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Rebellion by Thianna
24 - I'm Done
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 24 - I'm Done

Buffy walked all the way home, her tears slowly flowing out of control. It never really occurred to her that what she was planning could result in her death. She knew at the back of her mind each time she went out on patrol that there was always that chance. Spike had drilled that into her brain early on, even before she was called. So why was this decision affecting her so much? Spike was right. What she was thinking was extremely dangerous. But she had to do it. This is an opportunity to defeat Angelus and she had to take it.

She looked up at as she neared her house, sighing softly. She opened the front door and sighed once more when she knew that Spike wasn't home yet. She knew she had to talk to him, to let him know that this was the only way and that she could do it. She slowly made her way up the stairs and into her room, discarding her coat on a chair before climbing into bed. She turned her head on her pillow and Spike's familiar scent invaded her nostrils. She wished he was home. She wished he was here embracing her and stroking her hair. She shifted on the bed, pulling a little more of the pillow from her head so that she could hug it as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Spike left Willy’s in quite a drunken stupor. At least the alcohol was doing its job. It felt good to feel numb at least for a little while. He walked the streets in silence, his hands buried deep in his pockets. He soon found himself in front of the familiar porch steps. He could tell she was home but he wasn’t sure if he was ready to face her. They had left each other on a sour note. But he knew he was right. She was playing with fire and he couldn’t convince her otherwise.

What was he going to do? Should he just leave her to her little plan and just say to hell with everything? But just the idea of Angelus being that close to her again was pissing him off. She was his. And knowing Angelus, he would ignore the marks that Buffy wore as a symbol that she was his. Angelus never respected him. Even after years of mayhem and chaos, Spike never got the respect he truly deserved. It seemed like he was just a glorified babysitter for their darling Drusilla. He gave her everything -- protected her from harm and still that wasn‘t enough. But fate decided to step in and somehow reward him with the one thing he thought was impossible.

She was up there -- his happiness. So what was he doing down here? He didn’t want another fight. He didn’t want to see her green eyes look at him so coldly. “Sod it!” he mumbled under his breath as he fumbled for his keys and opened the front door.

Buffy awoke to feel something tugging at her feet. She sleepy raised her head, trying to see what it was.

"It's alright pet. Just me. Just trying to take your bloody boots off."

He was home! And he was talking to her. She sat up and smiled seeing blue eyes and platinum blond hair by the foot of the bed. Spike eased one boot then the other from her feet. She then went through the motions of getting ready for bed. She climbed out of bed and removed her clothes. She then walked towards her closet and put on some shorts and a white tee. Spike didn't take his eyes off her as he let the leather duster slip from his shoulders and pulled his shirt up and off his torso. He sat on the bed to unlace his boots, his face obviously deep in thought.

When Buffy was finished changing, she made her way to stand in front of him. Spike took her hand and pulled her to sit on his lap. She leaned in almost instantaneously, her head nestled between the crook of his neck and shoulder.

"I'm sorry!" they both blurted out at the same time. Spike smiled, wrapping his arms around her and gently placing a kiss on the top of her head.

"I can't change your mind can I?" Spike asked sounding defeated. He knew the answer but wanted to hear it from her lips.

"I have to do it. I can do it."

"You know maybe a good ole' fashion standoff would be better."

"You mean like the last time?"

Spike growled loudly. "And here I thought we trusted each other. Buffy, I know you can do this. But you can't blame me for being worried. And what if the magic doesn't work. What if Giles screws it up? You know the Council of Wankers would love to see you killed."

"It will be fine. I'll. Be. Fine."

"You know there are consequences love, especially with magic. Are you ready for that? I just don't want to lose you."

"You won't. In a few days you'll take those words back because then I'll be talking your ear off."

"I love it when you start yammering."

"Oh really? Hey wait. ... I don't yammer. Buffy does not yammer."

"Yes you do, and I love it because then I can do this." he said clamping his mouth on top of hers effectively silencing any protests. The kiss was tender and sweet and was centered on just being close to each other. When they parted, Buffy leaned in once again into his loving and comforting embrace as she savored each second that passed, just in case these next couple of days would be her last.


Two days later as the sun set. All was quiet in 1630 Revello Drive until around 8 o'clock when the front door swung open and then slammed shut as an angry bleached blond vampire clad in leather came storming out. He turned around to face the house once he cleared the porch steps. He growled in utter frustration, looking up at a lighted window in the second floor. He growled once more then stormed off.

Spike once again found himself, sulking in Willy's. He hated being away from her but she left him no choice. He just wanted everything to be over, and go back the way it was. It was all Angelus' fault. All of it! Even now, now that he found the woman he loved he was still interfering, meddling his way between their lives.

As soon as Spike emptied his first glass of blood, he smelled vanilla in the air and could hear the hush that waved through the bar. He couldn't help but let a proud smile creep through his lips. But he knew that she would be angry ... the fighting would continue and there was nothing he could do about it.

Buffy stormed through the bar, making her way to Spike with ease since it seemed like the demons just moved out of her way. "Spike!" she said trying to sound as stern as she could.

"Sod off, Slayer."

"We need to talk."

"I said sod off. Do you want me to say it in a different way? Piss off and fuck you! I'm busy."

Buffy narrowed her eyes, and placed her left hand on his shoulder to make him face her. As soon as his face was in view, she punched him in the face. "I said we need to talk."

"Ouch! What the bloody hell was that for?"

"You didn't want to listen." She said crossing her arms across her chest in irritation.

Upon hearing the commotion, Willy came by, trying desperately to appease both Slayer and vampire. Spike rolled his eyes and got up, pushing past Buffy as he headed towards the exit. A fuming Slayer followed him.

Once outside, Spike started walking away from Willy’s only to have Buffy grab his hand and turn him around. "I said I wanted to talk."

"So speak. What you forgot to tell me something when you threw me out?"

"How could you?"

"How could I what? You're being very cryptic, love."

"That girl. You killed a little girl. Don't deny it, I saw you."

"So?! Just a girl, she won't be missed."

"How could you just say that so candidly?"

"Uhm, hello. Vampire."

"But I thought?"

"Thought what pet?" He said moving closer to her, caressing her cheek. "That I'd change? For you? You're more gullible than I thought. But that's all you needed isn't it? A touch, a kiss ... "

"Shut up!"

"I can make you feel that way again, love." he said pulling her close to him. Both of them hesitated at the closeness, but both of them had to remember that they were fighting, neither of them wanting to concede and show weakness.

"Don't flatter yourself." Buffy said pushing him away hard making Spike fall on his back.

Spike started chuckling, “Looks like the Slayer has forgotten her place. You belong to me, my property. I saved you from that sodding coven and I own you. I don't have to explain myself to you ... more like the other way around. The only reason I let you throw me out is because I couldn't stand being in that house any longer -- all prissy and girly. It's disgusting! Seriously, grow up!" he said picking himself up from the ground.

Buffy's fists started flying as Slayer and vampire danced in a way they hadn't in a while. Fist against fist, kick against kick. They flowed in a fluid dance until Spike twisted his body, avoiding a punch aimed for his jaw and caught Buffy in a choke hold.

"You're not worthy, Slayer. I'm done with you." With that he pushed her away from him and stormed away from her.

Buffy slumped to the ground in defeat, her hands covering her face.

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