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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
7 - The Party
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


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CHAPTER 7 – The Party

A/N: Graphic violence please be warned…

… a year or so later … circa 1883 …

No matter where we went or where Angelus felt like taking the family to feed, Sera was always there. We always hunted side by side and I knew my wicked plum was utterly delighted when we would dance with each other. She said we looked like a fairy tale -- a prince and princess waltzing over their kingdom. Maybe that was what inspired me to do it that one night.

Angelus had decided he felt like feeding on something more aristocratic. He somehow managed to get us into a fairly modest ball. It was modest only because the host had decided to invite a chosen few. The party was quite extravagant -- ornate gowns, exquisite food and servants all ready to do as their master wished. As usual, Angelus had Darla and Dru on either arm as he made the necessary formalities with the host of the ball. Sera and I decided to lose ourselves in the crowd, each scanning for potential victims that would satisfy our thirst for the night.

"Problems, my sweet Sera?" I said when she sighed and leaned her head against my arm.

"No ... not really." she said with a slight pout.

"Then why are you pouting, luv? Or is that for me?" I said leaning down to erase the pout from her lips with a kiss.

"I thought we would have fun tonight, but ... "

"But?” I casually perused the room and realized why she was somewhat disappointed. “I see. No young lads in ‘ere that suit your fancy, pet?"

"No. But I see a number of women that I know you can't wait to sink your teeth into."

"My darling knows me well."

"I think it's unfair that you’re going to get what you want tonight."

The string quartet the host had hired for the evening had started playing another song and I grabbed Sera's hand pulling her to the dance floor. "In the end it will all be the same, luv. But will you let me try and make it enjoyable for you? I'm sure between the two of us we can make things quite interesting." I said giving her a quick wink as we fell into place. Her skirt swirled around as her hips moved from side to side.

"You spoil me too much, Spike."

"Mum will torture me if I do not treat ‘er baby right."

"Is that all?" she said leaning closer, her lips barely touching my own.

"Well I ‘ave my reasons, pet."

"Care to share them with me?"

"Maybe. ... But right now let me be the perfect gentleman and make you the envy of every woman in the room."

If Sera could blush, her cheeks would be red by now. I held her close to me maybe a little too possessively as we danced to the music and my attentions were focused on her. I was lost in her. Nothing else seemed to matter except for the feel of her against me. Her eyes looked upon me with such kindness though her body spoke of other emotions within her. My Sera was divine. She giggled as we danced around the dance floor, and being a man of my word I made her the envy of every female in the room.

She squeezed my hand gently and motioned with her eyes in the direction where Drusilla sat. My Dark Princess was playing her part. She was batting her eyelashes coyly at the small group of gentlemen that had gathered around her. Darla was on the other side of the room, doing pretty much the same thing. Angelus was … Angelus was headed our way. The damn ponce was always around when I was enjoying myself. He placed a firm hand on my shoulder.

“May I cut in, cousin?”

So we were to be cousins today. Guess that was a better explanation than nephew or brother. “No you may blo … No you may not, cousin.” I said catching myself in time before the curse word came out.

“It’s time William. I’ll keep Sera company for you.” He said calmly though I can see the annoyance in his eyes caused by my obvious defiance. With a sigh, I relinquished my hold on Sera, giving a slight bow.

The sound of her skirt gently brushing the dance floor was the last my vampire ears heard as I exited the room and headed towards the servants quarters. Yes, tonight the bloody ponce didn’t want to be bothered with peasant blood. He was wearing his finest clothes for the evening and god forbid that it be stained with commoner flesh. I, on the other hand, could care less but doing this meant being away from Sera.

Would she fall into the bloody ponce's hands like Dru? She was young and impressionable. The fact that Angelus was our grandsire did not make me feel comfortable about the situation. The obvious attraction between sire and child would always be there and though Angelus did not sire us directly, he still held some power over us. There was nothing I could do about that. The damn poofter didn't really seem that interested in her since he had his little daughter and Darla to occupy his days and nights. But the damn wanker saw himself as the head of the family, even though Darla was rightfully our progenitor. He would claim everything as his, and perhaps it was only a matter of time before he would try to take Sera for himself. There was no way in bloody hell that I was going to allow that to happen. He took Dru away from me. He wasn’t going to take Sera as well. ... Unless Sera herself wanted to be with him.

I shook my head trying to erase the doubt that was trying to take root inside me. Now was not the time for uncertainty. I had a job to do. I had a hunger to feed. At least the stable boys would put up a decent fight and the maids would provide some form of amusement.


A small group of males were busy gambling in one part of the stable as the smell of humans, alcohol, horses and feces filled the air. There were fifteen of them in total. There were ten coach drivers and five stable boys. The stable was far enough from the main house that any commotion would go unnoticed.

I carefully removed my coat and folded it neatly along with other articles of clothing that were too precious to be in a fight. Muscles ached for the violence and the demon inside was anxious for the taste of blood. There was no need for subtlety. The objective was to kill all of them so why waste the energy in talking when fists were more than enough.

Thankfully, they only had one entrance opened at the time, the entryway for the horses was shut due to the colder weather. Quietly, I locked those doors from the outside then made my way around to enter the stables. I moved with stealth and climbed up the carefully arranged tower of hay. Bracing myself between the stable wall and the precarious tower I just climbed, I pushed with my legs to topple it over. A loud crash rang through out the stable as hay now blocked the only exit.

The crash caused the stable boys to come rushing towards the entrance. Each one sighed as their heavy footsteps told of their obvious frustration at having to clear up the mess at such a late hour. Their complaints were a muffled mess to my ears as I made my way towards bigger game.

The first one hardly had time to gasp as his neck was broken. I moved quickly to the next two, knocking one hard into the ground unconscious while the other was drained of blood. With fangs and blood, I turned to the other seven. Two screamed in terror at the sight of the demon before them and ran towards one of the exits. The other five had enough alcohol in them to be courageous enough to face the unknown and attacked much to my delight.

It was an exhilarating enough exercise I suppose. Punches and kicks were exchanged though I pulled a few of my blows just to prolong the violence. One was even brave enough to find a pitchfork which made things quite interesting. He lunged at me with its pointed edge and I gave him some glimmer of hope by jumping back a few times. Then, seeing the budding confidence within him, I caught the base of the handle with my left hand as he swung his weapon in from his right. I felt the slight sting as one of the prongs hit flesh but it was nothing. With a firm grip on the wooden handle, I used his weight against him, throwing him back a few feet. I felt someone coming after me from behind and I twisted the pitchfork and had him impaled. A shocked gasped escaped what was left of his lungs as his blood spilled forth onto dirty metal. The smell of blood urged me forward until there was none left except for the two cowards that ran and the stable boys.

I found the two cowards, cowering in a corner, praying to a god that would be silent tonight. They did nothing except shove a small cross in front of themselves, hoping against hope that that would drive me away. I knocked their precious trinket from their hands, ignoring the slight burn when metal touched skin. They watched with frightful eyes as they continued to chant their litany of prayers. Prayers soon turned into screams as their life ebbed into my throat.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought that maybe in some small way I was actually helping them get closer to their god.


“Miss, you shouldn’t be here. It’s dangerous. We’ve …”

“Aaaah…. She’s one of them…”

“… RUN!”

“But where… aaah…”

As I made my way towards the strangled screams of children, a flash of honey blond hair and white fabric had engulfed one boy, while an outstretched hand had another lad attached to it. She looked up with golden eyes full of hunger. She released the boy against her, the body falling to the ground with a small thud. No sooner had she done this, that she was on her other victim’s throat, moaning softly as she drank the boy’s life into her. She made quick work of all five stable boys. Their bodies on the ground around her. Their blood staining her lips and neck.

“Wot are you doing ‘ere, pet?”

“ I missed you.” She said taking a step towards me.

“Angelus let you go?”

“I told him it was unfair that you were getting all the fun.”

“You just wanted to sink your teeth into some pretty lads, am I right luv?”

“Maybe. … Or maybe I wanted to sink my teeth into something else.”

She was here. She found her way here to be with me. The thought of it was comforting. Who was I kidding? It made me bloody ecstatic and the vision of her feeding was more than enough to stoke another emotion into life. “You sure like playing with your food.” I commented as I leaned down and licked at the blood that stained her neck. She moved closer to me, the thin fabric of her shift the only barrier between us. Her light blue dress and petticoats where gone. "So was this for my benefit or theirs?" I said, placing a finger between the top hem of her shift and her smooth skin.

She giggled. "Well Grand mum would be cross if I stained my new dress. Why? Are you complaining?" she said, letting her hand brush against her bosom, her nipples pushing through the thin fabric because of the cold night air.

" 'ardly, luv." I spun her around, pinning her against a stable wall. She licked her lips in anticipation before she pulled me in for a kiss. She nibbled my lower lip and caressed it with her tongue. Her body was warmed with blood and lust and I wanted nothing more than to take her over and over again. But now was not the time. Angelus brought us here to feed and until I was done with my task, the real feast for the evening could not begin.

She closed her eyes and ground her hips against mine, expressing the arousal that was growing inside her. " Spike ... "

"We can't, luv. Not now. Blood awaits ... young flesh ... warm blood. I have pretty servant girls that I have to attend to."

Her eyes spoke of disappointment as her lips formed a pout that I always found alluring. She ground her hips against mine once more. "Will you not touch me before they have you?"

"Sera ... " But before I could utter a complaint, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her mound, her arousal evident as it soaked through white fabric. I knew I couldn't resist so why was I even trying.

She pursed her lips on my ear, nibbling it gently. "Touch me, Spike. ... Touch me at least once before we go feed again."

I took a step back and watched her hike her thin slip up to her waist as she pushed her drawers down exposing the soft honey blond curls beneath. My own need responded to her display but if I gave in to that, there would be no way I would get to the servant girls tonight. Her eyes beckoned that her body needed release and who was I to make my Sera suffer so.

She leaned back against the wall and wrapped her left leg around my hip as I teased her curls with my fingers. She moaned softly as a finger traced the length of her nether lips. Her body was begging to be touched, begging to be filled. Her initial gasp soon turned into hitched breaths and parted lips as I moved inside her, pulling my fingers out then twisting them slightly as they pushed back deep into her. Her hips started moving of their own accord, wanting me to go deeper. She whimpered slightly as her thighs started to quiver, signaling her upcoming release. I quickened my movements, letting my thumb play with the small bundle of nerves near the top of her slit. Soon she screamed out my name as her body trembled in ecstasy.

"Feeling better, pet?"

She answered with a passionate kiss, her tongue licking the dried and somewhat crusting blood from my lips. "Always when I'm with you, lover."

She locked her eyes on mine for a moment before she reluctantly pulled away from me. She straightened her shift and drawers then wrapped an arm around mine. We made our way to the exit and headed towards the servant's quarters after grabbing the clothes we had so carefully discarded earlier.

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