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Stars in Bright Sky by Lilachigh
Chp 4 Just for One Day
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Stars in the Bright Sky

by Lilachigh

Chapter 6 Just for One Day

Buffy and Spike are spending Christmas Eve together - and they’re not making paper chains!

Buffy burrowed deeper into the straw and moaned. She ached all over. The naked leg that was lying across hers was lifted away, but Spike’s arm found it’s way possessively across her shoulders. ‘You awake, Slayer?’

‘No, I’m dead! What have you done to me?’

She could sense he was smiling and wished she had the energy to punch him, but all her muscles had turned to jelly and she didn’t think she would ever walk again.

‘That’s what happens when you shag for seven hours without a rest. And anyway, I’m not feeling one hundred per cent either. You have that effect on a bloke.’

‘Seven hours!’ Buffy moaned again. ‘How many times did we.....?’

‘Rather lost count, sweetheart. I know you screamed a lot and I had to stop you. You were frightening the horses.’

Buffy threw off his arm and sat up, the memories rushing back in glorious Technicolour. ‘Oh God, did anyone hear me? What about Rebecca and her husband? Didn’t anyone come to look after the horses? Oh god!’

Spike lay on his back and stretched luxuriously, giving her a full view of all she’d been feasting on all the long day. ‘I heard someone come in to fill up their hay racks and water troughs. But you had a mouthful of - well, you had a mouthful at that time, so you weren’t making a noise!’

Buffy slapped away the hand that he’d reached up to her breast. ‘Pig! Double pig! Honest to god, Spike, one of these days, you’ll push me too far.’

He reached up, grabbed her arm and pulled her down on top of him. ‘I can push into you as far as I like, and as far as you like, pet. You know it, and I know it. Stop pretending you don’t like it. Seven hours tells me otherwise!’

His hand ran up her bare thigh into the tangle of blonde curls between her legs. She knew she should throw him off, knew she had the strength to do so, but didn’t. That was half the problem, she thought, disjointedly, as his fingers worked their magic on her clit and she heard the sobbing, mewing noise coming from her throat, the noise she knew drove him to distraction.

With all the others she’d slept with - except for Angel - she’d had to be so careful not to hurt them. She knew Riley had tried his hardest to get fitter and stronger, because he knew she was holding back. With Angel, it had all been so tentative, so new, she had hardly moved anyway. But with Spike, she knew she could do anything to him and it wouldn’t hurt - much!

When she came to again, it was considerably darker in the stable. Spike was pulling on his jeans. ‘Better get going, pet,’ he said. ‘Dawn will be sitting waiting for you. And it’s Christmas Day soon!’

Buffy sighed and began searching for her jeans. She screwed up her nose when she found them. They were stiff with dirt and blood smears. She found where Spike had tossed her denim jacket and buttoned it across her breasts.

‘I’m going up to the farm to check on Marianne,’ she said. She hoped the baby girl was OK. She wondered how Lucy was getting on, the young mother who was no doubt back in prison now. Buffy could only imagine how much she would be missing her baby. It had been so incredibly brave of Lucy to give her up, but at least she knew she was with her sister, not a stranger.

‘I’ll be in the car.’

They’d driven several miles before they spoke again. Buffy had climbed into the car and slammed the door shut. She had stared out of the widow, poker-faced, as they left the farm. At last Spike glanced sideways at his companion. ‘Everything OK?’

Buffy sighed. ‘Yes. Marianne’s fine. She’s had a feed and a bath. She even looks bigger!’

She relapsed into silence, until Spike took his unlife into both hands and prompted her, ‘And? Why the long face, then?’

Buffy bit her lip. How could she possibly tell Spike that seeing Rebecca with the baby had made her realise all over again that this was not the sort of life a Slayer could ever expect.

‘Sacrifices, luv,’ Spike said quietly above the hum of the engine. ‘You make them all the time, and no one ever knows.’

She turned to look at him. How did he know what she was thinking? It was uncanny how he was always around when she was miserable, and even weirder that he always seemed to know what was troubling her. ‘Comes with the Slayer territory,’ she said. ‘But on the plus side, I get to hit you a lot!’

‘And other things,’ he retorted and was rewarded with a little grin.

When they drove up to Buffy’s home, Dawn came rushing down the path to the car. She’d obviously be watching out for them. ‘Buffy! Spike! Where on earth have you been? Oh gross, Buffy, you smell - urgh - like a very bad drain. Don’t touch me!‘ she squealed, as Buffy went to give her a hug. ‘I don’t want that smell on my clothes. Go and have a shower, quick! And wash your hair. You’ve got - is that straw? - in it. How on earth - no never mind, I don’t want to know.’

Buffy turned to Spike who was still sitting in the car. ‘Well, thanks for the ride home. Are you coming in?

‘No. Reckon I’d better get back to the crypt and see what sort of state it’s in after the long and clumsy arms of the law have been at work there.’

‘You are coming for Christmas dinner, though, aren’t you, Spike?’ Dawn asked anxiously. ‘I went out and got blood specially. And I’ve got you a present.’

Spike hesitated. He was astonished to discover just how much he wanted to accept, to be part of this little family - just for one day. But he could sense the tension that had crept over the Slayer. Her shoulders had stiffened and her face had become expressionless.

So, nothing much had bloody well changed. She didn’t want him socialising with her friends. Even after what they’d gone through today: Lucy, Pipsqueak, their time in the barn, her stupid pride was still stopping her admitting to Xander and Willow that she was going with him.

He sighed. He wouldn’t complain. If anyone needed a relaxing time off from stress, she did and having to referee between himself and the boy would not be a good way of spending Christmas Day. She wasn’t the only person who had to make sacrifices, he thought.

‘Niblet, that sounds great,’ he said cheerfully. ‘And I’ve got a present for you, too. But I’ll have to come round in a couple of days to collect and deliver. I’m...I’m...well, me and my mate, Clem, are going away for Christmas. Some friends of his are having a big party. In fact, this is his car and I’m going straight round to his place to pick him up.’

Dawn’s face fell. ‘Oh - oh, well that sounds like fun, I suppose. At least you won’t be on your own.’

‘I’ll be in touch soon,’ he promised and started the engine. ‘Well, I’m off. Happy Christmas, Dawn.’ He realised Buffy hadn’t said a word about his plans and he fought back the feeling of hurt that raced over him. ‘And a very happy Christmas to you, Slayer,’ he said gently, and before she could reply, he drove away.

to be continued

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