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Positive Reinforcement by Spikez_tart
Chapter 12 – End the Game
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Buffy put the final touches on her log for Professor Walsh’s project. She’d kept the log faithfully, since the day she’d found out the truth about the program. The full six weeks weren’t up, but she’d found out this morning she wasn’t about to be a single mother of a vampire child after all, and decided to end the game.

That afternoon, when her psychology class was over, Buffy went straight to Professor Walsh’s office.

“I hope this is a good time, Professor. I thought I’d let you know how the project is coming.” Buffy placed a printed stack of her Spike log on Walsh’s desk.

“I’ve been checking your logs, Buffy. You’re doing a fine job. Perhaps you’d like to write a paper for me on the project when you get done?”

Walsh knew the logs were fakes. The box hadn’t been used in several weeks, although the activation buttons had been pushed. She could tell Buffy had been cheating because there had been no corresponding signal from the vampire’s behavior modification chip.

“I don’t think so, in fact, I think I’m through helping you out.”

“I don’t understand, Buffy. You know you’ll have to complete the entire six weeks in order to receive credit for this project.” Walsh kept up the pretense and gave Buffy a serious look.

“I’ve completed the part you care about. I’m not pregnant and I know what the box does to Spike’s chip.”

Walsh feigned looking perturbed. It wasn’t easy.

“I’m sure you’ll want to give me an A for this work, won’t you?” Buffy said.

“Certainly. Thank you for all your assistance, Ms. Summers.”

Buffy walked out of Walsh’s office, relieved to have the project over, in more ways than one.

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