to stand again in her heels. He strode to the fridge in the corner, jerking it open with slightly more force than necessary and reaching for a jar of blood.

“You know Spikey, I went to Victoria’s Secret tonight, and I got all the stuff I wanted for free.” Harmony flounced forward to sit on the arm of the chair, leaning forward in what she seemed to believe was a seductive manner.

Spike sighed. If she calls me ‘Spikey’ one more time…

Voice dripping sarcasm, he rolled his eyes. “Really, pet?”

“Yeah! I mean, all I had to do was kill the shop girl and I had my pick of everything!” She explained brightly, stripping off her knee-length jacket to reveal an equally painful bright pink dress clinging to her body. “You know, boo-boo, I was meaning to try them on again… I could model some for you, if you want?”

“Not right now, Harm, I’ll be down later.” Spike kept his back to her, facing the fridge, bringing the jar to his mouth.

Harmony slumped slightly. “Alright then baby, I’ll be waiting for you.”  Grabbing the bag from the pile, she hip-switched to the ladder. Pausing at the top of the ladder, only her shoulders visible, she glanced thoughtfully at Spike’s back. “You know, for someone who watches Passions, you’re not exactly a romantic. All you care about is that Slayer.”


Spike watched her descend down the ladder thoughtfully waiting for a few short seconds before reopening the fridge and pulling out a large bottle of Jack Daniels. With a shrug he grabbed an empty glass; half filled it with pig’s blood and topped it up with the alcohol. Taking both cocktail and Jack with him, he settled himself comfortably down in the armchair again, and took a large mouthful.

It was going to be a long day.
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