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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
13 - Why Haven't You?
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


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CHAPTER 13 – Why Haven’t You?

I was careful with this one. I had to hold the pretty lass tight enough that she couldn’t escape, but then make sure not to damage the delicate fabric of her dress. Sera had wanted it and so here I was getting it for her. With the poor woman’s clothing and jewelry in my hands, I strode back to where I had left my precious angel, quite proud of myself for obtaining what was her heart’s desire at that moment. I had expected her to be waiting for me, her eyes brightening when I came into view. But she didn’t even notice my approach since she wasn’t alone. There was a man beside her and my senses told me he was not human.

He was an Aurelian that we met just a few nights ago though his name escaped me at the moment. I watched his hand movements and decided right then and there that I didn’t like the git at all. I’m sure he was a good enough bloke. No, scrap that. No one had the right to be so close near my Sera and because he was, he was an outright sodding pillock.

“I’m back, luv. ‘ope you didn’t wait too long.” I said, wrapping my left arm around her waist.

“You got me the dress!” she said excitedly as she kissed my cheek and grabbed the piece of clothing from my right arm.

“That was mighty nice of you to do that for your sister,” the man commented.

“Oi! …. She isn’t my sister,” I said with a slight air of disgust.

“Oh, forgive me then. I must have misread the signs of affection between you two as being nothing more than familial.” He said grinning.

“Bugger off mate! She’s mine.”

“You are not mates though. You are nothing more than family. She bears no claim mark that says she belongs to you.”

“Sod off!”

He just started chuckling. “I didn’t mean any disrespect, Spike. Again forgive me.” He said with a sly smile. “I was merely stating a fact.” Then he took Sera’s hand and kissed it but he was holding on to her for too much longer than what I thought was necessary – given proper etiquette.

My eyes narrowed watching him with an icy glare hoping that the bloke was smart enough to take the hint and just leave already.

“I hope that I will be fortunate enough to be graced with your presence once more, Lady Elizabeth.” He said with a maliciously look as he bade his farewell.

A low growl rumbled in my throat. I knew that look. I had given that look enough times in extreme appreciation of a woman’s body and recently in appreciation of Sera’s luscious form. But she was mine. I didn’t think anyone really had the right to look at her in that way.

“Who the fuck does ‘e think ‘e is?!” I said to no one in particular as I strode down the street in the direction of our hotel.

Sera walked a few steps behind me and now I hated the bloody wanker even more. When I stole a glance a few minutes ago she seemed to be deep in thought. Maybe today was going to be the day I had silently dreaded for a while now. She would realize that there was something else out there for her … that her feelings for me were not real and she needed more. This might be the day when I start losing my angel and being the bloke that was madly in love with her, I wouldn’t stop her. I mean I would try to convince her otherwise, but if she still really wanted to leave me, what was I going to do? Tie her to the bed? Lock her up? Beat and whip her to break her spirit? Hmmm. … None of those sounded like bad ideas. … But seriously, what was I going to do if she decided to leave?

I unlocked the door to our room and held it open for her. She stopped by the threshold then planted a small kiss on my cheek. My bloody cheek and nothing more? There were no caresses or lingering looks. It was just a peck and then she walked inside. Damn, I needed a drink. I grabbed a bottle of whiskey from where I hid it the night before and took a seat in the only chair in the room.

“What are you doing?” Sera said as she started undoing her clothing.


She nodded then stepped out of her dress and took her new prize, parading it eerily in front of the mirror. I watched her with hooded eyes as the dress danced in mid-air from the reflection and more alcohol drowned my throat. She seemed happy -- too happy. If I was going to start losing her, might as well be somewhat numb.

As I took another swig, she carefully laid her new dress back down on the bed and then turned to me.

“Well he seemed really nice.” Sera said with a smile.

“ Nice? Who?”


“Joseph? You mean the pillock? That’s ‘is name? Oh please! You cannot be serious, pet.”

“Maybe I am.”

“Don’t jest like that Sera”

“He has a point. I bear no claim mark on me.”

“And what do you call that?” I said tilting her head to the side to reveal the bite marks that littered her neck – bite marks I had inflicted on her through the years.

“Well all that really means is that you love to bite me when we’re in bed.”

“Bah! Those show that you’re mine.”

“Does it really Spike? Do I really belong to you? Do I really have you?”

“You very well know the answer to that question, luv.”

“Then why haven’t you claimed me? You declare that you love me everyday but sometimes I don’t know if I truly have all of you. I mean, I know you still feel for Dru and …”

“Now stop right there. I felt for Dru. I don’t love her Sera. She’s my sire. You know ‘ow that feels. But I don’t love ‘er. I love you … only you.”

“Then why haven’t you claimed me?”

“Because … because I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to. I’m not going to assume that just because you want to be with me now that you’d want to be with me forever. I was just trying to give you the time you needed to be sure. It still feels like a dream sometimes. You being ‘ere that is. When Dru turned me, she showed me such love and affection that I thought she was the one. But ‘er affection didn’t mirror what she really felt. I was just something for ‘er to play with while Angelus didn’t desire ‘er.”

“Spike, I’m not like her. When I tell you I want you and love you, it’s the truth.”

“Sera, I …, “ I was going to say that she didn’t have to be nice to me. I was going to say that if she wanted to leave, I would hate it but I would survive. I was going to say something else but her actions made me forget everything I wanted to tell her.

I followed her with my gaze as she moved from the foot of the bed to its side. She leaned against the banister then glided her hands underneath her slip and pushed her undergarments down. She licked her lips slowly and unlaced the top of her slip, letting the fabric sensuously slide down her smooth skin until it was pooled on the floor around her ankles.

The sight of her body always affected me and perhaps she was using that to her advantage right now. She let nimble fingers dance across her bosom and tweak her nipples into hardened peaks. With cat-like grace she walked towards the chair, her eyes dark with lust.

She smiled then licked her lips again before she bent down, purposely pausing for a few seconds to look into my eyes. She leaned forward and her fingers ghosted over my left hand moving slowly from wrist to fingertips as she pried the glass from my grip. She smiled mischievously as she took a few steps back.

“’ey! Wot you doin’? Give that back. ”

She brought the glass to her lips but her nose did a cute little wrinkle at the smell of alcohol. “Almost a decade now and I still can’t quite appreciate this.” She swirled the liquid around as she sauntered back towards the chair. Her eyes never left my face as she placed one knee on either side of my hip and sat down. She wiggled playfully, moving against my crouch and teasing it with her sex. I placed one hand against the small of her back and pulled her close for a passionate kiss. Her tongue begged entrance as she worried my lower lip and I happily complied, slipping my own into her mouth, tasting her and the slight remnants of the victim that had satiated her hunger that night.

She eventually pulled away, the glass of alcohol still in her hand. Then with her eyebrows raised and with that glint in her eye she poured the remaining liquid on the crook of her neck. I watched as the whiskey painted a trail from her neck down to her left breast near her nipple, then further down her taut stomach and disappearing in her lovely curls. She stretched her arm to put the glass down on the table beside us.

I pulled her back to me, my tongue darting out to slowly lick the whiskey trail on her skin. Tongue tasted alcohol, skin, nipple and flesh. I played with her slowly, taking my time as I alternated between licks and kisses on her soft breast. Shifting her weight slightly, my left hand supported her back while my right massaged her right peak, not wanting to ignore it.

Her throat rumbled with pleasured moans while her hands played with the curls in my hair. My arousal was quite prominent now and she purposely moved her hips once more to rub against it.

“Need you. … Want to feel you against me.” She said her voice dripping with desire. She placed her hands on my cheek, urging me to look up at her before she pulled me into a passionate kiss.

I wanted to melt into her, to press our bodies together so closely that it would be hard to distinguish one from the other. But she pulled back, tugging my arms away from her body as she regained her balance and stood up.

She then leaned down to undo my trousers and I raised my hips slightly to help her pull them down and off my person. She seemed pleased with herself as she planted kisses on my erection. But the sensation of her soft lips was gone too quickly and I looked upon her with disappointment.

She seductively found her way back on the chair, straddling my hips on either side. She wrapped a hand around the length of my manhood, squeezing gently before she guided it halfway into her slick channel. She wanted to play, perhaps to punish me for my earlier jealousy but my body wanted none of it so I thrust upward, burying myself deep inside her. We both gasped at the contact.

She locked her eyes on mine as we began to move against each other. We soon found a rhythm that heightened each sensation, pulling away before ramming our bodies against each other, each time driving me deeper and deeper into her. Her moans grew louder and I leaned in to plant kisses on her neck. The feel of her body against and around me was exhilarating and the body wanted more. It wanted to be consumed by her being – to feel her soft skin, smell her sweet scent, hear her ever increasing moans, taste her alluring blood and see her body quiver in heavenly rapture. The demon was already eager and willing at the knowledge of what this union meant tonight. Blue eyes turned golden as I sensed both our impending release. Fangs plunged into soft flesh as I thrust into her deeply, drawing sweet blood from her as she screamed out my name in ecstasy. “Mine.” I growled out.

“Yours!” she said between moans as her muscles continued to squeeze. Her human mask melted away as her fangs descended and she penetrated my flesh, drawing my essence into her just as her muscles brought forth my own release. “Mine!” she cried out as my arms snaked around her back, planting my hands on her shoulders and pulling her down, impaling her, pushing me in as deep as possible. “Yours!” I replied.

The claim bond snapped into place and a certain calmness washed over me as I felt her comforting presence at the back of my mind. “Mate,” my demon said with satisfaction as I pulled her in for a kiss. She mewed with delight then broke the kiss to lick the fresh bite marks on my neck. The feel of her tongue on her marks brought a surprised gasp to my lips and my softening erection was instantly brought back to life.

“That’s what I was hoping for.” She giggled then seductively licked her lips. “Not through with you yet. You have a lot to make up for.”

“Me, pet? You know I never leave you wanting.”

“True, but you owe me for making me wait for so long.” She said pulling away. She made her way to the bed with a sensuous walk, climbing onto sheets and pillows slowly. She turned to face me and her lower lip found its way to her teeth as she concentrated on something. She channeled images thorough the claim, promising various ways we were going to make up for lost time as her hand snaked down to her waiting need.

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