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Positive Reinforcement by Spikez_tart
Chapter 13 – Off the Hook

Buffy sat in the gang’s favorite booth at the Bronze and sipped her drink. Willow and Xander were dancing and laughing, while she sat alone and moped. She’d only seen Spike one time since the night she permanently convinced Riley he wanted to leave Spike to his own devices. Spike joined her on patrol the following night, but they’d both been uncomfortable and awkward and not knowing what to say. Her possible condition hung over them like a twenty-pound Orb of Thessalus.

Spike walked in and went right up to the bar. He stood in front of the mirror, as usual. Buffy thought he enjoyed the looks on people’s faces when they saw he didn’t have a reflection. She wondered if not having a reflection bothered him.

Buffy waited impatiently for Spike to come over and talk to her. He came over to see her the last time they were both in here together. She thought she’d been pleasant and civilized. She’d wanted him to drag her out in the alley and show her how much he’d missed her. He hadn’t.

He’d walked into the Bronze without even looking her way. Being ignored by Spike was miff making, so Buffy marched over to where he was standing. She forgot he could watch her in the mirror although she couldn’t see him, and jumped when he talked without turning to look at her.

“Were you going to tell me?” he said. He didn’t want to look at her, because he’d get caught up with how beautiful she was, and how much he wanted to have sex with her and then, he’d forget he was mad at her.

Buffy tugged on the sleeve of his leather coat. She took a step closer and let her hand slide down his coat sleeve. She touched his hand; it was nice and cool tonight.

He couldn’t help looking at her after she touched his hand. He forgot about being mad.

“I thought you’d be able to smell me, or something gross,” she said.

Spike put his hands on her arms. He’d caught her scent as soon as he walked in tonight and he’d known. “I wanted you to tell me, luv.”

“Okay, you’re off the hook,” she said and smiled.

Spike looked into her big, green eyes and considered he was on the hook more than ever.


Buffy nodded and followed him out to the dance floor. The band was playing a slow, romantic song, perfect for holding onto your favorite vampire. She ignored the evil looks she was receiving from Xander and concentrated on how good Lips of Spike were going to feel later.

She slipped her hands under his coat and felt a hard plastic box in one of the pockets. She pulled it out.

“I wondered where this thing got to. We don’t need it any more, do we?” She snapped the box in two and tucked the pieces back in Spike’s pocket. She didn’t explain that Willow figured out the box could neutralize Spike’s chip.

Spike sighed. The box had distinct possibilities. He’d have to see if he could pinch a new one from Professor Walsh’s office.

“Look in my other pocket,” he said.

Buffy fished in his other inside coat pocket, which was stuffed with cloth. She pulled the wad of cloth out far enough to reveal a flash of red and black lace she’d last seen at the sexy underwear store in the mall. She hastily crammed the underwear back in his pocket and grinned.

Buffy leaned her head on his shoulder and contemplated a long, slow, low-tech night with Spike.


Walsh opened two windows on her computer screen. She confirmed the cameras in the Bronze, Hostile 17’s crypt and Buffy’s dorm room were working and the miniaturized electronic chip activators hidden in each place were operating.

She believed the program would be completely successful within the next few months.

The End

Name: ProphecyGirl
Email: charrison99@optonline.net
Season: Season 5
Challenge: 146

Stay with me here: Behavior modification can be accomplished through positive reinforcement as well as negative reinforcement. IN OTHER WORDS: What if Spike's chip was programmed to give PLEASURE (under the right circumstances) as well as pain.

Must haves:

1. The pleasure be triggered by Buffy alone (Dr. Walsh has a vampire/slayer mating program in mind that does or does not come off before she is killed, or any plot device you can come up with.
2. The discovery that the feelings and the pleasure are still there with the chip gone or deactivated.
3. Much, much smut.