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Holiday Memories by Blood Faerie
Part 4. Rock the Halls
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(Part 4 - Rock the Halls)

AN: *shakes finger with a chuckle* some of you didn’t pay attention to the banner; you forgot one stop in the progression of Spike’s evolution, hehe, and yay, only one more chapter left

“Ain’ that poncy William anymore,” Spike told her with a pleased smile. His hand skimmed over her and he started to kiss her again.

Buffy jerked away instead and got up. Her heart was hurting. Hadn’t she been afraid that just this thing would happen? That she would finally let William in just to lose him? She hugged herself and started glancing about for her clothes.

“Pet, what’s this all about?” he slid off the cot and tilted his head as he watched her. He reached out to touch her again and yet again she moved away from him. “Buffy, I’m... I’m not back t’ my old self completely if that’s what you’re worried about.”

She looked at him confused.

“I got some of my memories back, probably from drinkin’ your slayer blood,” he licked his lips as if he could still taste the delicious liquid. “But, only a bit t’ remember bein’ a vampire an’ some of that. Still don’ remember ever comin’ t’ Sunnydale or meetin’ you. Heck, you said I killed two slayers an’ I only remember the Chinese bird.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Wouldn’t that be worse than you being back to yourself? Cause Spike has calmed down since being you.”

Understanding filled his eyes and he took a couple more steps towards her. “I’m still William, if that’s what’s got you worried. I just, I remember more an’ am more comfortable in my own skin, Slayer. Not so much the shy git that I was. I still got the bloody chip, so couldn’ hurt you even if I wanted t’... which I don’.”

“I happened to like that ‘shy git’!” She shot back then her cheeks flushed at her admission. She sighed and looked away, rubbing her arm, “He was really nice and sweet.”

“Buffy,” he smiled and closed the rest of the distance, taking her gently by the arms. “You do? Oh, from the moment I woke up with you standin’ over me, I’ve-“

“No!” She cut him off angrily. “Not you, I liked William!”

There was confusing emotions swirling in his head. Hurt that she was rejecting him, but at the same time elated she was admitting some sort of feelings for him. Well, those feelings wouldn’t do him very much if she ran off, would they?

“I’m still William,” he repeated softly, a pleading note to his voice. His fingers gripped her more firmly, afraid that she would take off. “I’m still me, but with more life experience, luv. Like... comparin’ you with when you were a wee tike.”

“Spike... you’re starting to hurt me...” she said quietly seconds before his chip fired and he fell back onto the cot.

“Bloody hell!” He put his hands to his head, eyes watering. “How’s a bloke supposed t’ cause mayhem with this soddin’ thing in his head? They might as well have chopped off my bits an’ bobs!”

She was torn between comforting him as she had several nights ago and taking off back to her room, clothes or no clothes. She seriously mistrusted this version of Spike, even if what he had said made sense and if he had the chip. This was just too much to take too soon. She started taking a few steps back from him, her head swimming.

“Oh sod it!” Spike darted forward to catch her as she fainted.

He cradled her close and carried her back to the cot so that he could curl up with her. He tucked the blanket snuggly around them to keep her from getting cold from the chilly basement air and briefly considered at least putting his shirt on her. If she started to shiver he would. So he just leaned back against the wall and pulled her closer against him, gently brushing hair from her face. He hoped she wouldn’t bust out of there as soon as she woke up.


She woke up snuggled against cool, firm muscle. She inhaled deeply moments before she remembered what had happened before she had passed out and her eyes flew open. Spike was watching her carefully and she watched him, deciding if it was safe to run like a hiker facing a bear. I would rather be facing the bear, she thought wryly.

“Slayer...” he began as if sensing her thoughts, which he easily could through her eyes. “I didn’ do anythin’. You fainted an’ I caught you then brought you back t’ bed.”

“I should probably go back upstairs...” she started to pull away, avoiding his gaze.

She tried to decide if she should call the others about this. Giles and Xander would probably just sneer and make nasty comments again. She wasn’t up for dealing with that, especially when she had to explain what happened and have a repeat of the “no boinking vampires” lectures. She could probably call Willow and Tara, though. Maybe in the morning would be best.

She started gathering her clothes and getting dressed, still not looking at Spike. He finally sat up and reached out to touch her arm to get her attention.

“Pet... you don’ regret tonight, do you?”

She finally looked at him after hearing the strange tone to his voice. She denied what it might be and sighed as she thought it over. After a moment, she shook her head and straightened.

“No, I don’t,” she gave a sad smile before turning to hurry upstairs.


Buffy hid under the covers of her bed until the middle of the afternoon, then got a shower and headed downstairs wondering if the others had run into the new Spike yet. This could possibly be very bad. Well, he couldn’t attack them with the chip in his head, but there were other badness he could cause.

“That bloody mutt ruined my duster!” came a roar of indignation from the kitchen, answering Buffy’s question. “I think that’s more than enough reason t’ eat her.”

With a cry of horror, Buffy rushed into the kitchen to stop him as she actually thought he would eat Billy. He looked up as the slayer came rushing into the kitchen all flushed to grab the puppy from him. Before he could utter a word she decked him and he fell to the floor.

“Buffy! Just what do you think you are doing?” Her mother demanded from the other side of the island.

She looked at her mom guiltily, shifting on her feet and pointing at the vampire. “He said he was going to eat Billy.”

Spike pulled himself back up and brushed himself off. She glanced towards him again, noting he had went back to dressing all in black. He did look good like that, dark and dangerous. Buffy! He just threatened to eat your puppy! He’s a murderer! She must be going nuts or something. Battle fatigue or whatever.

“Was just blowin’ hot air, blusterin’ about the pup makin’ a chew toy of my duster,” he sighed and reached out to pat Billy’s head. The puppy licked his fingers playfully, unaware that they were fighting over her. “Wouldn’ hurt a curl on the pup’s head. An’, I can see why she’d be confused, it bein’ made out of the same stuff as her rawhide chews.”

“I think you should apologize, young lady,” Joyce told her pointedly as she handed Spike an ice pack for his cheek.

“Mom,” she gave her mom a rebellious look but her mom frowned at her, so she looked back at Spike with a sigh. She muttered, “I’m sorry.”

Joyce nodded before leaving the kitchen, pleased that things seemed peaceful again in her house. She headed upstairs to read and once again repeating her Christmas wish mentally, hoping the two of them would work things out. Her daughter needed someone like Spike and he needed her daughter.

As soon as Joyce was upstairs, Buffy swung around and hissed at Spike, “If you hadn’t given me the puppy then it wouldn’t have eaten your stupid duster. Heck, I probably wouldn’t have come to thank you and you wouldn’t have gotten the stupid knocked out of you.”

“It’s sad when you start reusin’ insults from other people,” he commented, referring to how Xander had said nearly the same thing. “An’ I can’ be held accountable for things I don’ even remember doin’!”

“Yes you can! You don’t remember murdering people either, but I’ll still hold you accountable for that, too! Cause... I’m the slayer and I can!”

“You ruddy slayers are always so full of yourselves,” he growled and made a sweep of his hand, “Must be all the shit your watchers feed you about bein’ the Chosen One.” He did the falsetto voice, just as he had that night at the crypt, “‘La-di-da, I’m so special. I think I’m bloody better than anyone else.’ Get over yourself, luv.”

Buffy swallowed, his mocking was so close to the rant he had previously blamed on drunkenness. He wasn’t drunk this time, though, and had nothing to blame it on besides he really thought that. It reopened the wound and hurt even more after the night that they had shared together. Tears welled up in her eyes and she turned to flee outside before he could see her crying again, knowing he wouldn’t be able to follow her... at least not right away with the sun still up for another hour or so.


It was dark when Buffy left the dorms. At a loss as to where to go, she had come here for some friendly comforting from the kind hearted witches. They had all doted over Billy and had some of the usual comfort foods while watching some sappy holiday movie to help them all relax. As for their research on how to help Spike, it seemed moot since obviously her blood packed enough of a punch to help him. Though, right now she didn’t seem in the donating mood.

Buffy headed across campus and paused to sit by a tree, setting Billy down so she could do her business while the slayer waited. She didn’t mind taking a few breaths of fresh air and just watching the night. Maybe she would even do a small patrol before heading home to avoid returning a bit longer.

She groaned to herself as she felt the familiar tingle at the back of her neck.

“You should get the pup home before she gets hypothermia or somethin’,” Spike said softly, leaning against the tree.

She ignored him, hoping he would get the hint.

No such luck.

He sank down beside her, picking up Billy to set her in his lap. “I made a right ass of myself again, didn’ I?”

She snorted in the most unladylike fashion.

“Let me suss this out with a bit of a guess. Sayin’ somethin’ stupid like that is why I gave you this pup, yeah? You said I gave her t’ you because I said somethin’ mean t’ you an’ felt bad. I said somethin’ like that, didn’ I?” He watched her carefully.

Her bottom lip poked out slightly and she looked down at her hands. “Something like that... but last time you were able to blame it on being drunk.”

“This time I was just bein’ a right bastard t’ a girl that didn’ deserve it after takin’ care of me.” He gave a rakish smirk, “Doubt a puppy would get me out of this one, too, yeah? So what can I do for you t’ make you feel better?”

“Turn back into William?” she raised her brows, knowing that it wasn’t possible. She could try knocking him silly again... Nah, the odds were too great that she would just cure him or do something else unexpectedly.

“Sorry, pet,” he looked down at the puppy to hide the hurt in his eyes. He shoved the poncy side of him back down then finally looked at her again, “Could a bloke at least take a nice bird like you t’ dinner t’ make up for it?”

“Spike...” she looked at him with clear mistrust. “I should go do a short patrol before heading home...”

“Then fine,” he got to his feet and shifted Billy to one hand so he could help Buffy up with the other. “We’ll go get some nosh, maybe a couple sandwiches an’ chips, an’ then head over t’ the cemetery for a sort of picnic. Then you can slay any demon-shaped ants that come t’ ruin the party.”

“Okay, only because you’ll tattle to mom or Dawn and I’ll get the big speech about not being mean to Spike.” She made a face then headed towards Main Street.

He followed after her with Billy, frowning slightly at what she said, but choosing to be glad that she had given in instead. Hopefully, he would soon change her mind about spending time with him and she would get over her mistrust of his change.


There were delicious smells coming through the house and Buffy went towards the kitchen in search of the source. She stopped, blinking in surprise when she saw Spike standing there with a frilly apron tied on and taking pies out of the oven. He looked up at her, lifting a brow as if daring her to laugh. Instead, she took a cookie from the cookie jar quietly.

“I sent your mum off t’ bed. She was lookin’ a bit knackered so I told her I would finish making the pies for tomorrow,” he explained as he removed the oven mitts. “She’s ill, isn’ she? I couldn’ tell what the scent comin’ from her was before when I didn’ remember how t’ use my senses properly.”

Buffy frowned. “She shouldn’t be. She... she just had a surgery to make her better...” She looked up at Spike with wide eyes.

“Uh... well... Buffy...” he flustered at the lost look in her eyes, feeling like William again for a moment. “It’s probably just left over from before, yeah? Like when you toss out some particularly nasty garbage but you still smell it afterwards.”

“Yeah, that’s it,” she nodded, desperately wanting to believe that. She shoved the troublesome thoughts aside and eyed him again, “Why are you helping? And, I still can’t even understand why you stuck around. You can handle being on your own now that you remember being a vampire. That was the reason I had wanted to keep William here.”

He stopped then looked at her slowly. “Do you want me t’ leave, Slayer?”

“I...” she pouted, resenting him for asking such a loaded question. She decided to just use the same excuse she had the night before, “My mom would be mad if I kicked you out.”

She turned to hurry from the kitchen, but he caught her and pulled her back. He used his body to press hers into the wall, pinning her in place so she couldn’t flee again.

“Is it so terrible t’ admit that you might like havin’ me around?” he demanded, head cocked. “Stop usin’ excuses an’ just come out an’ say it.”

“You’re so full of yourself,” she scoffed.

His hips thrust forward slightly to further his point and she gasped. He leered at her as he smelled the arousal starting to come off her and it in turn started to cause a swelling in his groin. He looked knowingly into her eyes before lowering his mouth to hers, not giving her a chance to try to deny it again. He purred, rubbing his body against hers. He had wanted more of her since their night together, thinking of it constantly.

“Buffy,” he pulled his mouth a hair’s breadth away from her mouth, “Just tell me, please. Tell me that you want me still.”

“Why do you need me to say it so badly? You’re like the most self-assured person I know,” she finally gave into the desire to touch him, sliding her hands around his waist. She removed the silly apron and tossed it towards the counter, not sure she wanted to make out with a man wearing one no matter how dark and dangerous he was.

“We’ll have a bit of a secret swap then, luv,” he purred into her ear then kissed her neck lightly. “I’m more like the shy, insecure William than you realize. I just don’ let on ‘cause it wouldn’ do for the Big Bad t’ be actin’ like a soddin’ poofter.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “That is such a line.”

“Oy! Is not!” He frowned at her indignantly.

His mouth captured hers again if only just to shut her up, thrusting his hips again to help distract her and lower her defenses. His tongue probed her warm mouth, tasting and dueling with her tongue then regretfully pulling away again.

“Say it, pet. Just say it.”

She glowered at him for a moment before rolling her eyes. “Fine. ‘I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby’,” she quoted sarcastically and arched a brow. At his scowl, she sighed, “Well I dooo...”

“I’ll take that. For now,” he kissed her hard and lifted her by the buttocks to carry her towards the basement. He could be a bit pickier when he didn’t have a raging erection about to bust open the front of his pants.


Buffy came back down the stairs after putting away her Christmas presents in her room and paused as she watched Spike helping her mother clean up. Her brows drew together slightly in thought. William had helped, but that was because he had some old fashioned notion about being a gentleman and repaying them for their kindness and stuff like that. She didn’t know why Spike helped her mom. She didn’t even know why he didn’t run off the first moment he remembered being a vampire and how to take care of himself. Probably stuck around for the sex, which she didn’t disappoint, did she? Well, at least she didn’t let him bite her again. A girl had to have standards.

Spike had been acting way wonky ever since he got the chip, really. It’s like it fried his brain more than just the shots of pain it gave him when he tried to harm humans. Or maybe the shots did some permanent harm. Not that he was the most lucid of guys to begin with. Really, the chip only kept him from hurting humans, supposedly it didn’t send little messages to his pea brain telling him to shadow the slayer and help her on patrol and stuff like that. Yet, he had been and had tried to behave himself, doing nice things such as buying her a puppy when he made her cry. Then William had tried to learn how to be a modern guy for her. Now this Spike, which should be Spike at his evilest, was baking pies in a frilly apron! And, that had been real concern in his eyes when he had asked about her mom’s illness.

Maybe she was the one going wonky in the head. She shook her head and continued down the stairs, trying to force the confusing thoughts out of her head. They kept her up enough at night as it was.

“Welcome back, pet,” Spike gave her a cheeky smile as he intercepted her in the hallway, pulling her flush against him for a slow kiss. “Your mum wants us out of the house. She stuffed a load of money in my hand an’ told me t’ take you an’ lil’ sis t’ the movies.”

“Really? But I wanted t’ stay in an’ get my surprise you promised me,” she pouted.

“Look at that lip, gonna get it,” he captured her mouth in another kiss then broke apart as Dawn came down the stairs. “You’ll get the surprise when we get back. An’ anyway, we can have quality time in the back of the theatre.”

“Eww.” Dawn commented disdainfully as she passed them on the way out the door.


Billy was weaving around Spike’s feet as he carried Buffy inside. He growled at the puppy, having to nearly dance to keep from falling over with his precious cargo. He finally stepped aside and looked towards Dawn.

“Will you take Billy out t’ go t’ the bathroom then take her up t’ sleep with you?” he asked, but the tone made it almost a command.

Dawn gave him a look for ordering her about, but nodded and took Billy back outside with her while muttering something about hoping they kept it down this time.

Spike chuckled and continued to the basement, shifting Buffy so he could open the door and head downstairs. She stirred from the movement and snuggled into his chest with a groan. He smiled down at her then glanced around pleased as he saw that everything had been set up while they were away. He sent a silent thanks to Joyce and made note to do something nice for her.

“Wake up, luv, Christmas isn’ over yet,” he nuzzled the slayer’s neck.

She groaned and after a bit more prodding finally opened her eyes, looking up at him through her lashes. “Can’t we just go straight to bed?”

He smirked. “An offer I would usually be glad t’ take you up on, but I have a surprise for you an’ it would be sad t’ let all your mum’s hard work go t’ waste.”

She gave a confused pout and he shifted her again so she could look about the basement. It was decorated for the holidays now with garland and poinsettias while countless candles were set around the room to fill it with a warm glow. The center was cleared out with a CD player off to the side. He reluctantly set her on her feet and nudged her in the direction of the cot where a simple emerald-coloured dress was laid out. She fingered the sheer fabric then glanced back towards him with wide eyes.

“Get changed an’ I’ll change int’ mine, then we’ll have ourselves some dancin’ before you drag me t’ bed,” he told her, coming up behind her to brush his lips over her neck.

“Okay,” she shivered in anticipation of what the kiss promised then went to the corner behind the stairs to change, wondering why she was being modest after he had seen it all before. After a few moments, she stepped back into view wearing the dress, “My mom helped you seduce me?”

“Well, I think she was thinkin’ more along the lines of a romantic evening,” Spike laughed, turning towards her as he slipped into the jacket of his navy suit. She reached out to touch the shirt, affirming that the black fabric was silk. Nice. He took that arm and jerked her forward into his embrace. “Mmm, I got a slayer all t’ myself t’ ravage; what more could a bloke wish for?”

He flicked on the music and started swaying with her. His hand stroked her back in slow circles and brought her more firmly against him.

“Well, your memories, I’m sure,” she sighed into his shoulder as she leaned her cheek against him.

“Your blood helped last time,” he reminded her.

“We can try tonight, but it might not work this time. Maybe it was a fluke or I don’t know. You never know what happens with stuff like this.”

“I’m not sure I could stop with just a nibble an’ taste this time,” he said softly, trying to broach the subject he had been thinking about. He hoped it didn’t end with her hitting him and running off.

“Huh?” She blinked at him confused. “What do you mean? You can’t turn me, if that’s what you mean...”

“No no no,” he shook his head then moved his mouth to her ear to purr, “I want t’ claim you as mine. I want t’ mark you an’ keep you as my mate, never t’ share you with another an’ t’ vow my protection t’ you.”

Her eyes got even wider and she took a step back. For a moment, he was sure she was about to turn and run like he feared. He reached out to turn off the music, knowing the dancing was over with. She watched him with her jaw slack and he just hung back, waiting for it to all sink in. He took it from her reaction that she at least knew what a claim was.

Finally, she swallowed and turned away slightly to think then went to sit on the cot before she passed out on the floor. She processed his request then went back to the troubling thoughts that had been plaguing her earlier and the last few days. Her mind flashed back over the last week then even further over the last year since Spike got the chip in his head. She studied the lines in her hands for a few more moments as she made her decision then glanced up at him slowly.

“Are you sure? You might change your mind once you get back all your memories,” she said with trembling lower lip.

“Oh, pet,” he sighed and went to kneel in front of her. “From what you told me, I know you’ve had men promise you the moon an’ let you down. But I won’, the claim isn’ somethin’ you can just divorce. It isn’ somethin’ you can just run from. An’ yes, I’m sure with every bloody fiber of my body that I want it. It’s a good thing that those other blokes shoved on; they didn’ deserve you an’ left you all t’ me, yeah? Gettin’ my memories back won’ matter. Losin’ them, I still knew that I cared for you after you told me about our past an’ when I gained back most of my memories it didn’ matter, obviously.”

“Spike...” she sighed, torn up inside and went back to those troubling observations she had made over the last week. “You promise me you won’t run off when you get your memories back?”

He smiled and nodded, pulling her close for a hard kiss to reassure her. He slid her off the cot onto his lap and gasped when he felt her wet, naked sex hitting his groin. No underwear? The little minx. He purred as he gripped her tighter.

“So, it’s a yes?” he asked, thrusting up slightly.

“Mmm, uh,” she gave a little moan then focused on his face again. “Y-yes. Claim me.”

He gave a loud whoop then tossed her back onto the cot. She was surprised it didn’t bust under her as her eyes got wide, brushing the hair out of her face and sitting up. He started stripping out of his suit and shirt, tossing them aside before bending over her again. His hand slipped between her thighs to stroke her and he captured her earlobe between his teeth.

“Lady’s choice,” he purred. “How do you want it an’ where?”

She blushed and started to shake her head.

“Oh come now, luv. If you’re goin’ t’ be my mate, then you can’ be shy about this.”

“Then maybe I should change my mind,” she teased nervously then glanced around again. Just pick something, she told herself, just get it over with so you can get to the boinking.

“The... well...” she pointed at the washing machine.

He arched a brow then picked her up to carry her over to that side of the basement. He set her bottom on the cold metal of the top, wondering how she was going to stand that. His question was answered as she made an agitated noise before flopping over onto her stomach. She wiggled her backside at him and his brows shot up, but figured why question it. He gripped her hips and thrust forward into her.

“Ooohh,” she groaned as she adjusted to his large cock.

“You just tell me when you’re ready for me t’ bite you, pet,” he told her and started rocking his hips against hers.

She nodded wordlessly, grasping at the top of the washing machine as he thrust into her. Her head fell back and she moaned as her hardened nipples brushed against the smooth material of her dress, glad that she left it on and they weren’t pushing against the cold metal of the washing machine. The friction added to her pleasure and she was moaning more and more.

His fingers pressed into the soft flesh of her hips with bruising force as he thrust harder and harder. His slayer. She felt so good, her warm sheath gripping his cock. So tight and hot. His moans grew with hers, lost in the pleasure of his soon to be mate.

“Love you,” the endearment tumbled from his lips. “Love you so much.”

She gasped, opening her eyes and glancing at him over her shoulder. She smiled softly, taking in the sight of him lost in the passion of the moment.

“I love you, too, Spike,” she replied and moaned softly as she turned back around to face the wall. “B-bite me. Now, do it!”

He looked down at her, considering the bite then gave an impatient growl as he flipped her over onto her back again. He thrust back inside her, cutting off her questions and resumed his fast, hard strokes. He shifted into game face, the demon eager to mark her.

“Pet, I want t’ make sure you remember. When I bite you, you bite me, too. You have t’ return the claim.”

She nodded, catching her bottom lip between her teeth. He bent over her, scraping his fangs along the column of her neck then her shoulder and even her sensitive nipple. She gasped, arching her back up off the washing machine. Then he struck, plunging his fangs into her throat and drinking the strong blood that poured into his mouth. He gave a sharp thrust to remind her to do the same and she bit into his shoulder, applying pressure until she broke skin.

“Mine,” he growled deeply as he lifted his bloodstained mouth.

“Mine,” she returned, looking up at him slowly.

He captured her mouth as the bond snapped into place between them, enjoying the mix of their blood on his tongue. Mates. The slayer was his mate. He grinned and thrust even harder, causing her to cry out then screech like a banshee beneath him as she came. He soon followed, tumbling with her to the ground in a boneless heap.

“Sp-spike?” she lifted her head after a moment to look down at him. “Are you... did it work?”

His eyes were closed and after a moment he opened his eyes again. The blue gaze focused on her then widened. He sat up slowly, holding her carefully and she was confused by the emotions she saw chasing themselves through his eyes.

“Buffy... what have we done?”

“We claimed each other,” she said as if he were daft then cocked her head as he helped her to her feet. “What, did you lose your memories again?”

“N-no... I’m... well, as far as I can tell, I’m me again,” he took a step back from her, bending to grab his pants.

“Then, uh, what’s wrong?” She watched him carefully, confused at his reaction.

“This was... just wrong. I shouldn’ have.” He gave her a tortured look. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’ have.” Without further word, he took off up the stairs.

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