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I Would Die For You by slaymesoftly

Chapter Seven

Buffy thought she had never seen anything as sexy as the blond vampire walking towards her while he unfastened his jeans. Leaving them unzipped, but still on, he pulled his tee shirt over his head, dropping it behind him as he continued walking. He didn’t stop when he reached her, but climbed up the foot of the makeshift bed and prowled towards her on his hands and knees. Her eyes traveled down his flat stomach to where she could see his cock jutting out from its nest of light brown curls. Her mouth was dry as her hands reached for him, only to have them gently slapped away.

“Not yet, pet,” he purred, beginning to unbutton her blouse one button at a time. With each bit of skin exposed, his tongue licked a trail from her neck to the next button. By the time he reached the bottom of her blouse and pulled it from her pants, she was panting and gripping the sides of the stone bed with both hands.

He unsnapped her jeans and began the same process of licking a trail down her body to the next exposed patch of skin. When his tongue dipped below her belly button to tickle the silky skin on her lower abdomen, her hips began an involuntary push toward his face every time he reached that area. As soon as his nose was nuzzling the neatly trimmed hair over her mound, he used the upward motion of her hips to pull the jeans down and slide them off her hips. Reluctantly giving up on his prolonged tasting of her body, he stood up and pulled the tight jeans off her legs, dropping them to the floor with her shoes and his own boots.

His own pants quickly joined the growing pile of clothing and he was pleased to see that Buffy had discarded her lacy bra by the time he turned his attention back to her. Beginning at her toes, he kissed and licked his way up her right leg, pausing at her knees to nudge them apart.

“Maybe not so dimpled after all,” he murmured, leaving a ring of kisses around both knees. Buffy struggled to get angry at the reminder of his cruel words earlier in the year, but the need to have his mouth continue it’s path up her body to the throbbing area where all the blood seemed to have rushed was too great and she settled for twitching one knee hard enough to bump his nose.

His chuckle told her he knew she’d heard what he said, and, by way of apology, he began to nibble his way up her inner thigh. The scent of her arousal and the sight of the moisture glistening on the brown hairs between her legs made his fangs itch and his mouth fill with saliva. By the time he reached the apex of her thighs and the source of the aroma that was driving him wild, neither of them had the patience for any more teasing and he buried his face in her wet folds as she spread her legs apart to allow him more access.

Buffy gave a muffled cry when his tongue plunged into her causing her to jerk her hips and grab him by his hair. He ran his tongue all around, licking up the moisture that continued to flow into his mouth and causing Buffy to whimper his name over and over. When he took her clit in his teeth and gently bit down on it, her hips flew off the bed and she gave a cry that the chip had no trouble identifying as not-pain. He rolled the nubbin back and forth gently for a few minutes until her grip on his head was becoming painful and her cries were sounding more like growls, then pulled it into his mouth and sucked on it as only a vampire could. In only a few seconds, her thighs had clamped around his head as she shuddered against him, her high keening cry the only sound to be heard in the room.

While she was still trembling, but after she’d relaxed the grip on his skull, he slid up her body and poised his cock at her entrance, nudging gently but not yet pushing his way in. Using every bit of self-control he’d learned in over 120 years as a vampire, he waited until her eyes were clear and focused on him.

“You with me, love?” he asked, his voice hoarse with suppressed desire.

She nodded, opening her mouth eagerly as he fastened his own on it for a languid, searing kiss. Buffy tasted herself on his tongue as it plundered her mouth the way it had so recently been plundering other body parts. The reminder of what he’d been able to do to her with that tongue was all it took to send more blood rushing to the area so recently relieved and she was very aware of his cock pushing against her. She unconsciously raised her hips, sighing as she felt the head slide in. She could feel the moisture seeping out again, smoothing the way for him to plunge the rest of the way into her aching center.

Spike, too, felt the increased wetness and smelled the renewed arousal. He groaned and forced himself to wait until he could control his voice enough to talk.

“Buffy,” the use of her name caught her attention and she looked at him with lust-filled eyes. “I need to know, love. I told you it was up to you, but I need to know what your answer is. Are we a couple? Or is this just an itch you’re scratching?”

“Why does it matter?” she asked, wrapping her legs around his as though she thought he might try to escape.

Why won’t he let me be all avoidy-girl? I don’t want to think about this right now. Bad vampire! Bad!

Spike’s face reflected the pain her non-answer was causing him, but he tried to control his voice as he answered her truthfully.

“All we’ve done so far is play with each other. Nothing anybody can’t pretend never happened—“ Her gasp of disbelief brought a small smile to his face as he continued, “A little slap and tickle, some mutual pleasurin’. If one of us walks away from it…” He stopped and took another ragged breath.

Before he could say anything else, Buffy, cursing herself for the fear she could hear in her voice, asked, “You want to walk away from me – it?” She blinked rapidly as her eyes filled with unexpected tears.

So much for that little attempt at denial. Can’t he see? Why does he want to make me say it? Stupid vampire!

“Bloody hell, no! I just want to know what I’m getting myself into, is all. Before I let… before I let myself think my dreams might be comin’ true.”

He was trembling with the effort it took not to sink into her waiting warmth, and when she still didn’t say anything, he gave a final groan and gave up. “Bugger it,” he growled as he pushed his way into her tight channel. “I can’t wait any longer. “

Buffy’s sigh of completion when he finally allowed himself to fill her did nothing to alleviate his concerns that she just saw this as the inevitable ending to the sexual tension that had been building between them for a long time, but he was too rapt in the sensation of having her around him, the way her walls were squeezing him in welcome, to worry about it just then.

“You feel so good,” her murmured against her throat. “Knew you would. Knew you’d be like burying my cock in warm honey.”

His hips began a gentle rhythm; one into which she quickly fell, moving her own hips under him while unconsciously squeezing gently every time he pulled out. Before long they were both gasping and panting as their bodies made up for the weeks of denial by melding together perfectly. With every stroke, Spike was hitting a place inside her that Buffy hadn’t been aware she had, causing her to clutch him tightly and whimper with fear that he might stop at any second. The force of her slayer muscles clenching around him had the vampire climbing toward his release much sooner than he had intended and he tried to slow her movements.

“Buffy, Slayer, sweetheart, if you keep that up, I’m going to embarrass myself and this’ll be over before we’ve barely started.”

“We can do it again,” she gasped, arching up into him and continuing her internal assault on his cock. Her legs were now wrapped around his hips and her pelvis churned against him as she tried to pull him in even deeper.

Spike waited until he felt her quivering around him before he allowed his demon to emerge with a roar as he pumped into her. Forcing it down, he latched onto the still-scabby marks on her neck and allowed himself two hard pulls of her blood before collapsing on top of her.

They lay together, trembling equally, while the Slayer’s heart rate slowed to a more normal speed and the vampire struggled with what he’d almost done.

After a few minutes, he went to roll off of her so as not to impede her still-ragged breathing, but was surprised when she tightened her arms and held him still. His softened cock was still inside her, no longer aching with the need to be relieved but ready to respond at any moment.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she muttered, pulling her legs back up around his thighs for good measure.

“Don’t want to go anywhere, love,” he answered honestly. “Just thought I’d give you some breathing room.”

“I’m breathing just fine,” she said softly. “I don’t want you to go.”

He pushed himself up far enough to look down at her face, pushing a sweat-soaked piece of hair off her cheek as he tried to read her eyes.

“Then I won’t,” he said, leaning in to kiss her lightly. “You’ll tell me if I get too heavy for you, yeah?”

Buffy nodded silently, turning her face to the side and kissing his bicep before answering.

“I’ll tell you,” she agreed quietly. “Right now I want you just where you are. It feels…” She blushed, not sure how to say that having the vampire intimately connected to her made her feel complete. “It feels right,” she finally finished. “Like you belong there. It feels good. Does it feel good to you?” she asked apprehensively, thinking that, in spite of his words, maybe he wanted to get off.

Spike thought his unbeating heart had jump started when she whispered that she liked having him inside her.

“Feels bloody wonderful, Buffy. Could stay here forever, love. Will, if you’ll let me.”

“Okay,” she whispered. “Maybe not forever, but for the foreseeable future. Would that be okay?”

While they were speaking, their bodies began moving together, gently rocking until the Slayer’s legs again wrapped around his hips and her arms grabbed the churning muscles in his butt to pull him in tighter. Suddenly she dropped her legs to the side, and with a quick flexing of her back she flipped them over so that she was on top of the delighted vampire.

“Do that growly, purry thing,’ she demanded, sitting on his hard cock and clutching his hips with her knees.

“Whatever my lady wants,” he said with a rumble that began deep in his chest and carried down his torso. He began to purr, laughing when she threw back her head and shut her eyes the better to enjoy the vibrations from his body. This time, when she began to grind down onto him, he didn’t stop her but lifted his hips to meet her, thrusting up as she pushed down and marveling at the speed with which she approached yet another orgasm. When the whimpers turned to the panting gasps that he now knew signaled her closeness to release, he grabbed her hips and held them down while he continued to push into her, never stopping the purring growls that vibrated through them both.

As he felt her begin to clench around him, he pulled her down onto his chest, riding out her shuddering release and letting his own explosive orgasm push him up off the hard surface of his bed. Again, they lay together, recovering from the intensity of the experience and once again he found his mouth on the tiny holes in her neck. Without thinking, as he was laving the small amount of blood oozing out, he whispered, “Mine.”

With no worries about crushing her this time, he kept his arms around her warm body, running his hands absently up and down the gentle curve of her spine. He continued to nuzzle her neck, his sensual nature glorying in the overpowering scent of her blood and their combined secretions.

Buffy lay quietly, enjoying the feeling of his hands stroking her body and feeling completely sated. She felt herself almost purring with contentment as she luxuriated in their mutual satisfaction. Gradually, as she emerged from the pleasant haze, she remembered what she’d heard Spike say while he was licking her neck and she sat up abruptly.

“What did you say?”

The vampire froze, eyes darting from side to side in an effort to find something else to look at besides her accusing eyes.

“Nothing?” He made a feeble attempt to smile into her frowning face.

“Nothing, my ass! You said something – you said…’Mine’? Is that what you said?”

“Um, I suppose I might have mumbled something along those lines…probably not that exact word…you know how it is, love. Heat of the moment and all that.”

She stared at him with a suspicious squint. “That means something, doesn’t it? It means something important. If it didn’t you wouldn’t be looking at me like you think I might stake you any minute.”

He sighed and cupped her cheek, rubbing his thumb along her jaw and onto her lower lip, which was creeping its way out into a pout.

“It was a claiming word, pet. The demon—no, sod it all, I— I wanted to claim you. Make you mine forever. It’s alright, though. I wasn’t biting you at the time, and you didn’t accept or return it, so I’m sure it didn’t take.”

“Oh.” She stared into his anxious eyes for a full minute, biting her lip in thought. “That sounds like the kind of thing you ought to run by me first, don’t you think?” The twinkle in her eye had him breathing an unnecessary sigh of relief and he broke into a smile.

“Yes, love. It’s not something I should or would do without your knowledge and permission. I promise you. It’ll never happen again.”

“It’ll never happen again unless…until I want it,” she corrected him primly.

Making no attempt to hide the joy on his face, he pulled her down and rolled them over so that they were facing each other. His eyes bored into hers with an intensity that would have been frightening if it weren’t for the love that shone through it.

“Not until you want it, love. I swear, not until you want it.”

“Okay, then,” she smiled, snuggling into his side. “As long as that’s settled.”

They cuddled quietly for a while, Spike pulling the quilt up to cover their naked bodies and trap the heat for her. Buffy dozed briefly, waking up to find him watching her sleep with his heart showing on his face. She stroked his cheek, remembering what he’d said about waking up next to her.

“I think Mom will be okay, but Giles is going to wig,” she said matter-of-factly.

“And Peaches is going to go completely batty,” he agreed, immediately understanding her.

“This isn’t going to be easy,” she warned, even as she snuggled into his side and kissed his chest, laughing when her warm tongue made him twitch. “Are you ticklish?”

“No!” he said so quickly and emphatically that she knew it was a lie.

Wearing an evil grin that would not have looked out of place on a vampire, she attacked her growling lover with her fingers, shrieking with laughter when he retaliated by running his fingers around her body until he found her own ticklish spots. They wrestled around on the sarcophagus until Buffy had to stop to gasp for breath between giggles.

She collapsed on her back, swatting away his still busy fingers, then running her own hand up his rib cage when he didn’t stop. He doubled over, laughing freely as he gasped, “Truce, Slayer! I want a truce.”

Buffy turned to him, her hand no longer digging into his ribs but sliding around his back and pulling him closer. Her expression serious once again and he instantly adapted to her suddenly gravity, wrapping his own arms around her and holding her gently.

“We can do this, pet. I promise you. ‘S not going to make very many people happy – or very many demons, for that matter -- but as long as we trust each other—“ He broke off to stare into her eyes intently. “You DO trust me, don’t you, Buffy?”

She gazed back at him, searching his face and eyes long enough for the first stirrings of fear to reach his unbeating heart, then, just as his face was shutting down and he was preparing to pull away, she touched his cheek with her hand saying, “With my life, Spike. I trust you with my life.”

As he pulled her closer, sighing with relief, he said softly, “Not saying you have to, but just so you know, you can trust me with your heart, too.”

“I know I can,” she whispered into his neck. “I knew that would be true before I ever had any reason to think I might want to. I’d have to have been blind not to see it.”

“It’s that obvious? That I’m Love’s bitch?”

“There are worse things to be, Spike.”

“S’pose there are,” he agreed, as he held the Slayer close to his body and basked in her warmth and trust. “I suppose there are.”

The End

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