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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
9 - Dance
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


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CHAPTER 9 – Dance

As we entered the ballroom, Angelus quickly sought to make eye contact. With a curt nod, he excused himself and made his way towards us.

“That took you long enough, cousin.” He said haughtily.

“Forgive me, Lord Angelus!” The corners of my mouth tugged my lips into a smirk. “I must have lost track of time.”

“Seems like you had too much fun.” Angelus said, sensing the various human scents that I was sure gave him an inkling of what happened.

“Anything for you, cousin.” I said in a mocking tone. “Besides I’m sure it gave you enough time to think of all the devilishly wonderful ways to make this bland affair a bit more interesting.

“How true William. Now, did you secure all the exits?”

“Of course. Only one way to get in and out of this room and I believe Darla has found that spot quite comfortable.” I gestured over to where the elder vampiress was partially cloaked in shadows near the humans’ only salvation.

“There might be hope for you yet dear William, though you still lack imagination.” With a rustle of fabric Angelus sought a small group of ladies on one side of the ballroom.

“I believe we haven’t finished our dance.” Sera whispered. She leaned closer to me trying to soothe the anger she must have felt was growing inside. The sodding poofter should be bloody grateful for what I just did.

I felt Sera caress my cheek. Then she pursed her lips to nibble on my ear, letting her tongue dart out and trace its contours. No longer concerned with etiquette, I took her hand and twirled dear Sera once before pulling her flush against me. Our lips met in a searing kiss, one that spoke of passion and desire. It was a kiss that elicited a few gasps from those on the dance floor.

In the distance, a few women started their not so subtle whispers about the actions of two wanton guests whose current behavior was an utter disgrace to Lord Angelus and his household. Sera was giggling, loving the attention and like me, the irony of the situation. Most of the guests were too engrossed in gossiping and being utterly offended by our actions to notice that their incessant babbling would be the last thing they would be doing on this plane of existence. There were demons in their midst -- demons disguised as being part of their elitist class that were going to teach them how truly unsuperior and helpless they were. It was only a matter of time now before the room would be filled with shrill screams and blood.

“It’s funny how they gossip so.” Sera said giggling.

“Perhaps, they just don’t know what it feels like to be swept up by passion.” I said, letting my hand move from the small of her back to the fullness of her bosom.

“Are you intent on showing them?” she said as she pushed her body closer to mine.

“What I intend to do with you would be enough to slay them out of shock without Angelus, Darla or Dru’s help.”

She moved her hips closer to mine, swaying them gently to the soft music. “I would like to test out your theory.”

“Now, now Sera. We are enough of an embarrassment to our cousin Lord Angelus. We have his honor to be concerned with.” I said in a mocking tone.

She laughed heartily at my words. “I believe Lord Angelus is quite capable of defending his own honor, though… I doubt he has any.”

As if on cue, a loud growl erupted from one corner of the ballroom. It was Angelus. He had two girls partially drained and slowly bleeding by his feet while two men perhaps out of chivalry or just sheer adrenaline were showing bravery towards the monstrosity before them. They wouldn't last more than a minute unless of course Angelus felt like prolonging their agony. But there were still around twenty warm bodies to choose from and knowing Angelus, he would most probably dispense the bothersome courageous wankers who had interrupted his feeding. Besides, the poofter liked torturing and basking in the fear that women exuded more than men anyway.

Sera pulled me around, leading our waltz towards Darla where a few of the male guests thought that she most probably was an easier target that Angelus. Sera twirled around gracefully, releasing her hold on me as she clamped her hands on one guest, pulling him flush against her as her fangs descended and quickly buried themselves into human flesh. She didn't even bother to move the man's clothing out of the way as blood soon stained his white shirt. She drank fervently, pulling blood through flesh ... through skin ... and even through fabric.

A woman screamed from the background. "Edward! ... No! ..." she said running towards Sera. As she got closer, I caught her arm and pulled her towards me. "Time for a dance, pet. You mustn’t interfere in things beyond your control."

"But what about Edward? These monsters are ... I need to help him."

"And what are you going to do, luv? I can feel you trembling. There's no way you will be able to save 'im now."

"But Lord William, we have to help somehow. Please ... " her tears were starting to flow.

"None of that, luv. Tears mare your beauty, pet. Let me 'elp you." I said trying to look sincere.

She looked up at me with confusion. Her eyes were curious as to how I would be able to make things better. She buried her face into my chest, wanting to hide away from the chaos and death. My hands moved out of their own accord, running up and down her back in comfort.

"Did you save room for another one, Spike?" Sera said, holding a man firmly by the neck.

Blood stained her soft lips and the demon inside me relished at the thought of what those lips were going to be doing later tonight. "Always have room for another, luv, especially if it's from you. But it seems like my arms are full at the moment."

The woman in my arms looked up, trying to push me away but I held her close as blue eyes started to burn golden and I showed her my true nature.

"You're ... you're one of them." she said in terror.

"Wot? That doesn't mean we can't 'ave a meaningful relationship." I said as my fangs plunged into her neck. I held on to her until she turned limp in my arms.

With a languid smile, Sera pushed her gift into my arms, urging me to drink as she caught another woman trying to escape from all the mayhem. Blood once again coated my tongue and I let the bloodlust heighten my senses. Heartbeats were beating frantically -- beating to a crescendo out of fear and adrenaline before death weaved its icy grip, silencing their hearts as we took their essence into us.

"My children have been good today. Prince and Princess dancing through the night." Dru said approaching us. She was clapping her hands in delight. "I want to dance." she said with a small pout.

"But there's no music, pet. You've seen to that." I said with a small smirk as I kicked a lifeless corpse a few feet away.
Sera stole a glance to where the musicians were playing to find the curtains behind them desecrated with their blood and their dead bodies mutilated beside their instruments.

"I still want to dance." Drusilla said swaying and twirling around in a circle. I offered my hand but strangely enough she ignored it and pulled Sera to her. "My graceful dolly." She smiled, resting her head on the crook of Sera’s neck as she wrapped her arms around her child's waist and led their bodies into a waltz.

I looked at them curiously, watching with strange fascination as they moved. What was on Dru's mind? Why had she refused my hand? Dru twirled them about, dancing in a circular pattern around me. Then she released Sera and moved behind me, pressing her soft body against my back as she pushed me into Sera's waiting arms. She pushed us close together as her hips ground into me. "My dollies like to dance. Just like a fairly tale."

Sera looked up to me with a smile and in a similar move to Dru's, she rested her head near the crook of my neck after wrapping her arms around my neck. I felt a similar pressure to my back as the three of us gently swayed to the music of fear and chaos. I closed my eyes, taking in the feel of Sera before me and Dru behind. Dru had snaked her arms around my waist while I held Sera by hers.

The sound of heartbeats soon disappeared and I felt Angelus and Darla making their way towards us. Darla seemed extremely satiated and the extra attention Angelus was giving her was adding to her good mood. The elder vampire was lavishing his sire's neck with kisses as he looked hungrily at my Dark Princess. But Dru seemed to be lost in her own little world at the moment as she kept close contact to her child.

"Time to go." Angelus said curtly.

"But dancing ..." Dru complained.

"A few more minutes wouldn't hurt dear." Darla said, turning around to survey their handiwork. Bodies were everywhere and blood was splattered across marble floors, pristine curtains, large mirrors and even all the way up to the huge chandelier. One would wonder how blood could have reached such a height, but years of killing made one somewhat of an expert in human anatomy. Vampires knew every single blood vessel and with Angelus' tutelage one learned about muscles and pressure. He taught about stamina and a human's threshold for pain. There was even one technique that he bragged about where an attack to certain nerves could direct pressure to a certain part of the body -- causing extreme pain among other things. Of course that really wasn't my style. But the knowledge of it was something I considered important enough to remember, like times like these. He most probably used some attack similar to that for the blood to splatter to such a height.

My grandsire bent down and pulled a pretty little bobble from a dead girl’s neck, dangling it in front of his child. Dru caught sight of the trinket out of the corner of her eye and quickly moved towards her Daddy, cooing in delight at her new gift. With his child by his side once more, Angelus smiled. "I said time to go. Stop that useless dancing."

Sera's eyes grew stern for a second before slipping her arm around mine and leading me towards the exit. My human face slipped back on and with my free hand I cleaned my lips of any remaining blood. Sera smiled up at me sweetly and I couldn't help myself from bending down to lick her blood smeared cheeks clean.

We walked out into the night sky, our sires following some distance behind us. Half-way down the street, I could hear Drusilla quickening her pace so it was no surprise when she slipped her arm around my free appendage. She smiled gleefully, satiated from feeding and killing. She showed off her new necklace before leaning her head against my arm.

I looked back and caught the angry scowl on my grandsire's face. This was too precious. My Dark Princess was walking by my side even though her Daddy had tried to appease her with a gift. I turned to look at Sera as she snuggled in closer and planted a kiss on my arm. It was a small gesture but it was more than enough for me. I stole another quick glance behind me and chuckled softly at the scowl that seemed like it was going to permanently be etched into my grandsire's face. Tonight was a great night -- the hunt, the violence, the feel of my angel against me earlier in the stables and now by my side, the sweet attention my darling sire was lavishing upon me. To top that off, there was the angry scowl on the poofter’s face. Yes, tonight was a great night, but it wasn't over yet.

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