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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
4 - Presents
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


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CHAPTER 4 – Presents

I paid heed. I actually paid heed to my poofter of a grandsire's advice. I had taken my sweet angelic Elizabeth. I had felt her and tasted her but in turn she had weaved her spell and captured me. The one night of pleasure that I yearned for was not enough and a part of me doubted that my hunger for my sweet angel could ever be satisfied. She was supposed to be dead in the morning. It was to be one night of passion where her body would warm my own and flesh would remember something other than bloodlust. She was suppose to be mine and mine alone – forever a part of my being as her life would become fuel for my existence. Her moans and sighs were no longer to be heard and the memory of them was solely my property. That was how it was suppose to be. However, life can be quite humorous.

She had enraptured me and I found myself night after night yearning for her embrace. Each night she waited and like a proper gentleman I walked her home. Then I would leave her in the company of her family only to return hours later after taking a body or two into me. She then waited till the house turned to silence before slipping out of her room and into the barn where I whisked her away to heaven with muffled moans and passionate sighs.

In public, we were perhaps an odd pair -- a gentleman courting a farmer's daughter. However in the dark, behind closed doors we danced the oldest of dances in nothing more than what we were born with. She had drawn me into her and I found myself not wanting to leave. In her arms I felt eerily safe like it was something familiar that I had merely forgotten.

My darling Dark Princess had protested but once that I smelled of another. She seemed hurt and surprisingly it felt like sweet vengeance. How many nights had she spurned me for Angelus' touch? How many times did I plead like a stupid lad at the fact that she wouldn't walk beside me when we hunted?

" ‘ave you turned away from me my Dark Knight?"

"Was I even truly yours? And so what if I ‘ave found someone else to play with?" I spat back.

"She is imperfect. She is unworthy." she said calmly, leaning her forehead against mine. "Dear Spike ... will you not kiss me? Will you not kiss Mummy?"


"No pouting from my darling Spike." She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a kiss. "Mummy wants to play tonight. I want to ‘unt. I want to feed. I want to ‘ear the delicious cries that women make when they're against you. … When they’re between us. Mmmm ..." she said rubbing her belly. "Can we play?"

How could I resist when she asked so nicely? The anger was gone. My Dark Princess wanted me and one night away from Elizabeth was a small price to pay.

My wicked plum held onto my arm and the hunt was like it had been in the past. But I soon found out between feedings that thoughts of my angel burned brightly in my mind. I felt guilt of having abandoned her for one night. Perhaps she would be furious. Perhaps she would scream or maybe even cry. But with a small pout and a passionate kiss she should find it in her heart to forgive me. That should be enough. If it wasn’t, then I'm sure we would both enjoy all the different ways I would grovel to get back into her good graces.

a week later ...

"Wot? You cannot be serious!"

"Please! Will you not do it for me my Spike?"

"But in Paris? The bloody doll makers are just as good here in London."

"But I want something different and Mummy is making Daddy go there anyway."

"Bollocks! You think it's a good idea that I accompany the Poofter?"

"You will be a good boy. You will be a good boy for Daddy."

"Bugger that!"

She drew me into her arms and kissed me gently on the cheek. "Please? We'll have a party when you return."

With a sigh, I hung my head. My sire had asked me to search for something and though I wanted to protest some more, I knew I had no choice. When Darla and Dru put their minds into something there really was no arguing. So Angelus took me with him as we left the comfort of England and headed to Paris.

The bints wanted dresses and trinkets and bobbles and it seemed strange that they wanted us to get it for them. None of it made sense. Why send a couple of blokes to do their shopping? Dru wanted a new doll and a new dress and sad to say, I actually had an inkling of what to get her.

Angelus was fairly amused about the prospect of the trip. “Come now William. Don’t look so downcast. A different city to sink our teeth into. I’m sure the pretties here would prove quite alluring.”

“But why send us ‘ere? You’d think they’d want to do this themselves.”

“Perhaps they’re testing our devotion.” Angelus laughed out loud. “Aaah, who can understand a woman anyway? I need a change of pace and definitely a new set of clothes.”

“I could use a good ol’ fashion brawl.”

“So brash William.” Angelus said wrinkling his nose.

“I would ‘ave thought you’d understand the allure of it Liam. Nothing like a good fight and a large pint of ale.”

Angelus shook his head and his eyes flashed yellow in warning. “You best get it out of your system here. I do not want you to put the family in danger like before. Do that again and I’ll find a Slayer myself and feed you to her.”

“Mmmm … reckon I might do it just to meet one.”

Angelus gave me another icy glare but it soon faded when a pretty lass caught his eye. “Time for lessons William. You think you can fetch me that one?”

“Do I get to taste this time or just leave ‘er begging for more?”

“Start slow. The nights still young.”

I nodded curtly and set out after the lass. The game was seduction and despair. Taking her wouldn’t be as blunt as cornering her in an alley and draining her dry. No. Angelus craved the fear he could give them just as much as the blood he could take from them. So I let the act begin by befriending the young lass then leading her to a quiet spot. From there the play progressed according to the victim’s whims. But in the end, the act ended in the same way. … Blood. … Moans. … Screams. … Death.

… around a week later …. Back in England

I was surprised but thankful that Angelus was in a good mood as we stepped off the train. The week or so trip away from England did plenty to lighten his mood. He even hired a coach to take us back to the house that we have made our home for the past couple of months. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it. We had mountains of packages and there was no bloody way we would have been able to bring all of that back from the train station. No. He seemed happy for some reason. I guess I shouldn’t argue. He did get me a new pair of boots and two new suits.

Drusilla greeted us at the door. It was obvious that she was excited about something since she danced and giggled in the front parlor.

“ ‘appy to see me my wicked ripe plum?” I said finally catching her in my arms.

“Oooooh … Yes! Yes!” she said with a playful growl. “I missed my Spike. ‘e was gone for so very long.” I felt her lips capture mine as she wrapped her arms around my neck possessively. It felt good that for once Dru placed her affections on me before Angelus but still it seemed strange that she was overly excited.

“We brought you presents.” I said between kisses.

Dru gave me the sweetest smile. “Presents. You and Daddy brought presents. Does Ms. Edith ‘ave a new friend to play with?”

“Yes. Ms. Edith ‘as a new playmate. I think you’ll like ‘er. I picked ‘er out myself.”

Drusilla squealed in delight as she released me then made her way to Angelus. “What did Daddy get me?”

“Everything you asked for.” He said with a devious grin.

“I’ve been good. … I’ve been very good. Mommy says so. Can I show ‘im now? Is it time for our party?”

I gave Angelus a puzzled look. “Party? What are you talking about pet?”

“You’ll see. You’ll see. I’ll go get Mommy and then we can start the party. I’ve been good. … I ‘aven’t touched the present. Didn’t want to give the surprise away.” Drusilla said playfully making her way up the stairs and disappearing into a bedroom.

“Oi, do you know what she’s talking about mate?”

“Patience William.”

It seemed like I wasn’t going to get a straight answer from anyone. I just shook my head and let my coat slide from my frame. Then it hit. A scent. A scent I had not experienced in over a week. The trip to Paris was filled with pleasure and pain for though I indulged myself in blood and drink, my thoughts often fluttered to Elizabeth. I found myself staring at fading stars as the sun rose. I often wondered what she was doing at that moment as I hid into the confines of my room to sleep the day away. That scent. Her scent. But here? How? Only Angelus knew I craved the farm girl. Did Angelus tell the others my secret?

With a quick turn of my head I saw her. She was angelic still though flanked on either side by my sire and Darla. What was she doing here? What had they done to her? As I gazed upon her beauty, I knew the one thing that my senses were missing -- the one thing that made this entire scene seem surreal. She had no heart beat.

Dru rushed on ahead of Elizabeth and Darla and planted herself in my arms. “You like Spike? Do you like ‘er?”

I tried to look into Elizabeth’s eyes but she would not look at me. Why wouldn’t she look at me? Why does she seem guilty? Why does she seem so ashamed? I let my eyes wander over to Darla and gave her a questioning look.

“Do you not like her William? She is a gift for our precious boy. She is still very young but I can tell she is strong. “

“But ‘ow? When?”

“Wanted to surprise you. Wanted to make you ‘appy. Saw ‘er I did swimming in your ‘ead. So I made ‘er for you.” Dru said smiling and twirling about.

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