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Master by Aurora
Chapter Four -New Wardrobe
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Chapter Four: New Wardrobe

It seemed to have been at least three days since Buffy had made her pact with Spike, but how long had it actually been? She wasn’t sure. She had spent most of her time just sleeping, trying to recover from the first forty-eight hours of being captured. She slept most of the day and even into the evening, until Spike came back into the room just a little after sunset. He hadn’t touched her since the other night; she figured he was giving her time since he knew she wouldn’t fight him anymore. Spike usually arrived with food whenever he came into the room and she would eat it; she didn’t really have a choice in the matter. The three days had felt like one big haze to her, only sleeping and eating, but on the morning of the fourth day she woke up and pulled herself out of bed.

The floor was cold, making her scurry to the washroom. Buffy needed to shower; she felt disgusting. Her hair was greasy and tangled, she knew she looked horrible and she figured she probably didn’t smell much better either. Slowly turning on the tap, she filled the tub with steaming water, adding a bit of the lily scented body wash she remembered Spike had used the last time she had bathed. Throwing off the black t-shirt and easing herself into the hot water, Buffy let the warmth consume her as she sank into the bubbles. She tried her best to wash the grime off her body, but she didn’t have anything other than the body wash. She knew she was going to have to ask Spike for shampoo and other hygienic essentials. Buffy dunked her head, scrubbing her hair vigorously before coming back up. Once she wiped the water from her face, she saw two piercing ice blue eyes gazing down at her.

“Decided on a bath, pet? Good call,” he said never taking his eyes off of her.

“Yeah well, I was getting a little too ripe,” she replied.

Spike chuckled. “You want me to get Natasha in here sometime today? So she can get you whatever you need?”

Buffy only nodded as she continued to scrub herself. Deciding she was finished she glanced up at Spike, who hadn’t moved at all since he had found her bathing. “You mind?” she asked.

“Not at all, luv,” he said, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorframe.

Buffy was annoyed. Sure he’d already seen her naked, didn’t mean she shouldn’t want some privacy. “If you’re going to stay, could you at least hand me the towel?”

Buffy stood up as Spike passed her the towel, his eyes wandering to places they shouldn’t. She ignored it and wrapped herself up before stepping out. Her eyes fell upon the dirty black shirt she had been wearing the past few days. “You wouldn’t by any chance have anything else I could wear in the meantime?”

Spike snapped out of his stare fest and walked into the room, with Buffy following behind him. He pulled open a drawer of the only dresser in the room and pulled out another clean black t-shirt. Buffy rolled her eyes at the fact that it was all he had to wear. Thanking him, she quickly dropped the towel and slipped on the shirt; like the other one it barely covered her ass, coming down to her mid thigh. She raked her fingers through her wet hair as best she could before sitting down on the bed, throwing the blankets back on her. She forgot how cold the house was until the goose bumps and shivers reminded her.

“I brought you some food,” Spike said, pointing to the paper bag that was on the floor beside the bed. Sighing, Buffy picked up the bag and hoped that it wasn’t anything from a fast-food place. One more cheeseburger and she was going to toss her cookies. Finding a wrapped up ham sandwich and a Styrofoam container of chicken soup made Buffy smile.

She ate in silence, slightly unnerved by the fact that Spike kept watching her from his position half way across the room. Needing to break the quiet void, Buffy asked, “So, what do you do during the day?”

“Why do you ask, pet?”

“Just that you can’t go outside in the sun and your not here either, so what do you do all day?” she asked stirring her soup with a plastic spoon.

“Not much. Keep the minions in line, check up on the others, stay in the shadows; I don’t know, the usual,” he answered shrugging his shoulders.

“You mean all those vampires are all downstairs?” she inquired. Buffy knew that the house was filled with vampires, but she didn’t really know how many there actually were.

“Not all, but most. Minions usually come and go, but the rest are here.”

“If their not minions, are they Childers?” she prodded further.

Spike laughed. “No, I haven’t got any Childers, luv. I guess you could call them my lieutenants, my seconds-in-command.”

“Like Natasha?”

“Natasha, Damon and Vincent are the three I trust, but there are others who I consider more than just expendable fledglings.” He responded, watching her continue to eat, appearing unfazed by what he was saying. “What’s with the sudden inquisitiveness, pet?”

“Don’t know. Just curious I guess. If I’m gonna be here I might as well know who’s who and what’s what,” she stated just as she finished her last bite of sandwich.

Spike smiled at her genuine interest in her new place of residence. He had been careful not to push her in the past few days and it paid off. Her strength was back and she was more at ease with him. He knew she would never fully accept being held captive and deep down she would always long to be free. Yet from what he could see, she was trying, for the time being anyway. Getting up from his chair, Spike headed for the door. “I’ll get things set up with Tasha. Go ahead and watch some telly if you get bored, luv.”

Buffy’s eyes flew to the medium sized screen placed in front of the couch in the other corner of the room. When she heard the door shut, she grabbed a blanket and dashed to the couch. Nothing like a soap marathon to distract me, she thought as she wrapped herself in the comforter. Finding the remote, she settled into an afternoon of degrading talk shows and twisted plot dramas.


“I’m not doing it.”

Spike was getting annoyed. He had asked Natasha to go out and get things for Buffy, but the bint refused to budge. “Wasn’t really askin’ as so much as orderin’, luv. Now go on and get what she needs.”

Natasha glared at him. “What’s with this human anyway?” she asked, poignantly crossing her arms.

“’S none of you’re concern,” Spike grumbled, pushing down his impulse to smack her for her insolence.

“Of course it is. She’s a liability to all of us. Did you even consider what would happen if word got out you had a pet human? Every single one of your enemies would know she would be an easy way to get to you. And the strange thing is that, for some inexplicable reason, I think you would probably do whatever they asked just to get her back. You worked too fucking long and hard to throw it all away,” Natasha pointed out, getting very flustered.

“Sure you’re not just jealous, pet?”

“Please! I got over you a long time ago,” she said, glaring furiously at him.

“Is that right? ’S not really comin’ through in your plea to get rid of Buffy.”

“Buffy? You’re calling the human by her name now? And what the hell kind of name is Buffy anyway?”

“Oh right, you don’t sound jealous at all.”

“I am not jealous!” she yelled, drawing the attention of other nearby vamps. Lowering her voice, she added, “I never asked for you to keep her. I thought we were bringing you back a meal you could play with, not coddle and spoil.”

“Well, that’s the rub now innit? You don’t get to decide what I choose to do with her. She’s mine. I’m not gonna debate this with you,” he remarked, quickly adding, “And you will treat her as though she were my Childe and do everything else that comes with that title.”

“Speaking of Childers, why didn’t you just turn her? It’d simplify everything up so much,” she asked.

“Not gonna do it and the reasons are my own,” he replied coldly.

“Fine. Whatever. Just ask yourself if a hot body to fuck is worth losing your Clan over?” she spat back as she headed towards the basement exit, immediately stopping when she realized he was still continuing the conversation.

“Be careful Tash. I might allow you to voice your opinion, and sometimes I actually listen, but I won’t tolerate your impudence. It will be my only warning. Do anything to that girl and you’ll be beggin’ me to stake you.”


Buffy was in the middle of Teenage Paternity Tests on Maury when the door creaked open. Expecting to see a platinum blond head to pop in, she was a little put back at a woman coming into the room. Buffy eyes stayed on who she presumed was Natasha. The vampiress was of fair height, maybe a little taller than she was and she was definitely fit. Her hair was long and dark, almost black, and her brown eyes were large surrounded by thick lashes. Buffy noticed the bundle Natasha was carrying as she made her way to the couch. Dropping the few bags she was holding, she glared down at Buffy, obviously unhappy she had to run errands for the Master’s new pet.

“I got you some clothes, mostly jeans and tees, some other things Spike wanted you to wear and toiletries. If I missed anything, let Spike know and I’ll get it,” the vampire explained, her voice lacking any true interest.

Buffy looked up at Natasha’s face, not sure if she was afraid of her. “Thanks. I know you probably didn’t like being sent out for things that some human needed.”

The glare turned into a perplexed pout as Natasha hadn’t expected Buffy to say much, let alone that. Sighing she sat down on the couch. “It’s not a problem.”

Buffy sat awkwardly next to Natasha, unsure why she didn’t just leave. “So, you’re a vampire?” she asked, flinching the moment the words had left her mouth.

Natasha turned to look at her, a slightly amused smile pulling at her lips. “Yeah, and you’re a human.”

“That I am.” It was Buffy’s turn to look confused. “Spike’s not here, so why aren’t you all with the ‘grrrr’ and the going for the throat?”

“Because if I do, I’ll have to face a really pissed off Spike. And I personally like having all my limbs still functionally attached to my body, thank you.”

“I see.”

“So don’t worry. As long as Spike’s the big chief, you’re safe,” Natasha commented.

“What happens if he loses his head honcho title?” Buffy asked, quite concerned.

Natasha laughed out loud. “Won’t happen. There’s a reason why he’s our leader and it’s not because he gives dental.” The vampire became serious when she further added, “But if it did happen, you’d be up for grabs.”

Buffy suddenly became extremely uncomfortable. “So how do you know Spike?” she asked, needing to change the topic.

Easing up a bit herself, Natasha shrugged, “Known each other a while, even when he was still with Dru. God, we use to have such a wild time. Those were the good old days. I think we met in a bar in New York. But we didn’t band together until he showed up here a few years after that. I still remember it like yesterday. He walks into our lair, all fangs and attitude, proclaims himself leader and by the next night had everyone under his thumb. Vincent and I didn’t know whether to fight him on it or not. I guess he made an impression because we’ve been by his side ever since.”

“Spike mentioned Vincent. Said he considered him one of his right hand guys,” Buffy reflected out loud. “Is Vincent your Childe?”

Another giggle escaped the vampire’s lips. “No. He’s just a companion from way back; known him longer than I’ve known Spike. And Vincent has been a vamp way longer than both Spike and I have.”

“And he wasn’t upset that a younger vampire took control of his Clan?”

“Sure at first he was kinda unhappy about it. But what can I say, Spike’s an amazing leader,” Natasha replied, with a glint in her eye that could only be explained by admiration for her general.

“Are you and Spike…together?” Buffy inquired, unsure why she even wanted to know.

“We had a thing, right after Druscilla left him. He was lonely and horny and I was his available. He ended it but I didn’t fight it. Being the rebound after a relationship like the one he had with Druscilla was exhausting, to say the least.”

“Who’s Druscilla?” Buffy asked.

“A person I put behind me a long time ago,” the voice said behind them.

Spike entered the room just as Buffy had asked the question, uncertain how he felt about Natasha revealing the details of his past. Natasha stood up and nodded to Spike as she made her way to leave. “Got her what she needed. Told her to tell you if I missed anything,” she stated as she closed the door behind her.

Buffy remained on the couch as Spike made his way over to her, pulling off his duster as he sat down in Natasha’s spot. “So, what were you and Tash gabbin’ about, pet?”

“Nothing really. I was simply inquring into the workings of your clan. You know just gossip,” Buffy joked, suppressing a giggle.

“If there’s anything you wanna know, you don’t have to sneak around and ask Tash; I’m right here to answer whatever little query is naggin’ that blond head of yours,” he stated, giving her his trademark smirk.

Deciding to take him up on his offer, Buffy immediately asked, “Who’s Druscilla?”

Spike instantly groaned. “No one you should worry about, luv.” He got up and walked over to his dresser and pulled out a bottle of Jack from one of the drawers. Pouring himself a glass, he brought it and the bottle back to the couch. Taking a long sip, he sat back down, slouching down and sprawling out as much as he could. He continued to drink his whiskey, blatantly ignoring her question.

“Is she an ex?” Buffy pushed.

“She was the ex,” Spike emphasized before taking a big gulp. “Was the face of my salvation she was. She made me a vampire and ever since that night in that cold London alley, I was hers. Dru was my world, my everything.”

“Bad break up, huh?”

Spike’s face distorted into a look of pure pain and morose, making Buffy regret her persistence. “The worst. I spent more than a century with her; took care of her when she was sick, but the minute she gets her strength back, I’m suddenly not as important anymore. She had the nerve to say I was obsessed with the Clan, went on about how the stars told her I would stop loving her and then one day, I found her with a Chaos demon. Have you ever seen a Chaos demon? They’re nothing but slime and antlers. She left me that same night, ran off to South America, I think. So, I found myself alone, for the first time since I had been turned. All I had left was my Clan.”

Buffy was surprised at how hurt and emotional he was getting from explaining his ex to her. How could someone, who killed without so much as a second thought, be in so much pain over a break up? Spike was a merciless cold blooded murderer and here he was pouring out all these feelings of loss and rejection. Buffy was so thrown. “Can vampires love?”

“Yeah we can. Lucky us,” he replied, scowling at nothing in particular.

Buffy didn’t know what to do. She knew what it was like to lose someone you loved but she didn’t know how to comfort him. Placing a gentle hand on his back, she patted him gently. “You’re not alone anymore.”

Her words shook him out of his ill temperament as his shocked eyes turned to look at the hand that she was comforting him with. Pulling his eyes up to find hers, he saw kindness in their hazel depths, which only unsettled him further. The feeling he had had that other night, when he had held her while she slept had resurfaced; it almost felt like his dead heart was beating again. What was she doing to him? Why was she so nice to him all of a sudden?

Buffy knew that if she wanted her time as Spike’s slave to be pleasant, she needed to give a little. If she was nice to him, maybe he’d be nice back. She gave him a warm smile and pulled her hand away slowly, letting it fall into her lap. Maybe he might reciprocate her kindness, maybe he wouldn’t; it was at least worth a try.

Finishing off the once full glass of whiskey, Spike poured himself some more and took another big drink before mentioning, “You weren’t so willing to be my friend a few days ago, luv.”

Buffy shrugged. “No point in being a bitch. I can be civil.”

“’ppreciate it. Know it ain’t easy to play nice with the vamp that’s keepin’ you prisoner.”

‘Not to mention the same vamp that fucked her, used her and humiliated her all within a twenty-four hour span,’ Buffy added in her mind, knowing that he was thinking the same. “No biggie. So, I guess I better try on whatever Natasha brought me. How did she know my size anyway?”

“I gave her your old clothes. Your boots and underwear are still in the loo,” he said pointing in the direction of the bathroom.

She simply nodded as she got up from the couch, carefully bending at the knees to pick up her bags as to not flash the vampire. Buffy dashed to the washroom, eager to change out of her black t-shirt attire and into anything that resembled normal clothing.

Locking the door, she threw off the shirt and rummaged through the bag, finding some clean underwear, blue denims, black pants and an assortment of colored tops. Buffy dressed quickly, opting for the jeans and a red tank, before she opened the other plastic bag that had much needed toiletries. Freshening up and tying her long blond hair up into a ponytail, she opened the last bag and nearly gasped at what was inside. Apparently this was the bag with the things Spike wanted her to wear. The bag was filled with leather skirts, corsets, stockings and other pieces of clothing that would make a courtesan blush. Deciding to ignore the third bag, Buffy left them in the washroom, hoping Spike wasn’t actually serious about making her wear those things.

Buffy entered the room to find Spike still drinking from the now nearly empty bottle of Jack. He didn’t look drunk; she figured vampires had a better tolerance for the fire liquids than mere mortals. She sat back down next to him, lost for anything to say.

Spike turned to look at her, as though he had just realized she was sitting next to him. His eyes trailed over her now clothed form and he smiled in approval. The little red top she was wearing dipped low enough to give him a good view of her cleavage, making him grow hard. Her scent suddenly seemed stronger and he could have sworn her skin looked flawless even though he knew a few days back she had been badly beaten.

The bottle of Jack hadn’t gotten him drunk in the slightest, but it did sort of numb the pain he felt whenever he even thought of Druscilla. Gracefully inching his way closer to her, Spike placed a hand on her neck and stroked his mark, receiving the moan from her lips that he had been hoping his touch would elicit. He could smell her arousal intensify as he continued to lazily circle the wound with his finger. Spike wanted her badly. Every night since the last and only time he had fucked her, he tried to think of anything else, even resorted to finding cold comfort from one of his minions, but it wasn’t the same. After being inside her heat, Spike couldn’t be with anyone else. He wanted her so bad it was making him crazy.

Buffy felt herself lie back as Spike continued to stroke her neck with her eyes glazed over with lust and breath hitched in her throat. He hovered above her, taking in the sight of her. Her chest erratically rose and fell with every flick of his thumb against her neck; her usually tanned skin was flushed and glistened in the poorly lit room; and her small wonderful mouth was alternatively letting out small moans and biting its bottom lip. Spike leaned down and latched his mouth on her neck, gently sucking on the erogenous region of her wound. Buffy cried out in ecstasy; she could swear she could see sparks. The feeling only intensified as Spike started to grind his unbelievably hard erection into the junction between her legs as he simultaneously licked and nipped her neck. Buffy couldn’t take much more.

“Master,” she huskily called out, remembering the last time he had teased her.

Spike growled into her throat, swiftly reaching down and unbuttoning her jeans along with his own, desperately pulling them down far enough, but never breaking contact. As soon as the denim obstructions were at their knees, Spike entered her. He madly pumped into her, hissing from the heat she exuded; he could swear she was going to burn him to a cinder.

“Buffy…” he mumbled as he frantically fucked her, his pubic bone smashing into her clit.

“Spike!” she screamed out, not realizing she had called him by name as she came.

The sensation of Buffy’s inner muscles clamping and pulsating around him and hearing her cry out his name, made Spike instantly come. Grunting, he spilled his cool seed, collapsing on top of her, utterly spent.

For a few moments, neither one of them moved, until Spike began to stir. Lifting his head to look down at her, his lips floated inches away from hers, proposing the possibility of him kissing her. As he lowered his mouth closer, Buffy quickly turned away, giving him her cheek. Outwardly unaffected by her mild rejection, Spike pushed himself off of her, doing up his jeans as he sat up. Realizing her lower half was still exposed, Buffy struggled to pull her jeans back on. She sat up, fidgeting with her clothing, trying to fix herself up, doing anything to avoid looking at the vampire beside her.

He had tried to kiss her and she had turned away. Of course she turned away. Buffy freaked the moment she saw those luscious lips heading her way. How could he try and kiss her? ‘Well you do let him screw you,’ she inwardly scolded. But kissing to Buffy was different. There are so many more emotional implications with one chaste kiss then there were with a million fucks. She couldn’t let Spike kiss her. To her it would mean she had feelings for him. And how could she? He was a soulless blood sucking fiend. She could never love him. Her conscience couldn’t overlook what he was to love him, couldn’t trust him enough to love him. Her body, for the moment, was his and she accepted that. Buffy had submitted and with that came the Spike-gets-sex-whenever-he-wants clause. But it didn’t give him right to her heart, never her heart.

Spike remained still, uncertain again of his feelings. He had tried to kiss her and she turned away. The hot fuck should have been enough, so why in the bloody hell did he try to kiss her? He could remember lying on top of her, her small warm body pressed beneath his, and all he could focus on was how he would have liked to press his lips against hers. The odd feeling of contentment had filled him as he had gazed down into her hazel eyes, but that had been short lived. His stupid move to kiss her, only to receive her blatant rejection left him feeling dejected, like a cold steel blade churning in his gut. What was happening to him? How did she bring out things in him he hadn’t felt in over a century? Memories of Cecily and ‘being beneath’ resurfaced, making Spike long for another drink. Getting up, he made his way to his liquor stash without so much as a word to the girl beside him.

*some dialogue taken from 'Lovers Walk'

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