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Drowning In You by BloodEnvy
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“C’mon Slayer, you can do better than that.” Spike taunted jovially, rocking on his heels as he threw a wide left swing, pulling back at the last moment. She dodged anyway, as she would in a real fight, giggling. She quickly swung a responding right hook, which he ducked, and she took the opportunity to send her knee into his side, just above his hip. It connected, but with barely enough force to jostle him.

“Is that better?” She retorted with a smirk, throwing another punch towards his stomach, which he blocked with both hands. She danced back, just before he was able to catch hold of her wrists. “You’re slowing down, Spikey.” She teased as her foot connected with his calf.

“Oh, really?” He double-feinted, once to the left and then to the right, managing to get close enough to return the kick she’d given him, this one landing on her thigh. He gave her one of his patented, wicked grins as it did.

“Definitely,” Buffy laughed, her breathe come out in a slight pant. She hadn’t had a work out or a fight like this in weeks, months even. Mostly it was a few too easy fledglings fresh from the grave or the over-used punching bag. Sure, she’d faced Glory a couple of times, but she did too much pummeling herself to give Buffy a chance. “Must be your advanced years catching up to you, old man.”

Spike took a moment to hold a hand over his heart mockingly, a hurt, open mouthed expression on his face. “Slayer you wound me,” he joked as he threw another punch, one that would have connected with her cheek if they were playing for keeps… and if there wasn’t a certain chip preventing him from hurting her. She giggled again, and they traded a few more mock blows.

She threw a fist at his left shoulder, followed by a series of quick jabs at his stomach again. He blocked most, and returned the assault with a knee to the hip. They discovered pretty quickly that if he kept his hits light, and had no intent to hurt, the chip wouldn’t fire.

She staggered slightly to the side as he hit her, but recovered quickly enough to spin behind him and kick the small of his back. She laughed as it sent him staggering forward comically, but he used the momentum to roll into a somersault, jumping up and returning with a spin kick that hit the top of her arm.

She pouted, though playfully, and Spike gave her a smirk. “You’re not backing out now, are you Slayer?”

Buffy grinned as they began to circle each other, and she kicked out at his thigh. He slipped out of the way, his tongue curling behind his teeth as she replied, “Never.”

Their speed doubled without spoken recognition from either of them, and their movements became a little more flurried, while still remaining teasing. They both pulled their punches, but Spike more than Buffy. She occasionally let them hit the mark, not hard enough to hurt the vampire, but enough to help take the edge off.

“C’mon, Spike, kick my ass already.” She mocked.

“If you insist, pet,” he said with a shrug. He charged her, ramming into her with enough force to knock her off her feet. She barely had time to react, but his hand caught her wrist seconds before her face hit the mat. With an easy moment, he pulled her up and towards him, turning her body so her back was against his chest, his arm trapping both of hers against her own chest.

A memory flashed unbidden in her mind, and she smiled in spite of herself.

‘You think we’re dancing?’
‘That’s all we’ve ever done.’

Spike didn’t vamp out, but he positioned her so his mouth was over her neck, and a growl rumbled in his chest, reverberating through her. She felt a shiver dance along her spine at the sound, and her eyes closed briefly. She felt the slightest pressure on her neck, the movement of soft lips and the graze of blunt teeth before she head butted him, startling him enough to pull herself out of his grasp.

She was panting almost heavily, and she willed herself to return to a normal breathing pattern as she turned to face the vampire, defensive position in place. “Sorry, Big Bad, but you’re gonna have to try harder than that.”

Truth was, her body was reacting in all the wrong ways to the way he’d been holding her, to the feeling of his teeth against her throat.

“You’re asking for it, Summers.” He chuckled, and she backed up a few paces as he advanced on her, her back hitting the pummel horse. With a grin, she braced her hands on it and kicked out with both feet, landing them against his chest and sending the startled vamp flying backwards.

He didn’t exactly end up on the other end of the room, but he landed at least a few feet away, and the Slayer laughed at his startled expression.

Mincing towards him, she tucked her hands behind her back. “What exactly am I asking for?”


Spike kicked out, swiping her legs out from underneath her and sending her tumbling to the ground, still laughing. She let out a shocked squeak, and both them immediately began to fight to be the first one standing. She managed to do it first, but he grabbed her ankle, and they ended up on the floor again, his body over hers.

They both froze, their faces inches from each others. And then Spike’s hand came up to brush an errant strand of blonde hair away from her face, his fingers pausing as they tucked it behind her ear. Her breath hitched as he looked down at her, his eyes bright.

Spike felt her breathe tickle against his mouth and he shuddered. And then, with the greatest of hesitation, he closed the distance between them.
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