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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
10 - End to a Perfect Hunt
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


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CHAPTER 10 – End to a Perfect Hunt

I was half-expecting Drusilla to quickly turn to her daddy once we entered our house's receiving parlor, but she just continued to play with her new necklace. Not wanting to question her motives I just continued to walk through the house, making my way up the stairs and towards my room. Sera released me to open the door and all three of us made our way inside. Once inside, Dru released me as well and started to twirl around in abundant joy at being full and having a new little bauble.

Sera looked at me cautiously. There was need in her eyes but the presence of our sire was enough to keep her at bay for the moment. If Dru wanted me tonight, then everything I had intended to do to my precious angel would have to wait for another time. Sera knew better than to make her very possessive sire angry. Dru was evil to begin with and her state of insanity did not help matters. If Sera acted in any way that angered my wicked plum, she would be on her own. I would be powerless due to Dru being my sire as well.

"My babies were good today and you looked oh so pretty. Dancing. ... Dancing. ... My prince and princess were dancing," she said as she twirled around in a solitary waltz.

I glanced at Sera with longing, my mind replaying scenes earlier that night when she was in my arms. We stared into each other’s eyes, conveying without words or touch the lust and passion we were feeling for each other.

Drusilla waltzed even closer to me, pressing her soft body against mine. A mischievous smile tugged at her lips as she felt my hardening arousal against her hip. She placed her hands against my chest then teasingly moved them lower as she pressed her lips on her mark. She kissed and licked her bite mark sensuously before she planted her hands on either side of my hip and pulled my lower torso to grind her sex against my need.

I caught the flicker of jealousy that flashed in Sera’s eyes and I wished there was something I could do. I had promised to be with her tonight and now I was a bloody liar. Sera was the one that was supposed to be in my arms. She was the one that should be grinding against me. Dru’s loving touch was comforting in its own right, but it no longer awoke the same yearning nor ardor as it once did.

Sera stood there and watched our sire plant kisses on my skin and lavish affection on my arousal. She started nibbling on her lower lip in nervousness as she watched with flustered fascination at the scene unfolding before her. There was something else in her eyes now aside from jealousy. It was lust. The smell of her desire was faint but I had smelled it enough times to know it was there.

Dru was lost in her own little world as she playfully undid my shirt and ran her cold hands against my chest. She moved lower still then freed my manhood from its confines and grasped it gently in her hand. I felt her shallow breath and cold tongue tease my need and as I saw her open her mouth in delight a loud bang interrupted her actions.

“You better not be in there daughter!” Angelus said furiously through the door.

With a childish pout she released me and stood up in frustration. “But I wanted to play with my babies tonight.”

The door creaked open and Angelus took in the scene before him. Without so much as another word he let out a menacing growl and pulled his darling daughter roughly away from me. “You deserve better than to be playing with them tonight!”

“Oh sod off Poofter! We were doing just fine without you.”

He turned to me as he pushed Drusilla behind him. “Watch your mouth Spike. You did good today and for that I can say that perhaps our little boy has some uses after all. But don’t even think about crossing me.” He said clamping his hand on my throat and squeezing for emphasis.

I clamped a hand on his wrist, trying to match his strength. “Bugger … off … Angelus.”

He threw me against the wall. Sera rushed to my side.

“Satisfy yourself with your whore Spike. That’s why she was made.” He looked on Sera with interest. “Or maybe I should just take her with me. Show her what real pleasure is like.”

Anger welled up inside me and I stood up quickly. I swatted his outstretched hand that was reaching for my angel’s hair. “That’s enough from you. You maybe our sire but that’s no sodding way to talk to ‘er.”

He started laughing. “Like I care what both of you think of me? I can take whatever I wan. Or are you afraid that maybe she’ll prefer me over you?”

My fist connected with his cheek as I lashed out in rage. The punch made him take a few steps back.

“Stop this! I just wanted to play. It’s been so long since I got to play with my babies. But if Daddy needs me I’ll go. No fighting. Now’s not to the time for fighting.” Dru said wrapping her arms around Angelus’ waist and leaning her head against his chest. Her hips ground slightly into him as she pressed and rubbed her bosom up and down his back.

The elder vampire pulled Dru in front of him then bent down to capture his child’s lips as he let his hands slip underneath fabric and lasciviously touch her breasts. I knew what he was doing, but I found that the anger inside me wasn’t mainly fueled by the fact that he was purposely fondling Dru in front of me, but because he had insulted Sera.

Sera moved towards me, placing a gentle hand on my elbow. “It’s alright Spike. Just let them be.”

As much as I hated giving Angelus any form of satisfaction, in this case, it was the best way to get him to leave. I let out a loud sigh of defeat and turned around as if I was hurt and disgusted. “Fucking leave if you’re going to bloody do that. I don’t need to see that disgusting display!”

Angelus broke the kiss from Dru and then laughed maliciously as they exited the room.

“Why did you stop me? I wanted to beat the poofter to a bloody pulp.”

“Because he’s just sore that I wouldn’t dance with him. His words hurt, yes. But it’s from Angelus. Do you really care what he thinks?”

“No, luv. But it’s not right that ‘e was besmirching your ‘onor.”

She giggled. “You are always so adorable when you act that way.”

I tilted my head to one side.

“Spike, my knight in shining armor. How can I, a lowly maiden, reward you for your chivalry and valor.”

“Come ‘ere pet!” I said pulling her roughly to me. “Once I’m through with you I doubt you’d still see me as chivalrous.”

Sera giggled profusely as she wrapped her arms around my neck. “I’d like to see you try.”

I ducked my head to escape her loving hold then turned her around. My fingers worked deftly against her dress. I wanted to rip it apart but I knew better than to ruin another one of her dresses especially since this was one of her favorites, as well as mine.

Soon there was a pool of blue and white fabric pooled around her ankles. I took a step back as she angled her body to free herself from the last of her clothing. She turned around in naked glory and frowned that I still had my shirt and trousers on though both were slightly undone. I raised an eyebrow then smirked as I quickly discarded my shirt. I was about to do the same with my trousers but she shooed my hands away. She then knelt down and pushed the fabric from my hips and legs. The next thing I knew she was lovingly caressing my manhood, stroking it from base to tip with fingers, lips and tongue.

I closed my eyes in pleasure as I felt her lick and kiss the tip before she wrapped one hand around the base and clamp her mouth around it. She was sucking it gently at first, her tongue trapping me against the roof of her mouth. Thankfully there was a table behind me because I knew I couldn’t really stay standing with what she was doing to me. Her assault continued as my body reacted to the sensations it was receiving. When she heard me moan out her name, she released me. Eyes quickly flew open in slight irritation and I looked down to see her smiling evilly up at me.

“Why did you … ?” But the words were lost to me when her demon visage burst forth and in one quick turn of her head she buried her fangs in my inner thigh while her hand grasped the length of my cock and squeezed slightly, moving her hand back and forth. Wave upon wave of pleasure racked my body as she took blood into her. She kept her fangs buried until my body stopped quivering from ecstasy.

She straightened her body and let her bare breast caress my semi-hard manhood. She rocked herself up and down, capturing me between her breasts. The friction she was creating was more than enough to rekindle my lust for her. With a devilish grin, she finally stood up and kissed me fervently. Her tongue sought mine out and I could taste the remnants of my blood as I explored her mouth. “Someone feels like playing a little differently tonight?” I somehow managed to say a minute or so later.

She replied with a giggle. “I think I won that round.”

I placed my hands on either side of her hips then spun us around and lifted her up onto the table. My lips trailed a path from her neck to her bosom while I buried my hand into her lower curls. She was already wet with need and anticipation but I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of feeling me. Not yet anyway. I traced the slit of her quim with two fingers, applying more pressure when they hit her clit. She squirmed from the sensation as her hips buckled forward in protest that I wasn’t inside her.

“Not yet kitten.”

She gave me her signature pout but I knew the perfect way to erase that from her lips. I pursed my lips and pulled a good amount of nipple and flesh into my mouth. I heard her moan in approval as tongue and lips teased her flesh.

“Spike … please …”

I released my hold on her breast to look her in the eye. “I know what you want Sera.” I pushed two fingers halfway into her slick opening. She bucked her hips forward again, trying to get more of my fingers inside her. With an evil grin, I pulled away from her, licking my fingers clean as I took two steps back. But she leaned forward and grabbed a hold of my hips and pulled me towards her. I raised one eyebrow at her suggestively. “Pet, is this ‘ow a maiden suppose to act?”

She pouted once more. “Not my fault. Someone is taking too long.”

“Too long? I thought you liked it when I took my time. Or is it because you just can’t resist my charms?”

“You’re pretty confident.”

“Don’t need to prove anything to you, luv. I’ve ‘eard you moaning for me before.”

“Then what’s taking you so long?” she said taking matters into her own hands as she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into her. I took a moment to enjoy just the feel of her around me but she was obviously impatient as she started moving her hips. She sought her own pleasure. The hunt earlier tonight obviously affected her more than she would care to really admit. Her thrusts became more insistent and I matched her need by burying myself as deep as possible. Soon she arched her back and her muscles tightened signaling her release. I pulled away slightly then plunged into her deeply as her climax hit. She screamed out my name in pleasure as her body quivered. Her body grew slightly limp as pleasure eventually left her.

“Not done yet, luv. The room’s still in order.” I said with a chuckle.

“Did I say we were done?” she said her face shifting to her demon form.

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