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Drowning In You by BloodEnvy
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Buffy sat back down on her vacated stool, her brow furrowed in puzzlement as she reached for her purse. She hadn’t noticed Spike leaving, and she didn’t really know whether or not she had actually expected a goodbye. She cast he gaze over the rest of the bustling night club and up to the balcony above her, but she caught no glimpse of the peroxide blonde vamp.

She didn’t really know what was weirder- the fact that Spike hadn’t said goodbye to her before taking off, or that she actually cared that he was gone at all in the first place. She, the Slayer, someone who was inclined to… was destined to hate the vampire, to kill him, actually cared that he wasn’t around.

I guess… we really are friends, she thought to herself as her hand closed around her cell phone. She pulled it out and flipped it open, switching it on. When… and how… in the hell did that happen? She asked herself with a small, self-taunting smirk.

Her eyes flickered to the dance floor, and she smiled lightly as she watched her friends’ crazy antics- the smitten, love-struck expressions on Willow and Tara’s faces as they danced hand in hand, Anya’s out-there, flirty dance moves, and Xander’s wild swinging arms and goofy grin.

The cell in her hand buzzed as it finished turning on, notifying her of two missed text messages. Both of them were from Riley. The first read: I finished the papers. Did you want to come over after patrol? and the second: Are you finished yet? I am lonely. The second one he had finished with a wink-y face.

She sighed, thinking of her ankle. Then she shrugged to herself- it’s not like Riley would force himself on he when she got there. Besides, despite what she had told Spike, she probably needed ice, and it was less of a trip to Riley’s than it was home. She was a little too proud to ask for ice here.

Sorry, was Bronzing with gang. She messaged back.

She got a reply almost instantly. You should come over.

Buffy frowned a little. He could have invited himself along, or asked if she wanted him to come and party with her friends. Instead, he wanted to drop everything she was doing, and go over there. Still, she wanted that ice, and she should probably clock some boyfriend hours anyway, especially since their last argument.

Be there soon.

Picking up her bag and jacket and standing, slipping the strap of her purse over her shoulder, she waved towards the dance floor, catching Xander’s attention. She jerked her thumb towards the exit, and he frowned, breaking away from the group and heading towards her.
“What’s the matter, Buff?” he asked. “Not feeling the party spirit?”

Buffy gave him a smile. “Ankle to hurt-y to make with the dance-y.” she said. “Besides, Riley texted. I’m going to head to his.”

Xander’s confused expression turned understanding, even if she didn’t like the apparent innuendo he’d created from her answer. “Okay, I’ll let the others know you’re gone.” He grinned. “I’ll see you later.” He wrapped his arms around her briefly before releasing her and heading back to his best friend and their girlfriends.

Buffy watched them for a moment, startled out of her staring by another text. I thought you were patrolling tonight. Why were you with the gang?

Was. Did. Wills wanted to meet up after. She replied, heading for the door.

Another text buzzed as she stepped into the cool night air. Oh. That’s okay then. See you soon?

“You leaving already, pet?”

Buffy spun instinctively, but she knew that voice well enough not to go on the defensive- even if he had startled her. Instead, she was able to greet him with an easy, though slightly confused smile. “You know you really shouldn’t startle a Slayer. You might end up with something rather pointy lodged in your chest.”

Spike touched a hand to his chest, mock-offended. “And here I thought we were getting along so well.” He was leaning against the wall of the club, one boot planted against it. He had a half gone cigarette dangling from his fingertips, and the smoke curled upwards around his face, giving him an almost ethereal appearance.

“I thought you’d left.”

“Needed the nicotine fix, pet.” He said, holding up the cigarette and putting it to his lips, taking a long drag. The end glowed in the dim lighting. “’Figured I wouldn’t be missed. At least not by most of you,” he added with a wry smile. He dropped his hand. “You’re leaving early.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah,” Buffy shrugged, adjusting the strap of her bag on her shoulder. “Riley wants me to go over to his place.”

“Oh,” Spike’s eye brows rose, dropping his cigarette butt to the ground and tucking his hands into his pockets. “Done with the grading then, is he?”

“Yeah, I think he finished a while ago, but I only got his text just now.” She slipped on her jacket, shivering in the cold. “I had it switched off during patrol.”

“Right then, don’t want to keep the soldier boy waiting.” Spike said flippantly, crushing the embers of the cigarette under his heavy boot, “’He picking you up?”

Buffy shook her head.

“Wanker,” Spike muttered under his breath. He pushed himself off the wall with a sigh. “Well, I’d offer to walk you, pet. But my crypt’s in the other direction.” Besides, Spike thought grimly, don’t think the boy would appreciate my tagging along.

She nodded, turning to leave. Buffy hesitated though, turning to face him again, “Spike? When did… when did we become friends?”

Spike grinned cheekily. “Probably around the same time you pulled the stake out of your arse, love.”

Buffy smirked, rolling her eyes. “Hey, if you’re not careful, you might still end up with that stake lodged in your chest.” She shot back.

“Kinky.” Spike teased. Truth was, Spike was glowing with the fact that she admitted to their new friendship, “Honestly? I don’t know, pet.” He told her, “But it not a bad thing is it?”

“No.” She told him, walking away. “No, it’s definitely of the good.”
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