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Hidden Agendas by angelic_amy
Unprecedented Phenomena.
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Chapter 33: Unprecedented Phenomena.

Spike aimed the nozzle of the fire extinguisher at the back door, dousing the flames as quickly as possible. Despite his best efforts the fire was moving quicker than he could put it out, and he had resorted to stomping out the flames that licked across the floor whilst he tried to save the areas which were suffering structural damage.

He could hear the sounds of fighting coming from the front lawn, but he knew that he had to put this fire out or else the house was in danger of going completely up in flames and collapsing on those inside.

Not going to let that happen…

By the sounds of things, the vampires that had been in the back yard had joined those in the front, which meant he had to get this fire under control so he could help.

“Come on!” He muttered as he sprayed the extinguisher in a new direction.


“Vampire’s can’t have children. They’re dead inside. That’s NOT possible.” Buffy shouted, her mind reeling from what Darla has just told her.

It’s not possible…

“You’re making this up.” Buffy continued.

“I assure you I am not.” Darla said with a shake of her head, letting her shirt drop.

“No…. NO!” Buffy shouted. “You’re lying.

Buffy struck out with a fist, clocking Darla on the chin.

Darla’s laughter sang out, the sound of it grating of Buffy’s nerves. All she had done was laugh. At her, at her friends, at Spike. She was sick of the laughing. If she had to she would beat the vampire’s face in until it was impossible for her to laugh any further. Buffy was a little surprised at the violence of her thoughts, but she didn’t allow herself much time to think about it. As a rule Buffy tried to steer clear of unnecessary violence. She would fight her opponent, and kill them as quickly as possible. But if extreme violence was what it would take, to keep the people that she loved safe from the sadistic vampire before her, then so be it.

“Have you asked yourself why I will be draining your sister of her blood yet?” A perfectly manicured brow arched in question.

Buffy said nothing as she approached the vampire. She did want to know what was going on, but she wasn’t going to give Darla the satisfaction of knowing that.

“It’s quite simple really.” The vampire continued. “One mystical life blood for the other. Your sister isn’t human, the properties of her blood are strong enough to bring down dimensional walls.”

Buffy blinked in shock again, stopping her circling abruptly. She narrowed her gaze. “How do you know all this?”

“I have my sources.” Darla purred. “Anyway… her blood is the only thing that will be strong enough to expel this thing from inside me. The ritual only requires half a pint… but I’m thinking I’ll drain the girl, just to be sure.”

Buffy swung out with her fists again, her rage affecting the accuracy of her blows. “You won’t touch my sister. Not while I’m still living.”

“You see now that’s the greatest part.” Darla said with yet another laugh. “You will be alive when I kill her… and remove Angelus’ soul… and get this thing out of body. Then you will die after I’ve butchered your family and all your friends.”


Another snap of Darla’s fingers and the minions dove at Buffy again.

“Shouldn’t be too long now…”


“No one…” Xander slammed his left fist into the vampires face. “…breaks windows…” A right hook followed. “…in this house…” He kicked out with his leg, tripping the vampire, and grasping tightly on his stake. “…and gets away with it!”

He dropped to his knees and staked the vampire.

A cheer from Anya and Dawn sounded from within the house, only to become shouts of worry when Xander was knocked over by a larger, more burly vampire. Gunn, Wes and Giles were all busy fighting off their own opponents, and Xander was currently pinned to the ground with fangs lowering to his neck.

“XANDER!” Anya cried in alarm, moments later rushing through the open front door, grabbing the only weapon on the way that just so happened to be an umbrella. Anya ran to Xander’s aid, smacking the vampire on the back using the umbrella with as much force as she could muster.

Wanting to shield himself from the blows the vampire rolled off Xander only to leap to his feet and charge towards Anya.

“AHN!” Xander cried as he scrambled for a stake.

Dawn leapt up from her spot beside the window with Cordelia and ran through the house, screaming for help. “SPIKE! SPIIIIIKKKKE!!!”

She ran into the kitchen where Spike was putting out the remaining flames on the kitchen bench. “SPIKE they need help!” She shouted.

The fire now out, he dropped the extinguisher on the ground and quickly followed Dawn to the front door.

The lawn was in chaos.

Giles was moving in for the kill with an arm poised with a stake. A large cross was held out by his other hand at the other side, which he waved around in an effort to deter any other vampires that might attack him.

Wesley was fighting a smaller female vampire of Asian descent, who was currently kicking his butt with her martial arts moves. Wes was just trying his best to dodge her kicks, swinging out with a small sword whenever she danced within his range.

Gunn was holding his own, the large custom axe he was carrying cleaving chunks out of any vampire that dared come near him.

Xander was on the ground, scrambling for his stake that he had dropped a few feet out of his reach when he had been pounced on.

But it was Anya who was in the gravest of danger. She was running across the lawn, umbrella in hand, whilst a very large oafish looking vampire lumbering after her, a murderous glint in his eye.

Spike snatched the stake that Dawn had rushed to retrieve for him, shouting back into the house as he ran out. “Red! We may need some more of that brew of yours…”

He took two steps onto the porch and leapt onto the back of oaf-man, dropping the two of them to the ground in the process. The landing jarred every bone in his body, sending pain shooting through his limbs as he felt some of his bandaged wounds split open.

“AHN! Get inside!” Xander ordered when Spike distracted her immediate pursuer.

Anya ran towards the front door as Dawn stepped out onto the porch and grabbed her arm to drag her into the house. She pushed Anya in first, and a scream ripped from her lungs when she felt something seize her other arm and yank her away from the safety a few feet in front of her.

“SPIIIIIKKKKE!” Dawn screamed as she was dragged off the front porch and down along the side of the house.


“Why do you persist? You are gravely out numbered, and by now the rest of my minions would already be at the house. Why fight so hard when all you are going to return to is the cold bodies of your friends?” Darla taunted.

“NO!” Buffy shouted as she staked another vampire. “SPIKE won’t let that happen…”

“Spike?” Darla mocked. “Spike has got more holes in him than a pin cushion. Do you really think he’ll be able to protect them? I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran off to safety at the first sign of trouble.”

“No.” Buffy retorted, her tone menacing. “Spike wouldn’t do that. I believe in him. I trust him to protect them.”

“You put too much faith in that boy.” Darla tsked, shaking her head from side to side. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you about trusting the wrong people? Well…” she laughed. “Spike’s not exactly a person now is he?”

Buffy roared in anger as she pushed her way out of the circle and dove on top of Darla, knocking her from the headstone. No one spoke of her mother like that and got away with it.


“SPIIIIIIKKKKKE!” Dawn screamed again as her kidnapper dragged her around the side of the house.

She whirled around, looking up into the face of the monster. She knew this vampire. “Oh!” She gasped. “It’s you!

A malevolent smile curled at Jake’s lips. “Yes it is.

With a sharp tug he dragged her out from beside the house and onto the back lawn, heading towards his mistress.


Angel had heard sounds of fighting coming from within Weatherly Park and he knew he was in the right place.

As he ran towards the sounds, the trees around him opened up into a clearing, the full moon shining brightly, illuminating the scene before him. The voices traveled to his ears, the anger in Buffy’s very clear.

“Spike wouldn’t do that. I believe in him. I trust him to protect them.”

“You put too much faith in that boy.” Darla tsked.

Angel crept up behind one of the vampires and staked it from behind, before disposing of a second.

He turned at the sound of an angry roar to see Buffy flying through the air and tackling Darla to the ground.

His face shifting into its vampiric countenance and he growled at the five remaining lackeys.
“Beat it.” He snarled. “You’ve got a ten minute head start.”

The vampires looked at each other and then at the slayer who was pounding on their mistress. They had stayed purely out of fear of what Darla would do to them if they deserted. But with the slayer picking them off one at a time, it seemed they would meet a dusty end no matter which way they looked at it. As a group the fledglings took off towards the exit of the park.

“I’m going to kill you.” Buffy shouted in fury as she slammed Darla’s head into the ground.

“No you’re not.”

Buffy whirled around. “Angel?”


Willow and Tara swung the bucket a third time and let the contents loose, the holy water spraying over the vampires that both Giles and Xander were fighting, inadvertently soaking the two men as well. The vampires combusted and there was just a handful remaining.

Wesley was still fighting the ninja vamp, and after some signaling by Gunn, shifted his position around so that her back was facing the larger black man. Wes took a step back, seeing the puzzled expression cross the vampire’s face moments before the arc of Gunn’s swing decapitated her head from her body.

Seconds later another cry of pain sounded and Spike found himself falling the few inches to the ground as the large oaf like vampire he had been fighting combusted beneath him. He winced in pain as he brought himself to his feet.

With Wesley, Giles and Gunn handling the three remaining vampires, Xander turned from the fight. “Ahn!” He cried with relief as he rushed towards the front door and wrapped his arms around his shaking girlfriend.

“Which way did she go?” Spike demanded.

Anya lifted a shaking hand and pointed down the side of the house.

Spike stepped forward; snatching the umbrella from her hands and then immediately took off in the direction she had pointed.

“Spike wait!” Xander shouted. “I’ll come with you.”

“Just get Buffy back here.” The vampire threw over his shoulder as he disappeared down the side of the house.


“Let GO of me.” Dawn shrieked as she tugged her arm, trying to free herself from the vampires vice grip. She smacked at his arm with her free hand, dug her nails into his flesh, punched him but he wouldn’t let go. When they stopped she still had biting, and kicking to use on him.

“Stop squirming so much.” Jake snarled. “Boy am I going to love seeing Darla rip your throat out.”

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Dawn screamed at the top of her lungs, only to find Jake’s other hand clamp around her mouth, silencing the noise.

“Quiet!” He hissed in anger. “Or I’ll give you something worth screaming about.”

“Like hell you will.”

Jake turned at the voice just as a brightly coloured object whizzed through the air and slammed into his forehead, knocking him off his feet.


“Watch me.” Buffy retorted as she lifted her hand and then slammed her fist down, stake point first.

Angel saw the whole thing in slow motion; Buffy lifting her arm, the way her blond hair tossed over her shoulder as she swung, the sharp arc of the deadly blow, and the smirk that crept across Darla’s face inches before contact. A warning was on his lips seconds too late.

Buffy saw her sister’s face as she swung. This was for her…

The tip of Buffy’s stake hit Darla’s breast and bounced off, sending Buffy reeling backwards so fast that she fell from her straddling position of Darla.

“What the…” She cursed as she scrambled to a seated position.

Darla rolled her eyes as she sat up. “You can’t kill me. Not while this…” She said pointing at her slightly curved stomach. “…is still inside me.”

She stood slowly as the slayer brought herself to her feet. “So you see…you can’t kill me.”

“No?” Buffy said with a raised brow. “I’m betting I can knock you unconscious though.”

She balled a fist and sent it flying towards Darla’s face.

Angel stepped in between the two warring blondes, Buffy’s fist connecting with his shoulder.

“Angel? WHAT are you doing?”

“I can’t let you do this Buffy.” He said quietly, rubbing his shoulder where her fierce blow had landed.

“Why? She’s evil Angel. Evil with a capital E.” Her eyes blazed with anger, not understanding why he was getting in her way. “And you’ve killed her before. Don’t tell me this is a the-only-person-who-can-kill-her-is-me kinda deal.”

“No.” Angel said with a shake of his head.

Darla took a step to the side, keeping herself shielded by Angel’s bulk, smirking at the infuriated slayer.

“Then what?” She demanded. “That bitch was trying to kill my sister, trying to kill me. Do you even care about that?”

Buffy was shaking with rage.

“Of course I care.” He said quietly. “But I can’t let you kill Darla.”

“Angel?!” Buffy snapped. “What the hell is going on?”

Angel took a deep breath before answering. “I can’t let you kill her Buffy.”

Buffy folded her arms across her chest, waiting.

“The baby’s mine.”

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