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A Very Strange Vampire by slaymesoftly
Buffy’s bladder woke her before mid-afternoon. She remained where she was, enjoying the way Spike was wrapped around her even in his sleep, but eventually she had to get up. Moving carefully so as not to wake him, she moved his arm off her waist and tried to slide out of bed. His hand on her leg stopped her.
“Where’re you going?” he said, without opening his eyes.
“To the bathroom. I’m human, remember? And I drank a lot last night... er... this morning... whenever it was.  Anyway, I need to pee, so let me go.”
“Okay,” he sighed, loosening his grip. “Come back, yeah?”
“Yeah,” she promised, kissing his cheek.  “Why don’t you get more comfortable and get under the covers? It’s kind of chilly in here with AC going full blast.”

She could see when her meaning finally sank into his sleepy brain and the smile burst onto his face. “I’ll be right back,” she whispered before getting up and leaving the room.
When Buffy came out of the bathroom, bladder emptied and teeth brushed, she could see that Spike had followed her suggestion. His jeans and tee shirt were on the floor beside the bed and he was lying, eyes closed, with a sheet barely covering his hips.
“Exhibitionist,” she said as she approached the bed.
“You didn’t say how far under the covers I should get,” he protested, opening his eyes and grinning at her.  “Don’t think I heard much past the ‘get comfortable’ part.”
“Figures.” She sat on the edge of the bed, staring at his body.  She reached out a tentative hand and touched his chest, running her hand over the chiseled muscles there and noting with interest the way his nipples perked up. “Huh. Who knew?” she said to herself, leaning forward and kissing one of them. Spike’s gasp reminded her that she was touching the body of a man who had been more than patient with her.  From the corner of her eye she could see the tent growing under the sheet, but Spike made no move to touch her.
Emboldened by his stillness, she tugged on the sheet, blushing as she pulled it down until she could see what was holding it up. She glanced up at his face once, then back at his cock, turning her head this way and that as she looked at it.  There was a pained groan from Spike.
“You’re killin’ me here, Buffy. Want you to be comfortable about what you’re doing, but...” He reached for one arm and yanked her up to lie on top of him. She couldn’t suppress her own whimper when she felt his body flexing under her. Unbidden, her legs fell apart, letting his cock slide between her thighs.  Spike’s hands tugged on her tee shirt until she pushed herself up enough that he could skim it over her head. It joined his clothes on the floor as he fastened his mouth around one rosy nipple.  His left hand kept her hips pressed against his as his right hand ran up and down her side. Buffy arched her back pushing against his mouth and making appreciative murmurs.
When he took his mouth off with a small plopping sound, and pulled her in for a kiss, she gasped as she felt their torsos plastered skin-to-skin.  She made encouraging noises in her throat as Spike began to push her sweat pants down her legs, wriggling and squirming to get them off without actually breaking contact with his mouth or body.
He rolled them over, smothering her complaints with kisses as her freed-up legs kicked her pants the rest of the way off.  Kissing his way down her body, Spike tried to hit every possible erogenous zone with his lips and tongue, pausing when he got to her neatly trimmed curls to inhale her scent before sending out his tongue to touch her clit lightly.  Buffy’s muffled shriek and the sudden upward thrust of her hips made him smile. Her arms were over her head, seeking something to hold on to as his intention became clear.
“Hang on, love,” he said, using his fingers to spread the moisture around. As he finished speaking, he began to tease her with small thrusts of his tongue, then long licks that sent her hips jerking again. He held her down with one hand on her lower abdomen as he began to show her everything she’d missed from her first two experiences.  It took only seconds for him to have her holding the pillow over her face as she tried to muffle the sounds she was making. Only moments later, she shuddered around him, her powerful thighs holding his head so tightly he couldn’t have moved it if he’d wanted to.
Spike gave her time to recover, then worked his way back up her body to her mouth. Buffy tried to flinch away from her first taste of herself on his lips, but he persisted and she soon was kissing him back with enthusiasm, surprised to find that she was still craving contact with his body.  The head-to-toe skin on skin sensations were almost overwhelming and she writhed beneath him trying to touch as many parts together as she could. When he nudged her knees apart, she complied instantly, sighing when she felt him pushing against her.
“Can’t wait any longer, love,” he said, as he nudged his way in, a little at a time. “Need to feel you around me...” Buffy’s legs came up around his back, her heels digging into his buttocks as she pulled him in. She brought her arms down from where they’d been clinging to the pillows and wrapped them around him. With no worries that she might injure him, she began to move with an abandon that she’d been too shy to use with Angel, and too afraid to indulge with Parker.
As she’d known he would, Spike was her match in every way, thrusting against her and growling his pleasure as they worked their way to a mutually satisfying and loud conclusion. 
When Spike moved to roll off, Buffy held him in place, saying, “No. Stay. I... I like this.”
Happy to comply, he relaxed and wriggled against her. “Fine by me, love. I could stay here forever.”  They lay quietly for several minutes, Spike planting light kisses everywhere he could reach, and Buffy nibbling on the skin of his throat. She smiled at the reaction, squeezing him when she felt his cock twitching.
“About that second go, Slayer...” He began to move his hips slowly, making sure to hit all the spots he wanted to hit. Buffy’s gasps and whimpers told him he was finding the right spots and he let her guide him as to when he needed to pick up the pace, happy to find that she was as willing as he was to just take her time and enjoy the way their bodies responded to each other. 
When she flexed her body and flipped them over, he couldn’t control the grin on his face.  “Want to drive for a while, do you, Slayer?” He pushed his hips up. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”
“Let’s see whatyou’ve got, vampire,” she retorted, planting her hands on his chest as she moved her hips. The ring on its chain bounced between her breasts as she began to move up and own. Spike’s hands were wrapped around her hips, holding her in place while he pushed up into her; his eyes went back and forth from her face to the Gem dangling in front of him.  When she slowed her motions and began to frown at him, he sighed and shook his head.
“Not planning to take it, love.  Wouldn’t do that to you. Would never take advantage of this that way.” As he got to “this” he pushed up into her and rotated his hips until her expression went back to one of sheer lust.
Putting her slayer flexibility to use, Buffy leaned back, her body arching from where it joined his to where she was bending so far her hair almost brushed against his legs.  Spike let go with one hand and sent it running up her body, caressing and stroking her silky skin and touching her with something approaching reverence. He crooned to her, telling her how wonderful she felt and how much he admired and loved her.
Unable to respond the way she knew he wanted her to, Buffy could only make inarticulate whimpering sounds that got louder and more frantic as he put his thumb on her clit and began to rub in small circles that got faster and faster as her mews and yelps increased. She squeezed his cock until he shouted her name and pumped into her until he was empty, then collapsed upon his chest, gasping as she tried to recover from what she was sure was going to be the best orgasm of her life.
Wrapped in Spike’s arms, his hands stroking her back and his soft baritone rumbling in her ear, she went limp, her still legs on either side of his slim hips and his cock still twitching inside her.  He finally stopped talking, just holding her and nuzzling her hair. When she didn’t move, except to sigh, he asked, “Are you alright, love?”
She raised her head far enough to drop a kiss on his chest, following it up with a deep inhale and another kiss in a futile attempt to hide that she liked his scent as much as he did hers. She felt his chest shake as he chuckled.
“Learning my scent, are you, Slayer? Good predator behavior there.”
“I’m not a predator! I’m a... a... defender!” Indignation took over from embarrassment and she raised herself up far enough to glare at him. He just smiled and pushed her hair off her face.
“Whatever you say, love. I’m not going to fight with you tonight.”
“Good thing,” she said, dropping her head back on his chest and resting her cheek there.  She could feel the ring pressing into her ribs as it was squeezed between their bodies.
“Why’s that?”
“Cause I don’t want to move yet, and if we start fighting or arguing, I’ll have to.”
“Not on my account you wouldn’t. Can stay here for the rest of your life, if you want to. Won’t hear me objecting...”
She wriggled against him, feeling his cock begin to swell again inside her. “Won’t we get hungry?”
“Not for a few hours,” he said, sitting up and pulling her legs around his back. Buffy put her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. “’K then,” she murmured against his mouth, “I’ll just stay here till I get hungry.”
Without moving their lower bodies, they began a contest in which Spike’s cock twitched and moved around, causing Buffy to squirm and squeeze it as hard as she could.
“I can keep this up longer than you can,” he whispered in her ear.
“No you can’t,” she said, settling into a rhythmic pattern of squeezing and releasing that soon had him groaning.  He fastened his mouth on her neck and began to suck on the skin where he’d bitten her. “Oh, no fair!” she whimpered, tilting her head to the side. “That feels too good.”
“Kinda the point, love.” He laughed, then began a soft rumble that soon had her whole body vibrating. 
“Oh God!  That’s... Oh God... I want... Spike!  Oh!” She shuddered against him, her face buried in his neck as he held her tightly and shouted her name.  He fell backwards onto the pillows and sighed, holding her loosely. Buffy remained lying on him for some time before rolling off to the side. She kept one leg draped over his and one arm across his chest as she rested her head on his shoulder. Spike dropped a kiss on the top of her head, saying,  “I don’t know about you, love, but I think we’ve just set some kind of record. Best consecutive shags in a row ever.”
“This is some kind of diabolical plan to make me not want to leave here, isn’t it?”
“You found me out, pet. It’s all part of being evil. Keep the Slayer away from the Hellmouth by shagging her silly several times a day.”
Buffy stretched, then cuddled into his side and shivered. “I think it might work,” she said, yawning. “I don’t think I could fight off a baby vampire just now.”
Spike sat up, sliding her gently off his body so he could pull the sheet and blanket up over them. Buffy sighed her thanks and held out her arms for him to come closer. He rolled on top of her, smiling as her arms and legs went around him.  “More already? Aren’t you the greedy little wench.”
She blushed and let her legs fall down to wrap around his legs rather than his back.
“No... I didn’t... I wasn’t... “
“Wasn’t complainin’, Buffy. You can wrap those luscious legs around me any time you want. Think you know that, don’t you?”
“I just wanted to... I wanted to... to be close to you. That’s all.” She looked at the drape-covered windows, refusing to meet his eyes, but he touched her chin and made her look at him.
“Can do that any time you like, too.” He gazed at her, waiting until the nervous look left her face before saying. “I love you, Buffy. I know you don’t love me. Wouldn’t expect you to, truth be told. I’m a monster. One of the things you slay every day. I can’t forget that... and neither should you. Every minute of closeness you let me have is a gift. And if I ever forget to treat it as such, feel free to stake me on the spot.”
She gave a little huff of laughter. “Maybe I should give the ring back – just in case we have a bad fight and you make me really mad. It’s hard to apologize to dust and....” She made herself meet his incredulous gaze. “.... and I would miss you if you weren’t here.”  She bit her lip and her eyes lost focus as she remembered losing another vampire.  “I don’t think I could live with that again, Spike. If I had to kill someone I...” Buffy stopped and closed her eyes. “I can’t do that to myself again.”
Spike was quiet, resting his forehead on hers as he looked down at her shuttered eyes.  He kissed her closed eyelids and rolled off to the side, keeping one arm across her body and his mouth close to her ear.
“Think we’ve wandered away from you getting brassed off at me, haven’t we?  Thought I’d just have to convince you and your watcher that this is not just a ploy on my part to get the Gem back, but that’s not what you’re worried about, is it? You’re worried that I’ll start killin’ and you’ll have to stake me.”
“I can’t love you,” she whispered, “I can’t let myself forget what you—“
“I’m not him, Buffy.  I never have been and I never will be. If I thought for one minute, that there was a chance I’d do something like that to you—“ He shook his head. “I’d get out of this bed and walk out into the sun right now if I didn’t think I could do right by you...”
Buffy raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Are you being a drama queen again?”
He laughed. “Maybe. Little bit. I mean it though. I’d leave Sunnydale before I’d put you in a position of having to do something that might hurt you.” To lighten the mood, he smirked and said, “”Course I’d take my Gem with me if I did....”
“In your dreams, vampire.” She tried to glare at him, but her lips were twitching. “I might let you borrow it once in while, but it’s not leaving Sunnydale.” She yawned and snuggled into his side. “I think I need a nap. You promised to show me a good time tonight and I don’t want to have bags under my eyes.”
“I thought I was showing you a good time,” he pouted, closing his own eyes.
“A good time that I can dress up for,” she murmured. Her breathing evened out and she fell asleep almost before she finished speaking.
“I can do that too,” he said before joining her in some well-earned rest. “I can do that too, love.”