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Holiday Memories by Blood Faerie
Part 5. Here's Your Sign

(Part 5 - Here's Your Sign)

AN: Last chapter, woot! Now back to my usual WIPs... Thanks to everyone who reviewed or helped with this fic!

Joyce and Dawn were confused the next day, wondering where Spike was and why Buffy wouldn’t come out of her room. They had thought the two were finally getting close and had helped Spike plan his surprise for Buffy. How could it have gone wrong?

“Do you think she did something stupid to him?” Dawn asked her mom over cocoa in the kitchen. “She’s always ruining stuff.”

“Dawn,” Joyce warned with a hard look then sighed. “No, she probably didn’t. If she did she would be down here as sunny as ever, just as usual, and not locked upstairs in her room sulking.”

“I guess,” the teen agreed grudgingly. “But why would Spike ruin things?”

“I don’t know, pumpkin, but let’s hope they work it out themselves,” she patted Dawn’s hand. “We just have to be sure that if it’s meant to work out, it will.”

Dawn nodded and went to go take Billy out when the puppy started whining. They didn’t realize that even the puppy was mourning her master’s bad mood, wanting to go comfort Buffy. But damn, she couldn’t open doors for herself and those other girls didn’t understand what she was saying.


Late that night after the others had all went to bed, Buffy snuck out of her room and down to the basement. She sat on the cot, looking around the morosely with puffy, red eyes. She had been crying all day and was sure she was cried out by now. Her stomach was rolling, but she had nothing to throw up as she hadn’t eaten in over a day. She knew it was because of the claim, because Spike was cutting it off. If it was making her sick, she knew he had to be suffering from it as well. Then why was he doing it?

She still didn’t have answers for any of it. Why had he run?? She sniffled as she remembered it again. He had promised he wouldn’t leave her! He had promised! If she ever saw the sorry ass again she was so going to turn his head into her personal drum.

The flash of anger was quickly gone and she glanced around the basement, still decorated for their romantic evening. Her eyes avoided the washing machine. She was sure she was never going to be able to do laundry again here. Her gaze continued to where he had left his clothes and presents, having left too quickly to even dress completely as it was.

She picked up his beloved duster and lay back on the cot, holding it to her face so she could inhale his scent. Somewhere deep in her echoed the thought, my mate. The thought, while instinctual, caused a fresh wave of tears that she had thought she was out of.


Buffy picked her way through the cemetery, not really looking to encounter anything to slay that night. She hugged the duster closer around her as a slight breeze picked up and stung her nose. It ruffled her hair as well and she tossed it out of her face as she looked out across at his crypt. My mate, the thought echoed through her again and she gritted her teeth.

She turned to glance towards the front gates of the cemetery uneasily, having to screw her courage yet again before continuing towards the crypt. Stupid, stupid vampire...

She paused outside the door again, lifting her hand to knock but shaking her head. He had already sensed her and she really didn’t want to give him the chance to run from her again. He was going to face her whether he liked it or not. So, without further ado she kicked the door in with a loud crash.

“Oh good god,” she cried and stopped, staring ahead at the interior of the crypt. Why was she punished every time she busted in his door lately? This time she had a good reason, though!

Spike looked up guiltily from where he had been too preoccupied with the mannequin to realize she was there, especially with him blocking the claim. He clutched the absurd half of a human form, fearing what was going to happen as soon as she got over her shock.

“Are you drunk again?!” she demanded angrily before stomping towards him. She yanked the mannequin from his arms and looked at it, “Is this my blouse? Is this supposed to look like me?”

She shook it at him and he quaked, figuring next would be a busted nose and a black eye. Might as well own up to it and hope for leniency for the truth.

“Yes, it’s your blouse,” he licked his lips. “I knicked it from the laundry one night while I was over for cocoa an’ yeah, sort of tried t’ make it look like you. Not drunk, though.”

“At least you’re not wearing the stuff this time. Do you have anything else of mine downstairs?” She tossed it aside and headed for the opening to the lower level.

His eyes got wide as he realized she was going to find his hidden stash of Buffy things such as the photos and drawings. He lunged forward and grabbed her arm, tugging her back.

“Well... you have my duster, so... we’re even,” he sucked in his cheeks and put on his best glower.

“Yeah,” she raised a brow, “You left it when you ran out on me, along with all the clothes and your Christmas presents. Want to tell me why I find you here dancing with a mannequin if it’s not because you’re smashed?”

He let go of her arm and took a step back, glancing towards where the partial mannequin body lay. “I was pretendin’ it was you, obviously.”

She glared at him. “And that makes so much sense when you could easily have the real thing instead.”

He looked down at his feet, shifting slightly. “Is that what you came here for, t’ give me a piece of your mind an’ make sure I was miserable without you?” He lifted his gaze, a rebellious edge to it.

“If you are, it’s your own fault isn’t it?” she shot back. “And I came because I never got to give you my Christmas surprise.”

He put one hand on his hip and stuck the other one out expectantly. She rolled her eyes at him, nearly deciding to turn and leave him to his pissiness. Instead she bravely took another step towards him and started to open the duster slowly to reveal what she had hidden inside until then. It dropped to the ground and she stood before him nude except for a little red bow around her waist.

His jaw nearly hit the floor and he stood there dumbly with his hand still held out. She rolled her eyes and took another step towards him, taking the hand and putting it to her breast.

“Bloody hell, woman,” he finally muttered and brushed his thumb over the rosy peak almost reverently.

“Hurry up and unwrap me, you idiot. I’m friggin’ freezing standing in a crypt in my birthday suit obviously!” She started dancing from foot to foot to help generate some warmth. “Seriously, you wouldn’t let your mate die from frost bite would you?”

“I’d say you were already pretty much unwrapped, pet,” he leered at her. She was glad to finally see him acting himself and not like some brooding idiot. “Never washin’ my duster again.”

“Have you ever washed it to begin with?” she asked dryly.

“Hardy bloody har har...” He squeezed the breast in his hand and smirked at the gasp it wrought. “So my Christmas gift is a willin’ slayer t’ do with as I please, eh?”

Her tongue darted out to wet her lips and she nodded. This so better work.

The smirk grew into another leer and he let go of her breast. He tilted his head as he considered his present then started to prowl in a circle around her. She watched him, a little shiver going up her spine as she watched the predatory gleam in his eyes. This could potentially get out of hand. The thought scared her and turned her on all at the same time. The fear ebbed as she reminded herself that he wouldn’t hurt his mate and that’s when she held out her arm to stop him.

“On second thought, only if you do one thing for me,” she turned her head to the side to meet his dark gaze. He tilted his head questioningly and she continued, “Unblock the claim now or no deal.”

His lips tightened and for a moment she thought he was going to change his mind and turn her down. But in the next second, there were emotions and images flooding her psyche from what must be the link. She hadn’t really had a chance to experience the claim the night before in the brief moment before he had blocked her and ran. She arched a brow, suspecting he was purposefully trying to overload her with the sexual transmissions. Well, if he thought he was going to scare her off then he had another thing coming.

“Okay then,” she dropped her arm and gave him a sweet smile, a wicked challenge in her eyes, “Proceed with the ‘doing’.”

His brows lowered and he returned the challenging look. He prowled around her once more before leaving her to head for the opening to the lower level, giving a little growl as sign to follow. She rolled her eyes and followed slowly, leaping down after him and giving a surprised yelp when she was caught in mid-air. Their gazes met for a moment in the dim light coming from above, but before she could make a smart quip he was tossing her across the room onto the bed. She bounced, hair flying out around her and causing her to pause to catch her breath. She shot him a nasty look for that and he only smirked in return.

He made a show of slowly pulling his shirt up over his head and she watched in rapt anticipation. Next he undid his belt and fly, letting his cock spring free before bending to slide his jeans off and kick them away after removing his doc martins. She licked her lips again as she watched the bobbing appendage.

His eyes lifted while still bent over, catching her thoughts because of the claim. He straightened and for her benefit ran his fingers over the length then cupped himself, pumping once as he got off on watching her ogle him with obvious interest. Her arousal permeated the air and he inhaled deeply with a growl. My mate.

“You can’t do anything from all the way over there,” she said impatiently and started to sit up.

“You don’ got any patience, Slayer,” he scoffed and walked over to the alcove.

“And since when do you?” she shot back.

“Got plenty, or would’ve come t’ kill you as soon as I got int’ good ole Sunnyhell.”

“As if. You would have been dust.”

He growled at her in response and straightened, holding chains. Her eyes got wide and she looked up at him like she might bolt. Before she could, he lunged for the bed and grabbed her arm to pull her towards the alcove.

“You said I get t’ do what I want with you, so even if that means I want t’ shag you upside down then you got t’ do it,” he reminded her then paused as he actually considered that idea before shaking his head. Maybe another time.

“Well let’s hope you don’t make me regret that or you’ll be regretting it too for a very long time,” she batted her eyes in mock innocence as she sent imagery over the claim of her doing some particularly nasty things to his package.

With another low growl, he caught her around the neck and shoved her against the wall. He barely gave her a second to gasp before his mouth was on her in a bruising kiss. He nibbled and pulled at her lower lip, pressing his body into hers as more animalistic growls rumbled in his chest. My mate, the thought echoed through him again and he lifted his head to growl at her again in warning before turning back to his stash in the alcove.

He moved the chains aside then picked up a collar, turning back to her and spinning her around so he could press her into the wall with his hips while he put the collar on her neck. He made sure it was somewhat loose so it wouldn’t harm her before grabbing the chains again to hook them to one of the loops on the collar. With chain in hand, he finally let her up from the wall.

“Good to know we have de-evolved back to grunting,” Buffy quipped as he dragged her back to the bed with a grunt. She gave his back a wry look, hoping this would be worth it. Here she was putting herself on the line so that he would see she really wanted him and was willing to do something like this for him, willing to do it if it meant getting her mate back. He better see it by the time this was over or she was going to have to just beat it into him or something.

Once back at the bed, he pushed her back onto it again then bent over her to loop the chain around her wrists and the bars at the head of the bed. He glanced over her with an approving purr then looked down at her face while still bent over her, his cock pointing right at her face. His hips moved forward, teasing her lips with the tip and groaning when her tongue darted out to taste him. With a flick of her tongue, she caught the pre-cum leaking out of the slit then tried to lift her head to take him into her mouth. Another time, he decided and pulled away as he was sure that if he let her continue then soon he would be prematurely shooting his load all over her pretty face.

He gave her nipple a pinch to remind her who was in charge then got into position at the end of the bed between her legs. She was squirming in anticipation, getting the silk sheets quite damp. He caught her hips to stop the squirming and bent to latch his mouth onto her throat below the collar while starting to guide his cock into her.

//You trust me, yeah?// he suddenly sent over the claim with only the head nestled inside her.

She rolled her eyes, “Do you think I would have let you get this far or even offered if I didn’t? Now get on with it!”

She struggled to move her hips impatiently, but he held them fast and clamped his teeth on her flesh. She moaned and stilled, but still gave a little whimper to express her need. His tongue stroked the bite mark and he started to slide into her finally, sure that her wet heat would melt him. How could he ever give this up? He shoved the brooding thoughts aside, not that his brain was functioning all that well as he started thrusting into her hard.

“Ohh god... yes...” she moaned, tilting her head back at an awkward angle because of the chain.

He nibbled and licked down to her bouncing breasts, capturing one in his mouth to suckle as he continued thrusting. Her moans spurred him on, his pace quickening to bring them both to their peak. The claim fueled their passion, each able to share their pleasure with the other and enhancing the experience like never before. The new feelings also brought their orgasms quickly, almost too quickly, as soon Buffy was screaming as Spike buried his fangs in her breast. He followed right after, spilling his seed inside her and giving another couple thrusts before he succumbed to the grip of her well trained muscles.

“Oh ohhhh,” she panted as she closed her eyes again. “Spike... that was... the best ever!”

“An’ hopefully next time it’ll be better without us both shootin’ off quickly like a couple of randy virgins,” he commented into her shoulder then caught what he had said. He tried to correct himself, “You know... if we do... do this again...”

She frowned. “Unchain me, Spike.”

“Pet...” he lifted his head to look at her and she pressed her lips into a thinner line, “Okay.”

She sat up once she was free and rubbed her wrists with the collar still around her neck. Her eyes lifted to shoot green fire at him through her lashes. Finally, she just gave a growl and slapped him.

“You promised!” She shouted at him angrily.

He looked at her shocked then looked away with a stony expression. “That was before I got my memories back.”

“So? That’s no fucking excuse for what you did!” She sighed and tossed out her arms, “You claimed me, you can’t just take that back. You’re mine now! Tell me why so I can tell you how stupid you are and we can make up and... and... you know, get back to the good stuff.”

He wanted to revel in her affirming so vehemently that they were mates, but he wouldn’t let himself.

“I shouldn’ have,” he shook his head and continued to avoid looking at her. He got up and stalked over to the dresser to get a cigarette, lighting it up and taking a slow drag before continuing, “It wasn’ right, doin’ it like that.”

“Like I said, you’re stupid.”

He growled and flicked the cigarette away. “No! You didn’ want me, you wanted William back. It’s true what I said about him still bein’ in here somewhere, but he’s a very small part that I work very hard t’ repress.”

“Is that it?” she said with disdain, crossing her legs. “You’re still stupid.”

“Buffy!” He took a couple steps towards the bed and held up his hands like he would like to strangle her, but she continued to look up at him unaffected and he dropped his hands. “You didn’ want me an’ that’s understandable, ‘cause I’m far from worthy of you. I don’ got a bloody soul like Angel, just a ruddy chip that won’ let me protect you from any human threats.”

“Then it’s a good thing I can handle the humans, isn’t it?” she said boredly. “Look, I don’t want Angel and I’m sure life would be very boring if you were always like William or some goody-two-shoes like that. And really, isn’t it funny that you kept complaining how I was so full of myself then you turn around and act like you’re below me? Come on, Spike, I never thought you were this stupid.”

She really didn’t like this whiny, broody version of Spike. Too close to Angel, she did a mental gag. She hoped her attempts to taunt him back to his old self would work again, like earlier.

“You’re a right bitch, you know that, Slayer?” he shot back.

She gave a lazy shrug then smirked. “You’re an ass.”

He growled, turning towards the ladder to head back upstairs. Before he got a couple steps, she was up off the bed and tackling him to the ground. They rolled around, both trying to get the upper hand and knocking things over in their wake. Finally, Buffy ended up sitting on his chest with her knees to his shoulders. He would normally enjoy the view, but he was huffing unneeded air as he glared up at her.

“Once more, I do not just want William. I want all of your annoying ass self,” she panted and reached up a hand to brush back some sweaty hair sticking to her face. The bow now hung loosely around her hips after the scuffle. “I knew what I was agreeing to when I agreed to let you claim me, okay? And anyway, like you even said, you can’t divorce the claim or run away from it, so what is the point in you even fighting it now? You want it and I want it, and you’re just being silly by running off.”

“Was not,” he argued with a pout.

“You’re so adorable when you pout,” she giggled and ran her finger along his full bottom lip. He sucked it in petulantly and she laughed. “Oh stop it. Now you’re just being a big baby.”

“Am not.”

She rolled her eyes again. “Can I go on or are you going to persist with the immature retorts?” She took his silence as acquiescence and continued, “I’m not so stupid that I didn’t eventually pick up on some stuff. Ever since you got the stupid chip you’ve been changing, behaving yourself and stuff like that. Helping and doing stuff such as getting me a puppy when I cried. Then as William you tried to change as well, becoming a modern man because you thought that would help you get me. And well, guess it worked. Then the same with the other Spike, acting like William somewhat because you thought that was what I wanted then. Always trying to change yourself to please me and trying to win me over? I may have been a little slow on the uptake, but I got it now.”

“So,” he sucked in his cheeks and arched his scarred brow, “What is it you want?”

“Duh,” she reached down to flick him in the forehead, “You to act like yourself!”

“You really are a right abusive bird,” he finally smirked.

“Oh, are you going to cry?” she stuck out her tongue.

She yelped as he flipped her over onto her back, capturing the offending tongue. His fingers skimmed over her heated flesh, murmuring endearments into her mouth. He finally sat up, pulling her into his lap.

“Are we good now?” she asked hopefully.

He nuzzled her neck. “Very good, pet.”

“I’m so not living in a crypt. Just so you know.”

La Fin.