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Strip Snap by Lilachigh
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Chp.5 Slayer and Souless

A log fell in the fireplace with a crackle and a shower of orange sparks. Buffy came to with a jolt, sitting up, eyes wide, trying to remember where she was.

She ached all over - every limb, every muscle and, she felt herself going red, inside her she was like liquid jelly. She remembered hearing some boys at school talking once when they didn’t know anyone could hear them.

‘Shagged myself silly,” one of them had said.

She hadn’t realised what they meant until now. She gazed round. Spike’s naked form was sprawled out next to her on the floor. He was fast asleep and she wasn’t surprised. She’d lost count of the number of times they’d had sex during the night. But she had a vivid picture in her mind of the last time.

Spike had been on his back, holding her shoulders above his in mid air while his feet kept her legs apart and off the ground while he fucked her. Only his vampire strength could have kept her suspended like that. With nothing touching her body except his hands, feet and cock, every nerve-ending was sensitive. Her climax, when it came, had been mind shattering and had gone on and on and she’d ridden his cock into oblivion.

And he called this behaviour normal?

But now - she rubbed at the bruises on her arms and stood up to look out of the window of the little log cabin. The storm had passed, the sky was clear and there were even a few stars around. But in the east the darkness was already fading to a dark purple. Before too long the sun would be up, and they had to be home by then.

She gazed down at the sleeping vampire, at the muscles of his back, he tight cheeks of his butt. She was tempted to lie down again and indulge another fantasy, but time was passing even as she stood there. Instead she nudged Spike with her bare toe. ‘Hey, wake up. We’ve got to get going.’

“Hey, watch where you’re putting that digit, sweetheart. I’ve been awake for minutes. Vampire hearing, remember?”

He yawned, rolled over and got to his feet. “Ummm, what a night. I’ve got aches in my aches. When you ride a chap, you really ride him, Slayer. You OK, pet?”

Buffy nodded; she didn’t know what to say. Was she OK? She had no idea what that meant any more. Physically she felt relaxed, sated, as feminine as she’d ever felt before in her life. But mentally - she couldn’t untangle the feelings and emotions in her head. She seemed to have no way of putting them into words.

“Bloody hell, I suppose I’d better go and see if I can retrieve any of our clothes from the beach. I don’t fancy driving back into Sunnydale just wearing a shortie towelling jacket, not even for you, sweetheart.”

‘OK, but don’t be too long. Dawnie’s sleeping over at Janice’s and will go straight to school with her, but Willow and Tara will wonder where I am.”

Standing stock still, Spike looked down at her, his blue eyes hidden by lowered lids, “And you still don’t want them to know you’re with me,” he said and it was more a statement than a question.

Buffy hesitated. Was this the time to tell him that Tara knew about them? That she’d had to confess to someone, the burden had been unbearable and Tara had seemed so sympathetic.

Confess - that was a strange word to use, she thought suddenly. It made it sound as if she was doing something bad - not something amazing and fulfilling.

And, of course, she was. She was sleeping with a souless vampire. Well, not a lot of sleeping happened, but okay, tonight had been different. They had actually slept together. Usually, just ‘the sex’, as Xander would have called it.

Lots and lots of ‘the sex’. Mind shattering, body trembling, craving him every second of the day and night, wishing he was doing it to me right now, making me come and come and come - but

She was the Slayer. Take away ‘the sex’ and the returning from the dead and everything else that had been happening, and, hey, still souless vampire and still Slayer.

Buffy shrugged, shivered and reached out to put some more wood on the dying fire. ‘There’s no ‘with’, Spike. You know that. There’s you and me, and sometimes we’re in the same space at the same time and we have - fun. But no ‘with’. How can there be? What do you want me to say to Willow and Xander? Oh guess what, after all these years of Spike being our mortal enemy and trying to kill us on numerous occasions, hey, we’re a couple now! That’s a really normal relationship to have, isn’t it?

“And even if I did manage to tell them, what about you. I can just see you going into Willie’s bar and announcing that your new girl friend is the Slayer. So let’s all be friends. Because I’ll still kill them, whenever and wherever I can. And you know that. So don’t let’s go pretending there’s any ‘with’.”

She picked up the poker and bashed the logs into flames once more. She didn’t see the expression that flickered across his face. Something more than hurt, something less than acceptance.

Spike said no more. He unlocked the door and strode out into the dark and wet. The wind and rain had eased and all he wanted now was to find their rotten clothes and get the hell out of here.

He slashed at a bush as he passed, tearing off leaves in a frenzied shower. She really was a class-a bitch, this girl. So determined to be normal, when she never would be. So keen to feel and experience everything he could show her, but at the first sign of her emotions being involved, she backed away at the speed of light and built up that brick wall she hid behind in her mind as fast as she could.

Every time he thought he’d knocked a way through, bam, there she was with another brick and mortar, filling in the gap and adding another layer on top as well.

Oh, he knew what was going through that feverish mind of hers, the drive to be normal that overcame everything else. Well, he’d been a few years older than Buffy when Dru had changed his life from normal forever. But only a few. It had never occurred to her that he knew exactly what she felt. That he might look back and wonder about normality.

“Fucking hell, not that I’d ever want to be back being that little shit again,” he swore to himself as he reached the beach and began to hunt for their clothes. “But at least you’d think she could see she isn’t the only person in the whole world who’s gone through this sort of life change.

‘Don’t suppose Oz wanted to be a werewolf. Hey, maybe Peaches dreams sometimes of what it would be like to be good old Liam again, getting drunk every night in Ireland without a care in the world, instead of brooding about every bloody thing that happens to him. Does Anya ever look back all those centuries and wonder about being a normal Scandinavian girl, living out a meagre peasant existence’

He spotted his jeans lying where she’d thrown them under rocky outcrop which had saved them from the worst of the rain. With a struggle he managed to drag them on.

The white feather trimmed dress he bought for her to wear was a muddy mess, but he picked it up. Bit of soap and water might get the worst of the dirt off, but - that was weird - he wasn’t quite sure why it was ripped up so much.

He remembered pulling it down off her shoulders to get to the creamy mounds of her breasts, get his tongue wrapped round those little pink peaks that drove his mouth crazy. He vaguely recalled her wriggling out of it, the guttural cries as she’d wrapped those powerful tanned legs round his waist and sucked every ounce of cum out of him.

But rips -

He lifted it to his nose and sniffed. Odd, although the rain had pounded it for a couple of hours, there was still an odour there. Only one demon left a scent like that. Tazksha. There was a bloody Tazksha somewhere on this island!

A low growl broke from his throat and he flashed into game face as from behind him came a piercing shout and Buffy’s voice yelling his name.

to be continued

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